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  • Re: What is the best program for converting CDs to FLAC files?

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    GC - you mentioned a couple of problems and then fixes. Got any specifics on that?

    Re: dbPowerAmp and EAC, I had issues getting clean error checking, or whatever it is, on some discs that didn't have perfect surfaces, but played without issues. Also on some that appeared to be fine. I don't know what their AccurateRip was all about. A comparison database for comparing your rip? What happens if it doesn't match? Is it just an fyi?

    GC - why 300dpi 600px? That seems unnecessarily high? Don't most displays max out at 72/96dpi? I can see wanting to preserve higher resolution in case you want to edit them (I do the image edits before final resize and save an original), but if you're embedding the cover in the file, isn't that wasteful? Or do you link your coverart instead of embedding?

    AccurateRip is a database that can be used to check the accuracy of a CD rip with the results others get. It's just another way to check for errors. EAC has included it as an add-on but it has been an option in dBpoweramp for a long time. It was created by dBpoweramp. If something is wrong it will let you know. Just an FYI.

    The reason I decided years ago to go with 600x600 @ 300DPI for my album art "folder.jpg" file dates back to when I was ripping MP3s. I hadn't graduated to FLAC yet although it was starting to become more prevalent. I wanted to set-up all my audio files the same along with the album art size and resolution to be displayed.

    Some people were using big jpg files but when embedded to the music files they would automatically be reduced by MS Media Player which then turns them into "hidden" files. Also, a lot of the artwork you can download from freedb and the other databases is all different sizes. I basically wanted a standard size and resolution so all my albums and songs in my growing media "jukebox" looked the same as far as size and picture quality goes.

    After experimenting around I settled on 600x600 as the size and 300DPI as the resolution. It provides a nice picture that can be enhanced or sharpened if it needs a little help. I also scan all of the artwork from my CDs at 300DPI so it was already at that resolution.

    I must have been doing something right because a few years later Apple came out with I Tunes and they also use 600x600 as their album art size but at 600DPI resolution. The size is the same but Apple uses higher resolution which tends to create some display issues at that size. Sometimes you can get the "screened" look at 600DPI. A lot of people reduce it to 300DPI.

    The file format I've always used is the one MS Media Player uses as a default which is "track #; title" the rest of the info is included in the tagging. I decided long ago that it was best for me at least to do it this way because of the file name size limitations in Windows which still exist today. I hate getting the "filename too long" error message that you can get from lengthy file naming schemes that others use. That's why you have tagging. You can include as much text as you want in the tags. Entire paragraphs if you want.

    As for the folder names, for official releases I try to include as much as possible without exceeding the character limits. "Artist; Album Name; # of discs if more than one; Year of Original Release; Remaster & Release Info along with year"

    For bootlegs I like to start with the date.

    That's they way I have been doing it for over ten years now.

    Here's a list of the software at my disposal that get's used (some more than others):
    • dBpoweramp (for ripping CDs and converting most audio formats to FLAC)
    • EAC (for ripping CDs and LPs with a CUE file)
    • Nero Burning ROM (for burning CDs & DVDs)
    • Medieval CUE Splitter (for splitting EAC audio files into individual tracks)
    • WavePad Sound Editor (for splitting EAC audio files with corrupted CUE files, splitting single LP files without a CUE file, and for converting SHN audio to WAV or FLAC)
    • Tag & Rename Music Organizer (for renaming and applying tags to audio files)

    While I use all of these software packages from time to time the three I use the most (by far) and cannot live without are: dBpoweramp, Medieval CUE Splitter, and Tag & Rename Music Organizer.

    I have a large HP scanner I use to scan album artwork. I use 300DPI resolution for everything and save as a jpg. Some people like to scan at higher resolutions and save as .tiff or .png and that's cool if they want to take the extra time but I always use a 600x600 300DPI cover saved as a .jpg to be used as the "folder.jpg" file aka album artwork.

    You are investing a lot of time into creating your own digital audio library and that's why it is important to decide on a file configuration you like and stick with it because it sucks having to go back and change everything if you decide you like it another way later.
  • Re: Nickname Needed

    How about "PowerPlay"?
    msg wrote: »
    How about "PowerPlay"?
    I had to look that up - pretty clever. You got cars & audio in one swoop.

    When I was a kid in the 70's Craig was the hot ticket for home & car audio. I had a 1970 Chevelle SS396 4-speed with a Craig 8-track and Craig PowerPlay 6x9 speakers.

    Bad to the bone back then.

  • Re: Root cause for hum

    When it comes right down to it, I've usually found that the root cause for hum is when the person doesn't know the words.
  • Re: Ariana Grande tour tragedy

    tonyb wrote: »
    This sounds like what happened to the indigenous peoples of the Americas. When they rejected Christianity, they were labeled as heathen savages and marked for death, all supposedly justified by the Bible.

    I might disagree with that Ray. We decided to conquer the lands, the Indians decided not to give it up to the white man. There was no meeting of the minds to coexist. Had nothing to do with religion. Though, even Christianity has it's dark corners, the Crusades is but just one.

    Another mistake many make is identifying Islam as a religion. It's way more than that. It's a political system, cultural system, financial system, military, on top of the religious aspects. It runs your life, runs your country, and has strict consequences for those who break the law or refuse to convert. All encompassing and all controlling. Those ideals....again, do not mesh well with a free western culture.

    I think what you are describing is more correctly referred to as "fundamentalism".

    The more liberal interpretations of every religion as practiced are far more tolerant and less of a "political system" or religious dictatorship.

    In the early days of America we had the Puritans who were fundamentalist Christians. They too behaved the same way the Islamist fundamentalist behave. They burned people at the stake who they considered to be infidels and basically instilled a strict religious government.

    The Constitution was crafted by the founding fathers to specifically guard against the fundamentalism that had plagued early America. The Middle East has yet to get to that point.

    Fundamentalism comes in all colors and brands. It's not limited to just Islam. Islam just happens to be currently the most-common and most-violent purveyor of the fundamentalist scourge.
  • Re: Karma!!! 1.2/1.2TL End Caps

    You should also consider yourself lucky nooshinjohn that Ken is as hands-off as he is because you would be suspended or banned from 99.9% of the moderated forums too.

    None of you guys act like adults. Most 8 year-old children are more mature than you.

    Your avatar is an accurate representation of how you act on this forum.

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