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    How about "PowerPlay"?
    msg wrote: »
    How about "PowerPlay"?
    I had to look that up - pretty clever. You got cars & audio in one swoop.

    When I was a kid in the 70's Craig was the hot ticket for home & car audio. I had a 1970 Chevelle SS396 4-speed with a Craig 8-track and Craig PowerPlay 6x9 speakers.

    Bad to the bone back then.

  • Re: Root cause for hum

    When it comes right down to it, I've usually found that the root cause for hum is when the person doesn't know the words.
  • Re: Ariana Grande tour tragedy

    tonyb wrote: »
    This sounds like what happened to the indigenous peoples of the Americas. When they rejected Christianity, they were labeled as heathen savages and marked for death, all supposedly justified by the Bible.

    I might disagree with that Ray. We decided to conquer the lands, the Indians decided not to give it up to the white man. There was no meeting of the minds to coexist. Had nothing to do with religion. Though, even Christianity has it's dark corners, the Crusades is but just one.

    Another mistake many make is identifying Islam as a religion. It's way more than that. It's a political system, cultural system, financial system, military, on top of the religious aspects. It runs your life, runs your country, and has strict consequences for those who break the law or refuse to convert. All encompassing and all controlling. Those ideals....again, do not mesh well with a free western culture.

    I think what you are describing is more correctly referred to as "fundamentalism".

    The more liberal interpretations of every religion as practiced are far more tolerant and less of a "political system" or religious dictatorship.

    In the early days of America we had the Puritans who were fundamentalist Christians. They too behaved the same way the Islamist fundamentalist behave. They burned people at the stake who they considered to be infidels and basically instilled a strict religious government.

    The Constitution was crafted by the founding fathers to specifically guard against the fundamentalism that had plagued early America. The Middle East has yet to get to that point.

    Fundamentalism comes in all colors and brands. It's not limited to just Islam. Islam just happens to be currently the most-common and most-violent purveyor of the fundamentalist scourge.
  • Re: Karma!!! 1.2/1.2TL End Caps

    You should also consider yourself lucky nooshinjohn that Ken is as hands-off as he is because you would be suspended or banned from 99.9% of the moderated forums too.

    None of you guys act like adults. Most 8 year-old children are more mature than you.

    Your avatar is an accurate representation of how you act on this forum.
  • Re: Karma Open To Everyone On The Forum

    It's already gone to a forum member who I'm sure will like it.

    It's a fantastic concert filmed during the Stone's 1972 North American Tour. Mick Taylor is still with the band. It's the Stones at their finest and is all-music from start to finish.

    If you like the Stones like I sure do and could only have one DVD, this is the one to have.

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