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  • Re: The DEMON is coming...

    I am holding the car for at least ten to fifteen years(at least my intent anyway)... what do you care for. And better yet, why are you commenting at all in my thread? Every post I make is met with the same snarky bs attitude from you.

    Tell you what slick, stay the hell out of my threads and I will stay out of yours.

    Now back to our topic...

    Hey it was only a question. No need for the personal attack.

    You can comment in any of my threads (and you do) so don't go getting all upset over a simple question. I already said I would make the investment too if it was allowed. I'd flip it right away if I could double my money.
  • Re: Anybody making $$$ with cryptocurrencies?

    I am looking at crypto-currencies as an investment vehicle after blowing my invite to join BitCoin way back when. Does anyone here have any experience with these platforms?

    It's a Ponzi scheme just like Bitcoins is.
  • Re: It Looks Like This Year Will Be a Bumper Crop

    I think there's been about a perfect level of precipitation this year for agriculture. Even California got a lot more rain than they were supposed to so I wouldn't be surprised if everything is above average this year.

    Can't wait to start getting those Jersey tomatoes!
  • It Looks Like This Year Will Be a Bumper Crop

    I fired-up the grill tonight and threw a couple extra-thick NY Strips on. Needless to say, they were awesome but the thing that has me the most surprised this year is how good the corn has been.

    We can usually get some half-decent sweet corn on the cob this early but this year it has been exceptional for the past three weeks now! It's like the stuff we usually get around August.

    I don't think I've ever had it this good, this early in the year. The price fluctuates some though. One day it will be 6 ears for $2.49 and the next day it will be 10 ears for $2.00 but it has all been unbelievably good.

    I have no idea where the corn is coming from though. Is everyone else experiencing the same thing?
  • Re: Favorite 2 channel rig for Live Dead

    5/8/77 one of my all time favorites.

    It's an awesome show and an excellent recording.

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