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  • Re: Post a picture... any picture

    Toolfan66 wrote: »

    I've been drooling over these!

    It looks like you really went all-out on them. It even looks like you used all-new stainless BHCS as a finishing touch. Awesome right down to the smallest detail! I bet Matt Polk is impressed too.

    It's an inspiration to my own Polk restoration project coming up here in a few months. Now that I have all of my SRT drivers rebuilt and fully functional, I plan to remove all of the components and restore all of the woodwork on the cabinetry. I want to make them better than they were new. High-end furniture grade.

    I also want to upgrade the amps with audiophile capacitors, and am also looking into replacing some of the other components with higher-quality parts too.

    If I were you I'd never sell those bad boys. Way too nice to ever part with and an awesome piece of Polk Audio history.

  • Re: Modern Washer/Dryers

    IMO if any washer and dryer lasts 17-20 years of daily use, you got your money's worth.
  • Re: The DEMON is coming...

    I would not be at all surprised to see this car force some debate on whether or not such cars should even be legal to own for street use.

    I have been into musclecars and hotrodding for 40 years now and while this Demon may be one of the baddest factory musclecars to ever see the street, there are a lot more powerful street-legal cars out there.

    The first lesson to be learned about having a bad-azz car (no matter how rad it is) is that there is always something out there that is faster.

    But that's a moot point since you aren't going to drive yours anyway right?

    It's purely an all-show and no-go investment isn't it? lol

    We'll see if you can resist driving it. I know I wouldn't be able to.
  • Re: The DEMON is coming...

    I am holding the car for at least ten to fifteen years(at least my intent anyway)... what do you care for. And better yet, why are you commenting at all in my thread? Every post I make is met with the same snarky bs attitude from you.

    Tell you what slick, stay the hell out of my threads and I will stay out of yours.

    Now back to our topic...

    Hey it was only a question. No need for the personal attack.

    You can comment in any of my threads (and you do) so don't go getting all upset over a simple question. I already said I would make the investment too if it was allowed. I'd flip it right away if I could double my money.
  • Re: Anybody making $$$ with cryptocurrencies?

    I am looking at crypto-currencies as an investment vehicle after blowing my invite to join BitCoin way back when. Does anyone here have any experience with these platforms?

    It's a Ponzi scheme just like Bitcoins is.

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