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  • Re: Full of Schiit

    SCompRacer wrote: »
    I'm on the fence waiting for Twisted Pears newest offering. Of particular interest is a new output board he has been sitting on.
    I haven't been following the latest developments for some time. My interest has shifted more to finding that special 6mm projectile and powder combo. :)
  • Re: Bi-Amp AVR or just a separate amp?

    mpitogo wrote: »
    ... I thought bi-amp just means putting two amplifier channels to a single speaker disconnecting the bridge plate or wire.
    Correct. It's the number of channels driving a speaker(biamp,triamp etc.) that give it the designation not the number of power supplies. However with the AVR "passive"biamp configuration even though separate channels are being used for the hi pass and low pass sections the passive crossover is still in place. While in some set ups the isolation of the hi pass section from woofer generated back EMF may provide some sonic benefit for the most part IMO improvements will not be significant.YMMV.

  • Re: Bi Amp? what is it and how explained?

    mikeyb128 wrote: »
    Bridging an amp will also increases distortion.
    Like any balanced/differential circuit it depends on the amplifier and how well matched it's two channels are.Some of the very best sounding (and measuring)amplifiers in existance use bridged output stages.(Pass Labs,Bryston) In fact the Bryston 7B is basically a 4B internally hard wired into bridge mode. The power supply voltage rails have also been lowered to reduce thermal issues.
    For curiosity due you have the spec sheets for the Bryston pieces in your sig. It should have actual numbers measured for distortion and noise in bridged and individual modes.
  • Re: Bi Amp? what is it and how explained?

    Absolutely,you have two good amps so experiment and try both ways and see which you prefer.
  • Nice shot.

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