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  • Nice shot.

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    Gerres26 wrote: »
    Will this work or is this a bad idea when it comes to resistors? Any input is appreciated.
    I'll add a few points of interest. Dependent upon where the resistors are positioned circuit wise in the crossover a .5 ohm change will translate into something like a very small response difference of a fraction or a db so. Also drivers themselves are rarely perfectly matched. It is not uncommon for samples of the same driver model even from same production batch to exhibit sensitivity and frequency response differences of 1db or more over parts of their operating range. These differences are likely to swamp the small variation in resistance. Unless Polk went to the trouble of testing and sorting resistors the original sand cast resistors likely had a tolerance of +or- 5% (or more) so may actually be an ohm or more different than their stated value to start with. While precise matching parts is a good thing there are other variances at play.

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    I already have an offer on the table at double my buy price...
    So you supposedly drop $85k on a car as an investment and have to think about an offer double that even before getting it? Alrighty then :*
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    I'm running a Linux based Raspberry Pi 3B. Output to my DAC is via a clone of the Hifi Berry Digi+ daughter board that provides an SPDIF output. There are several simple but great sounding Linux media player software choices written specifically for it such as Rune ,Volumio and MOode. It is headless,I use either my PC or iPad for control. I built a high current linear power supply to power it as I believe it sonically superior to the run of the mill SMPS that are usually used with the RPi. Frankly I'm astounded with the performance especially given total cost of about $150.To my ears it bests my ASUS desktop running JRiver and highly recommend this to anyone wanting a high quality streamer.
  • Re: New Crossover Plates and Handles..

    Both look great.Nice work as usual Larry.

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