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  • Re: Really?

    One of my favorite quotes is from a website called Bash.org (its got lots of funny NSFW quotes, so check it out when you can. You should get a giggle or two).
    The problem with America is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?
  • Re: Small Desktop or Mini Computer

    But a Noctua fan of what whateber size you need.

    I’ve used Silverstone, Antec, SilenX and all sucked compared to the quiet I get from Noctua fans. I’ve been running some of them 24/7 for the last 10 years and never had a problem w em.
  • Re: Some Winter Projects

    Thanks for the Positive comments, yes I do all the House Keeping as well :) my Phono Preamp doesn’t have Balanced Outputs, so I have some Audio Sensibility, 5 meter RCA I/C’s to the Linestage Pre.

    I can not hear any signal loss from the TT’s previous location, moving the TT and lowering the Center Rack has really cleaned up the Imaging, I might end up with all the gear in the new Rack and just have the Amps in the center.

    Wow, I figured 5m RCA's would cause some issues. Good to know its not the case (as I'm potentially headed that route shortly lol.....

    You also have me wondering if I shouldn't do the same thing for my setup and leave my 5 channel amp, and my 2 Crown amps in the middle and then locate all my source gear in the corner out of the way. Would free up some space for a project I'm working on. Then I'd just XLR from my preamp to my B&K and Crowns and be good.
  • Re: My Glorious Day With Pioneer Customer Service

    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    Emlyn wrote: »
    Kuro in Japanese means black and refers either to a. The color black (is that even a color?) that Pioneer plasma tv sets could display really well or b. The image a $2200 Pioneer blu ray player puts out when it stops working right.

    If black isn't a color -- than why can you buy black paint?!


    wait a minute...


    Your not buying black paint, your buying paint that doesnt include any pigments of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo or Violet. :smile:
  • Re: Vintage Monitor and SDA Speaker Deals

    TNTsTunes wrote: »
    Just reread my PMs. They ARE INDEED 2As lol... my bad!

    So what do you think about how they sound? All they need to be fully pimped out is some RDO194 or a 5.8uf cap added so they can use RDO198's. The SL2000's still sound pretty sweet in them. I enjoyed them.

    They sound good. Wife like the way they looked good enough she let me put them in the MAIN room. I hadn't planned on that lol.....

    They aren't ideally located (7.25" off back wall and only 6 feet apart give or take), but they sound quite good.

    I dont think I will be adding in the cap, likely just going with 194's and then a couple other small things to them.

    I'm hoping that since my wife was ok with their form factor, that if we both really dig them long term I can upgrade to the larger ones like a pair of the SRS 2's, or even 1C's.

    But we will see. I'm running out of space along the wall with the subs my buddy's building for me that go either on the inside or outside of each of those speakers...

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