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  • Re: Carver TFM35x vs M1.0t to run my SDA's

    I would disregard this ^^^ and keep the amp at stock specification. Bob Carver never intended the amp to run in such a manner. There are differing opinions on this mod, And I mean no disrespect to Schurkey, but even Mr Carver does not care for the mod, as it puts too much strain on the transformer.
    Agree with nooshinjohn. The older Carvers are not noted for having robust power supplies. Adding any more stress is inviting disaster imo. That being said I found my old tfm 45 to be a very good match up for my 2.3s. It had an almost scary sounding transformer hum only at turn on but other than that it was a good performer even though I thought it was underbuilt for a 375 wpc amp.

    I will be the dissenting voice. Bob Carver has personally reviewed and seen in action one of these and given it his approval. He agreed it wouldn't shorten amp lifespan or put it at risk of blowing. There is a couple posts on TheCarverSite with pics of Bob looking at a modded one and also the schematics and walkthrough you can get to do it yourself.

    Greg showed him one at Carverfest, discussed what they were doing and Bob said if that tech was around when he built them, he would have done the same.

    So its a Bobfather approved modification.
  • Re: Mass Loading "Ultimate Foundations" Stands

    Hermitism wrote: »
    It's lunchtime so I was doing a little poking around with a paperclip. What I thought were fill slots are sealed. The bolt hole is the fill hole. I now see why Jesse drilled out the wings. So once the bolts are installed at the base end, they really are sealed tight for leakage. They also have pills for that.

    Dont think they are sealed. I was able to get sand that fell between the two down into the hole. I think they still feed into the same hole but I could be wrong....
  • Re: Carver Theater Grand 125.00 in N.C. mountains. It turns on is all they know.

    txcoastal1 wrote: »
    Would be worth the repair

    No parts for repair available on that model so it’s a pretty boat anchor fin it doesn’t work
  • Re: 12” Infinity 1260 SVC sub (4) Indy

    Very much so... although some folks even used car audio truck sub boxes just to get started...

    Once these come back in stock they are great options for even less skilled DIY'ers, although you "may" have to check the woofer cutout dimensions...

    1.5 cubic foot sealed box

    2.0 cubic foot sealed box
  • Re: 12” Infinity 1260 SVC sub (4) Indy

    Clipdat wrote: »
    Probably some of the best car subwoofers you can buy.

    Not just that, but these work QUITE well in home theater applications. I had these 4 in a 6 cubic foot sealed box and they were very nice.

    4 of these subs in that sized box were BETTER than a Ultimax 18" sub above 60hz, and hung with it all the way down to 10hz.

    These EXCEL at near-field use (which is what most folks are using them for). A small 1.2 cubic foot box placed near your listening position and these things will sound GREAT and not need a ton of power to do so.

    And they do even better in smaller ported boxes that 15 or 18" subs dont do well in. In a 3.5 cubic foot ported box these can hit 19hz with decent numbers and not a lot of power required.

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