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  • Re: Should I trade my SDA 2B for B&W 801

    Slapaho wrote: »
    F1nut wrote: »
    The 2B's, especially when TL'd are an exceptional speaker.

    I'll respect your opinion even though you respect no one else's.

    2B's I've sat and listened to sounded okay but didn't blow me away. If the SDA IC wasn't connected they're just another mid-fi vintage speaker. SDA is the only thing they have going for them which you can get in a much smaller package. I own 1C's and Monitor 12 series 2's, neither of which impress me either. DKFREEBIRD's 1.2's are the only Polks that gave me goosebumps and made me say "Wow!" inside. That's my opinion about my experiences listening to different sets of Polk's old speakers, stock or modified. There are better speakers on the market for similar money especially after the costs of replacing the ....

    The first part of this is an unnecessary snide remark.

    The second part shows that you don’t understand the design of SDA speakers, at all. The IC is REQUIRED to not only carry the out-of-phase content from one speaker to the other, but also completes the circuit and lets the SDA driver play content to reinforce the bass and mid-bass of that same speaker. They simply sound like poo without the IC in place. The fact is, if you listened to modified 2B’s and thought they sounded like midfi, then something else was wrong with your setup.

  • Re: Silver-faced Rotel RCD-1072 for sale

    I, too have an rcd-855 and it is a fine player. Not nearly the build quality of the rcd-1072 though. The dac in the 1072 is much better, as is the transport come to think of it as they offer a few generations of improvements.
  • Re: 5.1 rear speakers for LS90 mains

    For 80 bucks, grab the ls50s.
  • Re: Need a New Series Recommendation

    Blacklist is on Netflix now.
  • Re: Harvey Disaster Relief Fund

    Many of us will be volunteering hundreds of hours, taking in families, and donating clothing, household goods, food, and money. I will be doing each of these things to give hope back to those less fortunate than I am.
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