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  • Re: New REL S-5 in the house...

    mikeyb128 wrote: »
    In my old house My dual PB 13 ultras would rattle your balls, this was on a cement slab in a basement. My buddy said he felt his fat gut flapping. So it is possible.

    You need new friends.
  • Re: Stupid things we do to ourselves

    I can't think of any for me, but my best friends brother immediately comes to mind. My friend caught him screaming and running into the house with dirty oil all over his face. He was changing it and was dumb enough to be directly below the pan.

    A few months later and the exact same scenario plays out. I think he has learned his lesson now... I hope.
  • Re: New Desk Re Rig

    I'm going to start taking you to shows with me man.
  • Re: 2 - Polk Audio DSW PRO660wi's - For Sale

    DSkip wrote: »
    They aren't.

    I dont see them marked sold anywhere..... if they are I wouldn't be surprised...

    Well, they're in my living room, so...
  • Re: Wish me luck... I'm gonna need it

    Ok... I will spill the beans. I am bidding on three pairs of Wilson Watt Puppys, a stack of Krell SACD Standards and a bunch of Krell Evolution gear. There are also a couple of 65" Sony 4K tvs in the mix.

    The Evo gear is new in box. I will know around 6pm today if I won. From this auction, I will be selling some stuff to cover the money spent, and offer up a KARMA. The Evo gear will likely find a place in my rack, possibly replacing my Pioneer D9 and my Pass Labs gear.

    I outbid you. >:)

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