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  • Re: Testing for Bit Depth and Sample Rate...aka Resolution

    Auralic's new beta version of lightning ds unfolds the MQA files to 96 now. It's a little buggy but the 48 limitation is almost gone.
  • Re: New Speakers too: Italians have arrived

    No speakers were harmed in the making of this thread. UPS might have ruined that disclaimer.
  • Re: RTA-12c's with RD0194’s - amp suggestions?

    NAD or B&K for those. Mitsubishi is one that doesn't get thrown around much but can be had well under your price and sounds good.
  • Re: Want to stick my toe in the "power cord" pool...

    TForan wrote: »
    What was your lower "price point" for your entire system ?

    Does it matter in this context? I can tell you there were systems 10x more spendy than Skips, and systems 2-3x LESS spendy than Skips.

    I don't mind sharing components and price. Pictures show all anyways.

    Speakers - Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole - $7,500 with stands
    Integrated - Triode Corporation TRV-88SER - $3100
    DAC - North Star Design Supremo - $3000
    Streamer - AURALiC Aries Mini - $500
    Cabling - Wireworld, around $2,000 total

    So, roughly $16k retail. It was a decidedly mid-fi rig that paled in comparison to several others at the show as far as price tag went.

    The point is that I didn't buy my way into good sound, I got there simply by listening, shoddy hearing be damned. We tried other setups at the show after I got this one together and at the end of those trials, everyone agreed my original setup was the best.

    If you use your hearing as an excuse then it becomes near impossible to grow in the hobby. Like everything else in the hobby, open your mind and you will be rewarded.

    PS - the room statement wasn't a jab at you or anyone else. It only reflects the moment where I began to hear tremendous variance when changing out components. Before I heard differences, but very minor as the room imposed its will on the sound.
  • Re: Hit my Social Security max

    SS has been a savior for my family. I'm not a fan of programs like this but I am very thankful it was there. It has given me a different perspective.

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