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  • Re: B&K 200.2 Amplifier

    Damn Ivan. I'm forgettable huh?
  • Re: Harbeth


    Thoroughly enjoying these 30.2. I've tried to improve the sound but I'm really not sure what else I could ask for with this setup.
  • Re: Any one else have this "disorder"?

    Support? That's what racks are for.
  • Polk and classe?

  • Re: Harbeth

    @f1nut, you listening?

    I won't speak to all of the speakers yet, but I would like to throw something out there concerning the 30.2. This is a speaker that does nearfield like no other I've experienced. Why?

    Well, the 30.2 definitely has a recessed soundstage. It appears to reside about 4-6' behind the speakers depending on placement. What is so unique about this? Unlike every other speaker I've heard with this quality, the 30.2 still retains the jump and life to the music. It's almost like that forward sound, but well behind the speakers. Add to the fact that they can disappear in the soundstage, you can close your eyes and feel like you are in a much larger space with much more distance between you and the speaker.

    This might be one of the most unique monitors on the market and a definite must for those who are limited in space but want that big sound akin to a larger system.

    All the other Harbeth positives spewed by others are still true. Female jazz is ridiculous and IMO puts Magnepan and others to shame.

    So far, my best pairing with it has been the MastersounD Dueventi, meaning you don't have to spend a ton to get them to sound good. While they are darn near impossible to get to sound bad, there is definitely a magic with the Dueventi that even makes it a better pairing than the larger MastersounD amplifiers.

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