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  • Re: Polk Signature Series Official Discussion

    I still have all of them except the S10 and S50, which I never had.

    I've run the Ampino with the S55 and S60 with great results. I haven't tried it on the bookies yet but I don't really have a room that can let a bookie shine. My rooms are quite large in this house with high ceilings.

    The Ampino has its limitations as far as pairing it with higher end speakers, but something like the Signature line will let both shine. The sound signature reminds me much of the Marantz 2216 I have.
  • Re: Respect

    Amateur. Elevators are where it's at.
  • Re: Is it just me or is the community shrinking?

    Economy is doing better. No need to sell but many reasons to buy.
  • Re: would any of you do this trade

    There are certain pieces I don't want to part with that I worked hard to get. It's not so much which is better, but if I handle the sentimental loss. I've moved many pieces that I had no attachment to, but none of my sentimental pieces have moved even though I've listed them. I don't bump them for good reason.

    Just something to chew on given the situation.
  • Re: This is sad

    polrbehr wrote: »
    Have any of you long-time forum members that are unhappy with this ad contacted Polk? I've seen where many at this forum have visited and toured Polk - so you don't have any contacts at Polk? Instead of giving Polk the benefit of the doubt - why are you jumping to malicious conclusions and assuming the worst? So far, all you've done is to make a mountain out of a very small mole hill.

    Boy, is this attitude and sentiment poison:

    "Polk has no will to support their own forum.
    Polk is more interested in portable audio than good audio
    Polk would rather cater to the snot nosed kids/millennials living in their parents basement."


    "Talk about putting a knife in your back....really Polk ?"

    Well, the powers that be at Polk were supposed to host Polkfest 2016 at their new Baltimore site. @jstas even started a thread about it months before it was supposed to happen. But he was seemingly left to twist in the wind, as this did not materialize. And it was only by his good graces that we had anything at all that year.

    I don't know if this latest issue is related to Polk "abandoning" this place or the people who frequent it, but the above is true enough so draw your own conclusions?

    It probably fell off their radar as Cedia was approaching and the Signature release was in full swing. Stressful times. I can say that they fully supported my event in October complete with an almost full line of the Signature series.

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