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    Mine do an easy 350 and that is enough for me. The 700 watt amps are actually rated at 900 watts as I recall if you run KT120's. I have heard these driving the big Magico speakers. Then listened again using Classe mono amps. The big Carvers were night and day better in every regard.

    If I had the coin, I would not hesitate pulling the trigger.

    The Ultimates? If so, those definitely do not need 700 watts. I don't doubt they bested the Classe amplifiers though.
    F1nut wrote: »
    DSkip wrote: »
    There is a need for that much power, but 95% of us don't need it. The rest can't afford it

    John, when would one need 700 watts of tube power? My thoughts would be, at the price point I'm expecting this one to hit, that one who would need that much power would be invested in a true multi-amp configuration and would put a solid state amplifier on the bass drivers. It seems many of the modern designs where that much power is needed already have internal amplifiers for the bass drivers anyways.

    I'm not being argumentative there - I really would like to know where you think this application is needed. I don't even have an issue with your beasts, but doubling down on that seems unnecessary in every situation I can think of.
    FestYboy wrote: »
    DSkip wrote: »
    I know he does. I'm not saying these won't be great. Just pushing a design to that level doesn't impress me. I'd rather see him make a lower watt amp push the boundaries.

    I suspect there will be some trickle down with this and through imitation, the tube community in general will glean better amps from this innovation.

    I need to read through the write-up, but my gut tells me there isn't much innovation in the design so much as setting a power goal and throwing in enough tubes to reach it. That isn't to say its a bad design or Bob doesn't know what he is doing (obviously he does), but when I see that kind of number I think its more to do with sticker-shock as opposed to ingenuity in design.

    There is innovation in his amps, the longevity of the tubes and how that is accomplished being the most note worthy in the current versions. He used the knowledge gained from the original Silver 6, Silver 7 and Silver 9 tube mono blocks with separate power supplies that he made years ago to create the current versions. There may have been a few other tube amps back then that used separate power supplies, but I can't think of any. Let me tell you those original amps are amazing, the sound quality is off the charts great. They also happen to be the only amps I've heard that can properly drive the Carver Platinum speakers. I've heard high powered SS amps choke trying to drive those speakers. So, if his tube amps can drive those just think how well they'd do with other speakers.

    What you get from running high quality, high powered amps, SS or tubes is speed, iron fisted bass and unreal dynamics with an ease that is very hard to perhaps impossible to get otherwise.

    Thanks for this information. I get the 700 watts... I just don't get it in tube form. Tubes themselves are not the best at controlling woofers. My point was if you need the power, go SS on those bass drivers for better control and overall better sound. For someone playing at that level biamping or triamping can be done right and cost is not an issue. Most speakers needing that much power already help you with an internal amplifier or two - even Rosso Fiorentino's Florentia has powered bass modules.

    The extended life of the tubes - this sounds like something that he already had mastered. Is there anything 'new' that this amp implements other than big power? It is nice to know all those tubes won't be running at full blast though - that would be $$$ to have to retube.
    treitz3 wrote: »
    DSkip wrote: »
    700 watts of tube power is just building it to see if you can. I'd love to say that impresses me, but it doesn't.

    That's because you haven't heard them yet. Once you do, you would be singing a different tune.


    Have you heard the 700 watt amp?

    I don't doubt he has great tube amps and have said as much. I haven't had the pleasure of hearing one yet.

    I just struggle with this particular amp being more than a bragging right for those who can afford it than an all out assault on fidelity. It will sell and owners will love it so in the end it doesn't matter.
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    700 watts of tube power is just building it to see if you can. I'd love to say that impresses me, but it doesn't.
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    BlueFox wrote: »
    At this point with digital music there are still a lot of unknowns in what affects the final sound. For example, I use a direct attached USB drive to my music server. After I ran out of room on a Toshiba 500GB drive, I copied every thing over to a Toshiba 1000GB hard drive. The 1TB drive sounded better than the 500GB drive. LOL.

    Was it the drive? Was it the cable that comes with the drive? Was it both together? I certainly wasn't expecting that result, so I doubt if it was imaginary.

    I think its perception more than anything. As DK has stated repeatedly about digital, it is a simplified analog signal. If one can view this digital end as a chain of analog devices, it becomes much clearer why EVERYTHING in the chain matters, even the streamer and the cables that are used with it. I think most focus on the file itself and not the chain of components.
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    It makes perfect sense and now maybe with an open mind you can understand it more. Kudos to you for admitting the results honestly.

    I too didn't want them to make a difference but I would be lying to myself if I said they didn't. It's undeniable once you hear it.

    Now, how do you feel about digital cables? >:)
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    Tone controls are the devil!

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