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  • Re: What is a good price for a pair of RT800?

    The regular and i version are all but identical. There are minor changes but not enough to notice any audible difference.
  • Re: Advice needed on vintage Polks.

    If I were hesitant to let go of any of it, I'd sell the amp first and keep the speakers. The amp held its value much better than the speakers and speakers of that quality are harder to track down for reasonable prices. As mentioned above, amps are easier to ship so if later down the road things look up and you can find another, its much easier to replace.
  • Re: Polk LSIM Open Box Speakers:- Adorama

    Actually, these can do quite well on a nice AVR. They are much easier on the power side than the Lsi were. This is a banging deal for those in the market.
  • Re: Polk LSIM Open Box Speakers:- Adorama

    Select deals and mass sales are two different monsters. Clearance items always happen but this isn't clearance. I have no beef with the consumers who take them up, but I do feel bad for those who bought for more and any dealers trying to sell these speakers. It's a loss for both.
  • Re: Building a pair of Polk Monitor 10's

    willwilly wrote: »
    When playing around with a rescued pair of 5's, I have to admit the lobing issue from side by side drivers is evident to me now. The tens sound much better but the "imaging", using this word lightly since I'm just starting to recognize what it is, is muttled compared to the fives.

    I look forward to my sevens.


    *slowly starts clapping*

    The road to enlightmenment begins...

    EDIT: Like I said before, the M10's are good speakers, just not great. I'd gladly own another pair if the right deal came along. If you just want an awesome tonal signature and don't care about the stereophonic qualities, they are a top contender for anyone.

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