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  • Re: Why is the bass not as good as factory speakers?

    @nbrowser I get that the foam/rubber baffle is to protect the back of the woofer from water exposure that it'll see in the area inbetween the door. It seems like this is at the expense of dynamics and low frequency response though, due to it stifling the ability for the woofer to move air around as it normally would.

    Is there another way to protect the backside of the woofer from the elements, while at the same time not affecting it's acoustic performance?
  • Re: Show me your TT's !!!

    Awesome Trentemoller album, love that one - have the same vinyl.

    That's a great KLF track as well.

    Nice tune choices sir :)
    SCompRacer wrote: »
    I have a vertical table in the downstairs retro system!
    SCompRacer wrote: »
    My air bearing linear tracking a warp...

  • Re: Power distribution and conditioning

    Why don't you expand on what he's supposedly missing, instead of just making a worthless sarcastic comment that contributes nothing to the discussion at hand?
    dragon1952 wrote: »
    Probably quite a bit :^ /

    How is it a "waste of time" to meaningfully contribute to this thread and the discussion at hand? Isn't that the very point of this site - to have discussions?
    BlueFox wrote: »
    Yes, that poster needs to do a lot of research, and try some things. I am not going to waste time discussing the subject, but I will say dedicated lines, power conditioners, and power cables have given me a tremendous improvement in sound. My speakers are the only thing that made a bigger difference than clean power.

  • Re: Help with system.

    It's sounding silent because it's torn down at the moment.
    gp4jesus wrote: »
    How is your system sounding?

  • Re: LSiM help...

    Yeah, we've had that theory for some time, that the line is being discontinued and/or replaced. Hard to say for sure what they're planning.

    I think instead of creating a new line, they'll just refer people to Def Tech speakers.
    New24k wrote: »
    I "think" the LSiM is due for a replacement.

    Which might put the pricing in perspective.

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