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    gudnoyez wrote: »
    ^Dear Sir or Madame: @DonnerUndBlitzen

    Once again it appears you are missing why people are not happy with you. You are more than welcome to your own opinion on subjects, that is fine.

    However when you post a comment, like the one you did earlier today in this same thread, eluding to the fact this place is still like a "20 acre food fight", you MUST understand how that will be taken offensively by many.

    This is just the same way you seem to be taking offense to comments directed toward you by others because they have a opposite view than you as to the status of this forum.

    You cannot have it both ways. You cannot express YOUR OPINION and then get mad and lash out when people disagree with you.

    Additionally when your having a disagreement with someone that you don't know personally, adding jokes into your commentary (re: bad burrito) doesn't make them funny. It comes off as offensive and an attempt to pass your post off as humor instead of the intended wicked insulting barb it is.

    Polk Management is welcome to allow whoever to post whatever they want, on their forum, subject to their rules. However don't mistake their lack of weighing in on your, or any of our actions for approval of them. Neither you nor I have any idea what conversations may or may not be taking place regarding current members, myself included, and possible bans, removal of posts, etc.

    For one I would appreciate if you kept your attempt at humor when disagree with someone to yourself, as it comes of as insulting. Additionally if the forum continues to be a "20 acre food fight" you are welcome to stay and join in the fun, walk out the door, or sit silent on the sidelines taunting everyone trying to stay clean.

    I have reported your post, and should you continue to act as such, will continue to report all subsequent posts by you.

    My last comment is that perhaps when you discover that everyone on a given forum, this one or otherwise, has a problem with you, and you alone, and that one fact is the only consistent thing tying everything together, perhaps the issue doesn't lie with them, but in some behavior you continue to repeat.

    Something to think about, while you debate how to respond to my post in a passive/aggressive/insulting way.

    Warmer than Warmest Regards

    PS I dont like mexican, so make your comments about me reference chinese food or steaks (see I posted humor, so you cant take offense at anything I said above. I will even end it with a :smile: )

    DUB spelled backwards means BUD, or does BUD spelled backwards means DUB? Kindest warmest regards the peanut gallery :o

    Golly. You cracked my encryption and exposed me. Now the gloves are off. :)

  • Re: This might be fun: thoughts about Mapleshade's products (specifically, wires)?

    I started with their wire, Clearview Double Helix Plus, and it was a big improvement over Home Depot twisted pair 12 gauge. Later I went to the Planar 5 with the biased open air mesh shielding, and found it to be a fantastic speaker cable. At least until a cat ripped it in two. I tried their analog ICs, and while they worked okay, at some point I grew tired of how fragile their wires are. Every time I moved the rack a speaker wire would break. If the analog ICs weren't just right then hum was there. Now all that is in the garage someplace.

    I love their Samson racks and have one for the stereo and two for the HT. I still use their Micropoint brass footers on electronics. Their CDs are very well recorded, but other than a Reggae CD there isn't much I like.
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  • Re: Noise theory...Internal SSD, USB HD, or DNLA

    The whole issue is the interface where data is turned into 1 and 0, and then into analog.

    Some argue that an Ethernet cable can't affect the sound since it only carries 1 and 0. However, an Ethernet cable carries an analog signal that represents 1 and 0. The cable can degrade that signal, and jitter can be introduced as the receiver turns that analog signal back into 1 and 0. The CRC might be correct, but jitter is now there.

    The point is, with music, everything can affect the sound.
  • Re: Thoughts on SDA's...

    I don't know. So far in this thread we have plastic bananas, and now apples. :)
  • Re: A Bluefox kinda Friday night...

    Well, the 4K video, and sound, was excellent. Unfortunately, this version suxes. It is mostly CGI with little plot.

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