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  • Re: What Are You Listening To?

    In so far as Red, I’m not sure what happened, but I am thinking that posting to this thread should not count for increasing post count.
  • Re: What Are You Listening To?

    Just arrived today. Unfortunately, it is a CD. Will be glad when a higher res download is available. Anyway, Marilyn Manson’s latest, Heaven Upside Down.


    So far I am liking it, but only on song 2. :)
  • Cable elevators by F1nut

    I ordered six of Jesse’s cable supports, and installed them today. At first I thought this would be sufficient to replace my Shunyata supports, but I ended up using both of them. They are being used to elevate my power cables, mostly under the rack, that power the amps, and the source gear. I have three power conditioners, so they each get a cable from the wall, and the amp power conditioners have another power cable to the amp. Essentially, this makes five power cables on the floor.

    I ordered these since I felt they were a great cosmetic match with the Denali 2000T amp power conditioners, and they are. Whether the sound is better or not, I can’t really say, but it does look a lot better.

    I guess that demonstrates the philosophy of cable deniers who say because we like the appearance of our cables that tricks us into thinking the sound is better is just as wrong as all their other nonsense reasons to deny cables matter.

    They certainly are well made, and solid. My Shunyata supports are light weight plastic. The only negative issue for me is that the support opening isn’t quite wide enough for the power cables. However, they would work great for my Shunyata Venom speaker cables in the HT. Still, they do support the cables, just not as snug a fit if the Cable seated better in the support. No complaint here, just an observation, and Jesse did mention they might not be big enough.

    Anyway, for those who didn’t take advantage of the offer I can only say it’s your loss. :)


  • Re: A Bluefox kinda Friday night...

    Getting setup to play cards. Friday night this week will have to wait until Saturday night.
  • Re: I saw this car the other day unlike anything on the road

    Basically, it's a four wheel motorcycle. Good for tooling around on a sunny day. Not sure what they cost, but if too high then they will sell a few, and then go out of business.

    Reminds me a bit of the old dune buggy on a VW Beetle chassis.

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