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  • Re: Im getting irrate

    That packing looks as if it came from Sony's Laredo TX customer service center. Maybe Polk bought that organization. That would explain a lot.
  • Re: My Glorious Day With Pioneer Customer Service

    The following incident is based on an actually true historical event and is, in part, autobiographical:

    "Knock, Knock."
    "Who's there?"
    "Boo who?"
    "Ha ha, I made you cry!"
    "No you didn't!"
    "Did to!"
    "Did not!"
    "Did to!!"
    "Did not, did not, did not!!!"
    "I'm crying because my 15 year old Toshiba DVD player just croaked! It was only 14 years out of warranty!! There was a known issue with that player and Toshiba should have warned me that it was susceptible to old age."

    "That's not true, everyone knows mechanical devices from Toshiba never wear out and break down."
    "They do to break down and wear out."
    "Do not."
    "Do to."

    "What's even worse, I called Toshiba customer service and their rep was rude to me."
    "Was not!"
    "Was to!!"
    "He even sent me a rude Email that began with, "Lol, you've gotta be kidding, a 15 year old DVD player and you want us to fix it for free? What are you smokin'?"
    "He then offered to sell me a refurb DVD player at full retail price!"

    Fortunately, I did survive the death of my 15 year old Toshiba DVD player a month ago and will be getting either an Oppo or a Sony BD player in a few months. Until then, I have my computer DVD drive as a back up so life goes on. I normally don't cry when my old stuff breaks, but that Toshiba was cute and very easy to use. It even played CD-Rs! B)

    What can I say about the poster that the post itself doesn't already say? LOL.

  • Re: This is sad

    I'm surprised no one mentioned Vanilla as the reason why Polk did not mention their forum. Obviously, Polk realizes Vanilla is a huge, major, gigantic, mistake, and they are too embarrassed to admit it, or get rid of it.

    Polk, it is okay to admit you messed up big time by using this doo-doo of software. Admitting a mistake, and fixing that mistake, is part of being a grown up. Go ahead, act mature, and get rid of this nauseous software.

    This post is because I just returned to the Polk Forum tab on my browser, and I had to sign in. What good is having a 'keep signed in' option if it doesn't work? PC or tablet, after some period I have to sign in again.
  • Re: Best FLAC interface?

    Try the Lumin app on the iPhone or iPad. It's free, and is based on some standard, same as Linn, and works well for the USB drive I attach to the Lumin. It just needs to be able to see the Oppo IP.
  • Re: Why SACD failed

    Converting pre-1980 analog to digital has also improved tremendously over the last 25 years. There are large box classical CD sets of Mercury Living Presence and RCA Living Stereo (et al) that have been ported over from analog to digital. I have many of these CDs and they sound amazingly good.

    The SACDs of these are nice. Back in the 50s they recorded three channels; left, right, center. After 'stereo' won that format war then they were released with only the L/R tracks. With SACD, they were released as recorded, and sound great in a HT.

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