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  • Re: Just bought a new Lexus!

    la2vegas wrote: »
    If a new car has paper dealer plates how will the owner get a bill in the mail for driving past the tolls?

    Don't know about TX, but it is possible their paper plates are actual temp license plates with numbers, versus CA which just have the dealers name on it. Since the CA plates are just advertisements for the dealer, they can be removed. In the near future CA will be going to actual temp paper license plates to get those who avoid tolls. :)

  • Re: subwoofer carpeting

    Lightweights. The full duplex Vadic 1200 bps is tops, and was invented by them. Four times as fast as the previous 300 bps modems at the time. Testing/fixing Vadic modems was my first job in CA when I moved here in 76. Computer networking has been a good career for me. :)

  • Re: Red Wine, //////////\\\\\\\\\\

    Thats a lot of upcoming "Blue Fox" nights :wink:

    The funny part is I only drink beer on Friday and Saturday nights. I rarely touch the wine. LOL.

    I finally had to quit the club as I was running out of room. :)

  • Re: What Are You Listening To?

    It appears their latest album, Hardwired To Self Destruct, was playing at the point of the screen capture. I use random shuffle to play so there is no order how the songs play.
  • New Cambridge-Audio UHD 4K Blue Ray Player

    I'm not optimistic about this player. They removed the DACs, no analog out, to concentrate on picture quality. While I like the idea, since I do not use the DACs in my Oppo 203 UHD 4K player, I think at $1200 dollars it is over priced. I can not imagine the picture is that much better than the Oppo 203, and if Oppo removed the analog from the 203 they could probably sell it for $400 versus the current $500.

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