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  • Re: Want to stick my toe in the "power cord" pool...

    So. I am 68 with a bit of tinnitus in my left ear, and I can hear power cord, and other cable, improvements in sound. It is obvious. I have some state of the art power noise conditioning gear, and as Skip said, you don't realize the 'noise' is there until it is gone.
  • Re: Want to stick my toe in the "power cord" pool...

    daddyjt wrote: »
    I received the MIT AC-1 from Greg several days ago, but due to a hectic work schedule at the moment, didn't get time to implement it and listen until last night.

    I will cut right to the chase and say yes - I CAN hear a difference. It is subtle, but it is undeniable. I swapped back and forth several times, to verify what I was hearing, and it is there. Specifically, the opening of Fleetwood Mac's Gold Dust Woman, when the cymbal joins the tambourine - the separation between the two sounds is greatly improved with the MIT cord. Also, on Chris Rea's Road to Hell, the space around his voice in the opening, and the clarity of the bass guitar in pt2 are very much improved with the MIT.

    This is difficult for me to admit, because I have been a d**k on the issue of power cords in the past. I guess it just comes down to the fact that just because it doesn't make sense, or I can't explain it, doesn't mean it's not there. I hereby apologize to anyone that I may have offended in the past, with my narrow-minded views. And as always, thank you for the guidance and advice. I will be upgrading the rest of my cords as finances allow. Much more listening to come!

    For what it's worth, I have found the biggest audio improvement cable wise has been from power cords and power conditioning gear. At first this was just a WTF insight, but as I have learned more I more I realize it makes sense. Basically, it is the ability to deal with instantaneous current, and noise filtration.

    Read the Shunyata technical articles to learn more.
  • Re: Want to stick my toe in the "power cord" pool...

    I started with Pangea, but once I experienced a Shunyata Venom power cable I was hooked. The Venom HC for amps is in your range, new. The Cable Company will give you a few dollars off.

    Good luck.

  • Re: cables or recording flaw..

    Most of what has been presented here (Panamax) will do surge protection, but zip in regard to cleaning up power. I used to have Panamax, but the Shunyata gear puts them to shame. I plugged my amps into one Panamax that has a current meter, and the Panamax started humming. LOL.
  • Re: What is a "Musical" system to you?

    msg wrote: »
    I'm noticing it's not uncommon for feet to be in a lot of hifi gear photos I see. Someone's gonna do a hifi audio calendar or coffee table photo book someday - HiFi and Feet. It's gonna have bare feet, socked feet, dirty socks, holey socks, and at least one sack getting blown back.

    A whole thread devoted to that.

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