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  • Re: What color is this?

    If I bought these speakers based on Polk's photos, which are black, and this mish mash color arrived then I too would be a bit confused or perturbed. They should at least mention the color will vary depending on the light. Is that unreasonable?
  • Re: I don't much talk to folks in real life...

    Which one is that? I am terrible with names.
  • Re: A Bluefox kinda Friday night...

    No problem. It's your ears. LOL.
  • Time for another Vanilla rant

    What a piece of junk software. Vanilla, as has been mentioned by many, is terrible. This week I have had to sign in on my PC, twice on my iPad, and just now on my phone.

    What good is the 'stay signed in' option if it doesn't work. LOL.

    What a piece of junk. I hope Polk got this for free since it isn't worth anything.
  • Re: Denon AVRX4300H Any Good

    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    All I know is they sure didn't know how to pack gear returning to you for warranty work. Twice i had sent stuff double boxed in the factory packing in the first box. Only to have it returned to me naked in a box to big for the 2900. DESTROYED!!! Twice D&M shipped it that way. I blew a gasket that they had no idea how to ship their own product. I asked what the heck happened to the packing i sent it in? They were clueless.

    They did more damage to the unit than it went in for.

    LOL. I had the same issue with Sony and their Laredo service center. They probably sold the original boxing back to Sony. :)

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