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  • soundfreak1 wrote: » What it does right is put a grin on my face! A big toothy grin too! Same here. That is its purpose, and it does it very well.
  • Patricia Barber is great, and many (all?) of her CDs are excellent recordings. Holly Cole, Melody Gardot, and Tierney Sutton are also favorites.
  • Decisions, decisions. Trying to cram a weekend into one night. Music is cruising now, but need to think of what to watch in the the HT. I received both Kong Skull Island, and The Fifth Element in 4K UHD this week. Now which to watch later. …
  • treitz3 wrote: » Well, I went ahead and ordered the Japanese SHM-CD edition. Side note: If you haven't already then get the SHM-SACD for Exile On Main Street by the Stones, and Wheels Of Fire by Cream. The only negative is all the wrapp…
  • Turned the stereo on three hours ago, sitting here with beer one, and enjoying both. First time the stereo is on, and first beer, since last Saturday. I stopped using the stereo during the week in the summer since it also means the AC needs to b…
  • I was just looking at the XE. It is nice, but it was $56K with the options I selected.
  • The two bring out the best in each other, and increase the pleasure for me. It is a symbiotic relationship. Otherwise, it is simply background music, and is overkill for that.
  • And I agree with Skip. No alcohol for me tonight. Finally decided to stop Friday/Saturday night drinking, and only do 1 night a week. That is a 50% reduction in alcohol. Then might cut that down to twice a month for another 50% reduction. …
  • FestYboy wrote: » Oh, I saw that word being slung around like it was a component, not company. Yes. The English language allows that flexibility. That is one reason why it is a difficult second language.
  • Haven't heard anything recently about Jaguar, but in the past they had a reputation as a very unreliable car. Of course, that applies to a lot of car manufacturers.
  • So far it seems the BMW 3 series is a good choice between handling and a touch of luxury. Now I need to make sure the stereo is also up to par.
  • mrloren wrote: » If OJ is smart he will go someplace and live on his SSI and NFL retirement. If he screws up again he will spend the rest of his life locked up. Don't think the NFL would like him as a coach, kind of bad for the image thing. …
  • Lock up your daughters, and hide your wives. Especially if they are blonde.
  • tonyb wrote: » BlueFox wrote: » jeremymarcinko wrote: » Really a CX-5 or a NSX, am I missing something here. What are we comparing again? Practicality versus luxury. Mazda doesn't have a luxury car division so they offer more in th…
  • Before my current car, I had an 87 VW (Blue) Fox for 17 years. That makes two cars in 30 years. Time flies. Anyway, the Fox was okay, but also a piece of junk. I realize I can't judge all VW cars based on this one, so I will add VW onto the lis…
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » I have this little rule -- I won't pay more for a car than we paid for our first house ($41k). Then I can get a $163k car. That sounds like a good rule for speakers.
  • heiney9 wrote: » $10,500 off sticker really makes it a no-brainer on the Hyundai. H9 Of course then you have to wonder just how much the price is inflated. I assume the dealer wants to make a couple of dollars.
  • I just looked up the 2017 GS F, and it is $84K to start. That is double what I want to pay. Not this lifetime, assuming I never hit the lottery.
  • Hey. What's one letter? Other than maybe $150K. LOL
  • jeremymarcinko wrote: » Really a CX-5 or a NSX, am I missing something here. What are we comparing again? Practicality versus luxury. Mazda doesn't have a luxury car division so they offer more in their models. The TOL AWD CX-5 is probab…
  • When I say mountains I mean CA mountains in the spring, summer, fall. If I decide to try skiing again then I will go with the AWD CX-5, or NSX. I drive everyday in CA commute traffic, and a manual doesn't bother me. However, I once had knee sur…
  • Lots of good info here. Most likely this will be the last car I buy, so it has to last, and be fun. At least a little.
  • Already have it on BR.
  • Blade Runner is also coming out in 4K UHD. I must have purchased that movie 4-5 times already.
  • I will do that Monday. Thanks.
  • I will find out this week. So far the comments on other sites has been positive, and I hope I can add to that trend.
  • Okay. I never look at Audiogon. His website has been down for a while now.
  • HDMI is a tricky SOB. I have been using, with no issues, a 5 meter Pangea I bought years ago. After I upgraded my TV and BR player to 4K, I figured I may as well get a better HDMI cable. So, I bought a 4 meter Cambridge Audio HDMI for 4K UHD T…
  • Basically all food is genetically modified by breeding selection over the years. Doing the modification via Petri dish is the only difference now. However, I will admit that the potential for creating a disaster with genetic modification is certa…
  • To follow up on my previous 'cables first' post, it was a while before I replaced the Panamax with the Shunyata Triton. The price of the Triton, $5K, scared me for a long time. When I finally did make the leap to the Triton the improvement over th…

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