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  • I posted this on three sites to gather as much info as possible, and Rheem/Trane seem to be the top responses so far. This was the first time Coleman was mentioned, and I wasn't aware they were also in this business. My spa, which I bought in 94, …
  • nooshinjohn wrote: » I would offer here but my wife is bonkers when it comes to protecting the little cub. So what is a close motel?
  • I might be able to do a road trip. What is a close by motel so I can come down Saturday, and leave Monday. I will use Lyft to get to/from your place.
  • I live in CA. Don't need the heat all that much, but I want it to work when I need it. The AC is important as the stereo creates a lot of heat, and in the summer I need to keep the windows closed to keep the music inside. Thanks for the info.
  • RIP. 86 seems to be a bad year. My father went at 86, and I have been paying attention to age ever since, and there seem to be a lot of deaths right around that age.
  • mantis wrote: » The Big rack is awesome, where did you get it? Amazon. If I ever retire then I will start drinking the wine, and stain the racks.
  • I found turning up the volume reduces hearing loss.
  • I like that name. Hope they don’t do it to their customers. Thanks.
  • Yes. This is Vanilla. Not the Presidency. LOL
  • Good timing. I just sat down to listen after adding three Marilyn Manson CDs to the file player, and a CD by PUP. Now to drink beer and listen to the new tunes late into the night.
  • Well, someone will put a Sniffer on their network and see if anything is being transmitted, so that really isn't a big concern of mine. At least we know this product will always be listening. I would be more concerned of technology that might be s…
  • I wonder how the market research was conducted. One would normally have an Alexia in a common room of the house, not a HT. So, I would assume this isn't geared to a HT, but as a add-on for a regular TV in the living room. Then I would wonder how …
  • I had a turntable in the 70s and early 80s. Also had a reel to reel. Both were a PITA and I doubt I will ever get another. Many albums only have one or two good songs per side, if you are lucky. Surface noise, ticks, pops, dirt, dust, stylus a…
  • mantis wrote: » Thats fine and all man but I have found audioquest to build wires right from the bottom of the line to be quality and pass along the signal better then anything else on the market. Cardas and Kimber also do a fantastic job and that…
  • More rock.
  • Didn’t really sell it, but did a trade-in. Maybe I could have seen a few more dollars by selling, but I went with time and convenience. I suppose you can contact Mike at AudioShark and ask to buy BlueFox’s XP-20.
    in Adios XP-20 Comment by BlueFox January 7
  • Quite a resume. Not sure about the “Hero” part, but American NASA Legend is perfect. RIP.
  • Weather is now perfect. Low 60s outside, high 70s inside with the amps cooking. Sitting here wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I wish it were like this year round.
  • When I broke the mids and Xover in my S5s they sounded worse.
  • I leave my preamp and file player in the stereo on. Nothing in the HT is always on. My home PC gets turned on every few months or so. My work laptop is on while at work or home, but off during travel to and fro. My iPads and phone are always on…
    in Warm up? Comment by BlueFox January 6
  • LOL. I could retire if I sold all the stuff I gave away. Haven’t gone past 70, and don’t plan to either. I have no desire to repeat that experience.
    in Adios XP-20 Comment by BlueFox January 6
  • Saturday night Rock and Roll. Currently, Metallica is playing.
  • DSkip wrote: » BlueFox wrote: » mrbigbluelight wrote: » BlueFox wrote: » This fish is like an eyeball. A floating eyeball. Uhm ..... is that figuratively speaking or literally speaking ? If literally speaking, would you happ…
  • tonyb wrote: » That's the junk collection room, we all have them. That pic is in there with the cat pole, crt tv, and a wind chime....which god knows why a wind chime is indoors other than for the cats amusement. Could also be an early alert syste…
  • tonyb wrote: » All I know Bud is...the person that dusts your house does an excellent job, tip them well. Since I do it, I tipped myself by ordering new speaker cables.
  • mrbigbluelight wrote: » BlueFox wrote: » This fish is like an eyeball. A floating eyeball. Uhm ..... is that figuratively speaking or literally speaking ? If literally speaking, would you happen to have pictures of your collection ?…
  • This fish is like an eyeball. A floating eyeball. I like how at the end of the video the jellyfish starts showing off. LOL
  • Actually John, the floor is better than many racks. The Pass ps sits on a nice, solid, synthetic, wood appearance material. That sits on top of a concrete slab, which sits on the ground. Vibrations are nill.
  • I didn’t realize Neil needed the money. Anyway, good purchase. However, you need custom, audiophile, Pass meter covers in order to enjoy your system in the dark, or low light environments.
  • I love every song on The Pale Emperor. In fact, this album made me re-examine my opinion of Marilyn Manson, and I now have most/all of his albums.

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