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  • They can also make your head blow up... oh....scammers.... sry...
  • SCompRacer wrote: » Did you rewind the motor too? Nice work! Ya...I put the wire on upside down too... I should probably get another hobby.
  • Neither and it works perfectly!
  • They are all wee enough - the one you can't see is in backwards... Oops!!
  • WTH! Is this some kind of ploy to get a discount on the TT work? Hope it all goes well, if you need something from this end of the state let me know. The wife makes fairly regular trips down there.
  • If you need help - even on the stock build - just whistle. Check over pictures on the BH forum for build ideas. The biggest issue is thinking through what you'll do if you replace the 100uf caps. They big - box is not.
  • Oh.... far. If you’re planning on non-stock I can give you advice on what works (you can hear it) and what doesn’t make much difference
  • mrbiron wrote: » Did you buy another....? Darn tempting... I've got one sitting on a shelf now unused so I'm not real sure where this one would go! msg wrote: » Curious about these kits. Can anyone classify the sound and maybe list so…
  • A couple leaving a room... She says “do you understand me from an asthetics point of view?” Damn near LOL’d on ‘em right there
    in AXPONA 2018 Comment by ALL212 April 13
  • I sawed it I sawed it!! I’ll take 1 and the BOGO Free applies? Right???
    in AXPONA 2018 Comment by ALL212 April 13
  • Room number ? Give me a refresh!!!
    in AXPONA 2018 Comment by ALL212 April 13
  • High 5 back - sweet rig you got there!!
    in The New Digs Comment by ALL212 April 12
  • Decided to ramp it up. I have an "older" pc (Win7, 8G RAM, i5 with SS drive as boot and external 5T USB on Jitterbug with the music). Only installed Roon server, set it to auto start roon, then set it to autologon. Running it headless. Dedicat…
  • Anyone have a finished V2 of the ACA? Board layout looks different. I know you'll all be shocked but I've built the Frugal Horns (a tad harsh with the cones I chose and I don't remember which cones I chose). I've built both the Bottlehead S.E.X…
  • Installed on my normal day to day PC - no issues. Hooked up the 5T drive with the tunes - told Roon to go have fun with it. Streams while I do all my normal day to day stuff.'s not a rocket but i7 processor with 32G RAM and a SS boot dri…
  • I think I'll be on a slow but sure process of replacing some of the remaining Squeeze devices with newer stuff. This is just a little too cool...
  • Rent ya a passive home made pre with volume control. 3 in...3 out, select any iny, put it to any outy. 10k Alps Blue volume pot and Gold Point selectors. See how easy that was!!
  • Economy build - I almost went Solen because I had a couple in house but I really don't like those in most cases. Since I had to order anyway I kinda went budget as much as I could. In this case the silver one was on sale. The blue ones were big…
  • Obviously I put too low a price on it... Sold on the A-gon
  • Bought it last year. Love it. Give it a couple months to break in. Months... Well worth it though.
  • A couple of my SB's analog outs have failed. I've got one close to the work bench with hammer, chisel and saw to see if I can have some fun...
  • cortico wrote: » Nice project! Marantz are pretty easy to work on. I couldn’t stop noticing the cloth covered wire on the main filters. Are you into guitar amp as well? I used the same type on tweed deluxe build I've got a couple of spools…
  • No sale on this one. Belongs to my son. But I am watching for one to operate on
  • For the wizards out there... Was there a machine that did the wire wrap? That is a seriously secure connection. I had no idea...
  • F1nut wrote: » Looks like there's room in there for a motorized remote controlled volume pot. Damn you, Jesse ... I even looked now to see if there was room...NO! Gotta quit before I do screw something up. but thanks for the idea, I …
  • She's done and it still works! Nothing major - all caps replaced and rebiased.
  • lightman1 wrote: » Hooraah! Glad it worked out for you John. My offer of $216 still stands. $217...
  • paint...not sure where to get that...
  • Here you go - the sealed ones seem to come back ok but the non-sealed ones tend to disappear. We are investigating...
  • Last two caps done. Had a pair of NP's (Bi-polar, no polar, not polarized etc...) in there. Could use film caps or other types but space is at a premium in there so got the Nichicon BP's, the shiny green things. Going to stick a fork in this on…

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