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  • 1. The integra/Onkyo avrs are prone to be unreliable. Look at the return prices on accessories4less. No other brand is discounted nearly as much. 2. Both Sony and integra, in my experience, are flat sounding. The bass, dynamics, punch is all missin…
  • Roon is awesome...
  • At that price point I would go for a marantz, denon or Yamaha. Denon x series or Yamaha aventage series.
  • Is it meant to be mounted on the wall???
  • PSOVLSK wrote: » rooftop59 wrote: » Just a heads up, I am going under the knife Monday morning (just ACL surgery), so I will probably be out of commission for a bit after that. So if any one is on the fence about this today might be it for a c…
  • Just a heads up, I am going under the knife Monday morning (just ACL surgery), so I will probably be out of commission for a bit after that. So if any one is on the fence about this today might be it for a couple weeks just FYI...
  • Yes, congrats! And great karma Tony!
  • joecoulson wrote: » joecoulson wrote: » What about a Mac mini? This guy’s got a good idea In this instance what advantage would the Mac have over an intel NUC? The latter is far cheaper and more easily upgraded.
  • Have heard any from that line. NB: that line was VERY short lived, maybe 1.5 years??? I have heard the 35s which are very simulat. I liked them and they would work well for office, patio or Garage speakers. But, I like the rt25is better despite l…
  • If games aren’t a necessity I think an intel NUC is your best bet. I have bought two different ones on eBay—the last for $100 shipped—and it works great as a music server and movies work great as well. Get an external hard drive and you could load u…
  • DSkip wrote: » Do the Xbox ones and/or ps4 have a way to do this instead? Itd be cool to have game options as well as movies in one package. I am pretty sure both have hard drives built in, and you can of course pay for more storage. I have…
  • Well there ya go. Hard to beat this deal: And while I know u don’t love eBay, this is a much better d…
    in Laptop Comment by rooftop59 November 14
  • Okay looks like I am a little high on this. How about $60 shipped for the firetv, and $70 shipped with the audioquest forest optical cable.
  • Plenty with a touchscreen and an optical drive??? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one... Now, one or the other sure. But never both that I have seen, though I am sure there is one out there, somewhere...
    in Laptop Comment by rooftop59 November 14
  • That’s an unusual combo at this point tony, touch and optical. Why not just get an external optical drive for 25 bucks? That would give u a lot more options...
    in Laptop Comment by rooftop59 November 14
  • Here are some pics. I’ll thrown in a 4 foot audioquest forest optical cable for $15.
  • Chock007 wrote: » So the RX-A2070 is better ?? Because i found the 2070 for 1499$ and the 1083 for 999$ I would get the cheapest yanaha, denon, or marantz that has preouts and use the rest of the budget to buy an external amp. None of t…
  • the yamaha is MUCH better, but you really still need a separate amplifier such as this:
  • The A9s really need an external amplifier, not just an AVR, with about 200 watts per channel or more. The yamaha will sound better than the Onkyo, but still does not have nearly enough power for your speakers.
  • Congrats and great karma!
  • Note that there is only one mid bass driver per speaker in the LSiMs versus two in the older models fwiw... Having said that, this is a smokin deal. GLWS!
  • Huh...I don’t have one but I have the smart remote with hubs in both systems and really like them. Don’t have to point at the devices, can control and fine tune with my phone, and haven’t really had any problems. What is it that you don’t like?
  • There is also a third party squeezebox app that works well so you can sink this up with other squeeze boxes if ur so inclined...
  • I have one I am about to sell. Pm me if ur interested. Only the 1st gens has optical out FYI, which is what I have...
  • I would get this: And then spend the rest of your budget on a really good two channel amp that will long outlast …
  • I would get the FXi surrounds. As others have mentioned, marching surrounds really isn’t essential for movies.
  • Whew! Thanks Jeremy, I kept checking this thread! Glad it’s sold...
  • Dr_Wu wrote: » Wouldn't overthink it. Put them up with a price you think is fair. If it's too high, the item won't sell. You can always reduce the price and consider offers. GLWS. Yep, list what you think is a fair price and if you want add…
  • The focal spirits in the FM sure look idea how they sound
  • I am really shocked this avr is still here! These are great sounding units and this have PRE-OUTS! So many people on this forum needing a solid avr with preouts this really surprises me...GLWS!

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