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  • marvda1 wrote: » how many of you smoke with mesquite wood and why? I can't stand it. my go to woods are hickory, oak, and pecan. have yet to try fruit woods such as peach and apple. I'm like you, I don't care for mesquite so much. It alw…
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » I like and use cherry wood to smoke. I also like mesquite, i find it burns hot and keeps a even temp longer. Peach is also on my list , when i can get it. This place is near our vacation home in Western Colorado, so we ju…
  • I would recommend the XPA-3 Gen 3 for the three front speakers. Just continue to use the Onkyo AVR for the surround speakers. You'll save $400 bucks to use for other things and won't notice the difference in the surrounds at all.
  • Here are a couple of cars that I just happened to see a few years back when I was up in the mountains of Colorado. There were actually two Porsche 918s that parked near me at the summit of Mount Evans at over 14,000ft in elevation. They were driven …
  • Thanks for the great recommendations, everybody. I'm going to check some of these out.
  • It was a beautiful spring morning for a walk outside of Moab, Utah. These photos were taken in Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park.
  • scubalab wrote: » Best birthday card ever. My daughter knows me too well. And before we go there... “fartjar” is a reference to Austin Powers... Priceless! Happy birthday, Al.
  • What he said. ^ A lot of people here, myself included, have had success ordering from Accessories4less. These two come with 3 year warranties.…
  • FestYboy wrote: » Who's the lady in that pic, Mark? I'm not sure who she is. But I wonder if she realized that she may have been just one photo away from one of the most iconic photographs in history? A photo that was literally viewed by bi…
  • The photo right before THE PHOTO!
  • mark090852 wrote: » If Shawn does not buy it, I may be interested in it for my wife. Is it the 64 GB? Black? We just did some research and she feels the 8 Plus is going to be a little too big for her hands, so we will withdraw from consider…
  • If Shawn does not buy it, I may be interested in it for my wife. Is it the 64 GB? Black?
  • Good points from everyone. Thank you for your input. I'm going to leave it the way it is. It's been nice being a member of this forum. My obituary should be online within a few days... lol
  • steveinaz wrote: » Leave it, it will make zero difference in the sale of a home. I know that. I am not concerned about the effect on the sale of the home at all. But I am concerned about keeping my wife happy and she would like it to be sta…
  • A brilliant man for sure. RIP.
  • ZLTFUL wrote: » Actually, looking closer, it may even be some species of pine or fir...which is an even poorer choice for a butcher block. Leave it as is. It will hardly add or detract from the value of the home. I think you are right.…
  • I have an X. On day one I hated it! Day two...didn't like it at all. Day was kind of a pain in the butt to use. Day four...hmmm...getting used to it. Not too bad. By day seven...I was really starting to like the thing. Now, two months lat…
  • Skip, the speakers arrived this afternoon. They look brand new and perform as advertised. I'm a happy camper! Thanks so much!
  • scubalab wrote: » C’mon Mark... you know you want some 705s! Thay’re not... that... big. At that price, maybe I should just figure out a way to hook them up and set them on the back seat of my truck! lol
  • scubalab wrote: » Man... anyone in PA or the bordering states want to go in on this deal and share the 74% discount?!? 705s for $790; 703s for $395, and a 706 for $315 - WOW! I’d sure like to upgrade my 704 to the 706 (and quite possibly fi…
  • Glad that it went well. Wishing her a speedy total recovery.
  • halo wrote: » Why people say, “sell everything and buy new stuff when you get there” in regards to moving. I know exactly what you mean. We are in the process of moving from central Pennsylvania to western Colorado. I got a quote from the m…
  • DSkip wrote: » All Black. I couldn't go back. A pair of the S15 would be the best fit in our bedroom. Could you let me know an estimate of what shipping would be to Warriors Mark, PA. 16877 Thanks
  • I might be interested in the S15 or the S20 for a bedroom set up. I'm looking for the black finish. Are they black or brown?
  • Out for a morning hike last week in the canyons of western Colorado near our house in Grand Junction. It was a spectacularly beautiful morning!
  • @scubalab scubalab wrote: » @mark090852 are you still near State College? If so, I’m going to be in Harrisburg all week and if @DaveHo is willing to meet somewhere within a half hour or so of his hometown I’ll pony them back to central PA for yo…
  • This is what I wear while the Eagles are the Superbowl...and some other times too.
  • Dave, could you let me know how much shipping might be to 16877.
  • scubalab wrote: » We binged “The End of the F***ing World” today. Great show, but did not like how it ended... Only 8 episodes at around 20 minutes each, so a perfect binge show for a COLD snowy day like today. Great Netflix original. We…

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