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  • A house? No...that's a compound! Looks fantastic. Congratulations!
  • [ They look like great mattresses. But I don't understand why someone would spend $4000 for a king size mattress when you can order one online, such as Tuft and Needle, Casper, Purple, etc for less than a grand. And you can easily get all your mo…
  • Spectacular! Beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing.
  • mrbiron wrote: » Buying beds online scares me..... No need to be scared. Tuft and Needle, as well as many of the others, give you 100 nights to try it out. If you aren't happy for any reason, just call them and they will arrange for it to b…
  • I'm going to be another one to recommend Tuft and Needle mattresses. We recently bought a king and a queen for our house in Colorado. They are the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on. They come with a 100 night trial and no hassle retu…
  • Dabutcher wrote: » Beautiful set up you have there! Peace. D Thanks. That's very kind of you to say that.
  • cmy330go wrote: » Digging up an older thread here. Just curious what, if anything came of this. I too am in the market, and have been doing a lot of research. I was all sold on the KJ because of features, and accessories for the money, but have…
  • scubalab wrote: » Taken almost exactly 2 weeks ago today (to the minute...) on Northstar (Fortune) Beach near the main channel on Grand Bahama. It's our favorite beach on the island. That's the same beach where this picture (from Nov. 2015…
  • Stew wrote: » Beautiful! Is that near Grand Junction? Yes, just outside of Grand Junction up in Colorado National Monument.
  • scubalab wrote: » Beautiful pics Mark! Remember to invite us to the housewarming party! In all seriousness Al, you and your family have a standing invitation to visit anytime you are heading west. We have a couple of spare bedrooms and…
  • Some photos taken during a hike in the high desert canyons not far from our western Colorado vacation home. It was nearly 100° but the humidity was only 5%. It felt very comfortable.
  • Sounds like a plan! You know, Al, if we do manage to pull this off, we are going to want to keep some money in reserve for upgrades!
  • scubalab wrote: » mark090852 wrote: » This just went up for sale not too far from where we recently bought a house. Gosh, had I known this was coming onto the market... lol…
  • mrbigbluelight wrote: » I have a telescope that I bought off of WOOT years ago. Would that work in the observatory ? Offer them $140 mill and see what they say. They would probably say "Show me the money!" Then what would I do?
  • I wonder if you can hit both buttons at once!
  • High praise from Rolling Stone magazine. Rolling Stone placed the album at No. 1 of its list of "500 Greatest Albums of All Time," calling it "the most important rock & roll album ever made, an unsurpassed adventure in concept, sound, songwritin…
  • We just got tickets to see Michael Martin Murphey perform at Devil's Kitchen on the Colorado National Monument. It's not a big concert, but rather an intimate gathering of about 300 people set back in a beautiful canyon in western Colorado. I'm not …
  • F1nut wrote: » I like! Here's one of mine showing "dockage".
  • F1nut wrote: » Very nice photo! Where was it taken?
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » frost advisory tonight -- fortunately, we're savvy enough not to plant 'maters & suchlike 'til after Memorial Day. Our daughter & son-in-law, 30 minutes away from us, had snow on (I think it was) Monday morning this …
  • Very nice! If the trend continues, you may have snow tomorrow evening!
  • tonyb wrote: » mark090852 wrote: » tonyb wrote: » mark090852 wrote: » Breckenridge, Colorado blue trees and explanation. Great place and a beautiful state in general. They still have that trailer in Breck. that serves th…
  • tonyb wrote: » mark090852 wrote: » Breckenridge, Colorado blue trees and explanation. Great place and a beautiful state in general. They still have that trailer in Breck. that serves those big waffle cones ? You can get just abo…
  • Breckenridge, Colorado blue trees and explanation.
  • The trail ahead while Jeeping over the Ophir Pass near Telluride CO.
  • Literally, just a few seconds before sunrise over the Grand Valley in Grand Junction, CO.
  • scubalab wrote: » Mark - That picture is absolutely beautiful. Hope you and Susan are doing well! Thanks Al. Sue and I are great now that the sun is out again. If the rain had continued, I would have helped you with that arc that you wante…
  • This was taken near our vacation (soon to be permanent) home outside of Grand Junction, Colorado.
  • Jstas wrote: » Also, Audioholics' community kinda hates Polk products. They are excessively critical and look down anything with the Polk name on it as being sub-par and "low end" Kind of like a lotta folks around here with regard to Em…
    in This is sad Comment by mark090852 May 5
  • Dabutcher wrote: » I grill year round with my BGE. The steel band that holds the top half on needs to be tight or top will fall off in a dozen pieces. Don't ask me how I know. Seven years so far. Rock solid. One can of charcoal can last six hours…

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