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  • For $300 I would save a bit and go to one of these or get a 505. The 505 is a great sub for under $200.
  • somubtech wrote: » rooftop59 wrote: » afterburnt wrote: » I think you should stay in the same series While generally speaking I think that's a good rule of thumb (and I used to stick to it), as you can see from my sig I have experim…
  • Polk sub are good value subs if you're spending less than $250 on it. More than that it's HSU or SVS. if you can find them in Canada. What kind of deal are you getting on the HTS subs up there?
  • mlistens03 wrote: » I will pitch into the original topic of this discussion. I had a friend who was always talking trash about Polk Audio. He would just go on and on, saying things like Polk is cheap trash at sometimes high prices, or Polk is wor…
  • Polk never had decent respect. Back in the day everyone wanted Cerwin Vega.. BIG LOUD blasting things. I even had a pair. I knew a few people who had Polk speakers, mostly musicians. I did get a set of bookies in HS because stairway sounded soo g…
  • Welcome to the Club, What Tony said. You will need an amp with either a good AVR that has pre-outs or a preamp. It's all about how much you want to spend and how big of a system do you want.
  • SVS or HSU Can't go wrong with either one
  • firsttimer wrote: » How would you compare it to the s30. That is what I am running now with the S60’s and I am liking it very much S30 is a nice center speaker, I would say better than the TSX250C. Reason I was using the TSX was the S30 loo…
  • Then here is a Pic Thor was nice last night, I didn't know how much detail I was missing with the TSX250C.
  • afterburnt wrote: » Why did you get married if you wanted speakers? no kidding, my wife hates my HT hobby but enjoys a movie on it.
  • DSkip wrote: » I've thought about picking up a pair of those m9 about a half dozen times. I've always wanted to know what Sony is capable of when they actually create a statement product. They are a sweet speaker. I wanted to get them at my…
  • What a shame they let it get ripped apart like that. Still a nice cabinet. Some work you can make it into a great TV stand.
  • Save your money and look for a better sub. Those will be a disappointment.
  • Nice speakers just 100 miles up the 5 from me. Those would be to big for the homeless shelter after the wife kicked me out. For me Sony ES SS-M9 would be my end game. I couldn't afford them new when I worked for Sony and I still can't afford t…
  • I like my little Emotiva amp. Only other amps I've spent time with are friend had an XPA5 which was nice, tried to sell it to me but I didn't have the coin. Now he has an A51 that sounds good even on the "K" horn speakers he has it hooked too. I…
  • Frist get a good AV Receiver like the Yamaha 2070 or 3070. maybe look for a deal on the 1060/2060/3060. Marantz are also nice AVR the 6011 would do you nice. Once you have the AVR setup, save some coin for a good amp. B & K Parasound or ev…
  • Unreal for sure. To let a cabinet like that be scrapped out is shameful at best. yes make the best you can with it. Bummer some of those consoles really sounded good. .
  • It's all about the $$$ when it comes to AV gear. Yes you can find good used equipment at times. If you got the money Parasound is one way to go. Every time I hear a system setup with one of their amps it's a joy. I you don't have the coin the Emo…
  • F1nut wrote: » No worries, we love spending other people's money. Oh yes, as for a PB2000 or VTF3 it's a coin toss, both will loosen up drywall with ease. Both subs go below 20hz nicely.
  • Could alway find a way to mount one of these to pull air over it These are great if you can fit it
  • What I find odd is Monoprice subs are priced the same a SVS and HSU. There is no stand out deal with them. For the same cost it's a coin toss between HSU and SVS for me. Going with a sub from a proven manufacture is the way to go. As for F1nut ad…
  • HSU makes a very nice sub as does SVS. For my VTF3 HSU cut me break on the shipping due to it being my 3rd sub from them. The SVS PB2000 would be a good choice also Either way yo…
  • That is a big no, no to bi-amp bi-wire speakers. Get some nice Fuez 10awg from Doug order extra to replace the brass jumpers with.
  • Very nice score, looks like real wood too
  • Oh no, another Monoprice debate. For me and my opinion only on Monoprice. I would rather get a brand that is more well proven. Entry level speaker cable is decent as with the rest of their cables. Stay AWAY from their HDMI cables. I consider them…
  • Oh thank goodness you didn't lay the S60 on it's side. Nice setup there. For you sub please also look at HSU.Two VTF3-MK5 will rock you world. I have one and it's great. I've listened to some setups…
  • I have the S60, they do very good in the low end. Last year when we had my son grad party I was demoing them to a friend, turned the sub off. I left the sub off the rest of the night with the kids hip hop playing. Low end is impressive for a modern…
  • you should be able to use both the RCA out and speaker out on the AVR. I've never tried it.
  • rooftop59 wrote: » it was made very clear by Polk employees on this forum when the s-series was released that polk is moving to a streamlined line, consisting of good, better, best. Good = T-series (replaced r, t, and monitor series) Better = …
  • oh no

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