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  • Clipdat wrote: » Haven't noticed any life being sucked out of my music with the PS Audio Dectet. do you have your amp connected to the power conditioner ? have you tried listening with the amp plugged directly into the wall socket? my ayre p…
  • what I would do is pull out all of the excess equipment and start with just source, amplification/preamp, speakers. listen to this setup to see how it sounds. you have so much extra stuff that I don't know what you are trying to do. 2 Channel…
  • lightman1 wrote: » Skipper...... There are going to be times that we can't or won't hear that which you can. Too many variances of song versus equipment. We as a collective cannot understand what you hear of these songs and verify what you as an i…
  • RobbyKY wrote: » Price seems to be climbing based on demand. Website shows it at $2,898 today and they claim a 3-4 week shipping delay. Looking for something interesting to give my son to upgrade his system. The Parasound A21 at $2,495 for his m…
  • light dusting and I use this company for covers.
  • some kinki fun.
  • what's so bad is it is close to the hotel.
  • tonyb wrote: » I wouldn't know about Brisket Marv. Apparently...Texas was all out of the stuff when I visited. I would have shown you a place to go even on crutches
  • contact dskip as he has shuguang 845 monoblocka and preamp for sale, you might get one hell of a deal.
  • this is what I don't understand. in Oklahoma at the casino they have to sell near beer but can sell full strength liquor, go figure.
  • txcoastal1 wrote: » marvda1 wrote: » how about tater salad, baked beans, grilled corn, and oh a salad. almost forgot a diet beer. Grilled corn, don’t waste your time Poured a whole can on the grill ....poof, up in smoke get a …
  • i started out with kenwood integrateds. i was listening to a jazz cut that started out with a sax solo and in between notes and breath breaks i could hear this sort of reverb harmonics lowly in the background. i was sitting there trying to figure…
  • i mentioned to them that you can't read the name from your chair and suggested to back light it or paint it with a metallic paint. how about red or gloss black. you don't like playing with two ole knobs
  • received the package yesterday, again thanks, great karma.
  • preview.
  • rooftop59 wrote: » WTF is a diet beer?!? joke
  • Merrill audio uses gaia II's on their equipment. going to see if I have enough strength to finally install them, can't get my lazy son to come over and do it.…
  • how about tater salad, baked beans, grilled corn, and oh a salad. almost forgot a diet beer.
  • I have one like the one in the middle (24"x48" insulated firebox).
  • you don't get to drink as much beer doing hot and fast here's a guy I trust.
  • he was saying wrap after 4 hrs then leave on smoker until probe tender then let rest until it cools to 150. I've never cooked hot n fast, don't really like to cook brisket as it takes so long the slow way. there are some that do not use a thermo…
  • my son has a kamado and i tried to get him to come over for the holiday while i was laid up and cook on my offset stick burner. he refused saying mine was too complicated
  • la2vegas wrote: » marvda1 wrote: » the one thing I hate about ceramic cookers is the limited amount cooking space in case you have a party or big family events. Just start cooking 3 days before the event, that's what everyone does, righ…
  • the one thing I hate about ceramic cookers is the limited amount cooking space in case you have a party or big family events.
  • the new gain switch on the does come in handy, as when I first turned the amp on and played music the amp was set on high gain. at 12 the volume was as loud as I like to listen. putting it on low gain 40 was loud but still lower than the high gain…
  • here is the answer to your questions about the high damping factor and negative feedback. The damping factor is a calculated value of the engineering design. The calculation may differ from one to another manufacturer. The THD+N 0.006% was m…
  • i've got the question out about the high damping factor negative feedback thing.
  • F1nut wrote: » marvda1 wrote: » I think the highest damping I have seen on an amp is 1000. Yep, me too. In fact, I had a Rotel with that rating. It was painful on the ears. the kinki ex-m1 is anything but harsh or painful on the ea…
  • unboxing pics.

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