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  • rooftop59 wrote: » Well then what’s ur excuse 😂 Lack of $$$
    in Usher CP-6311 Comment by halo 4:52PM
  • I saw BMG at the Briar Street Theater in Chicago. Great show. I bought the Audio CD after the show. I could’ve purchased the DVD-Audio disc but I wasn’t very audio savvy at the time so I passed on it.
    in Reference tracks Comment by halo 4:50PM
  • joecoulson wrote: » SCompRacer wrote: » Sergio Mendes - Brasileiro. This one is fun and features percussion. It will make gals get up and dance. Available on CD also. My fav track, Magalenha with volume at 11. About forty some seconds in. …
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » DSC_2984 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr Red at night, sailors delight. Red in the morning, sailors warning.
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » SCompRacer wrote: » halo wrote: » Happiness is Easy (The Colour of Spring) Four real live percussionists, Hollis's nasally vocals, a closely mic'd bass fiddle ~ 1:37 in, Stevie Winwood on the organ, a children'…
  • EndersShadow wrote: » rooftop59 wrote: » I wanted these when Skip had a pair listed, but I just don’t have a room that can accommodate them. I have a feeling I would love the sound... Thats where I'm stuck too... they need too much spac…
  • kharp1 wrote: » These paired with the very McCormack halo has was a nice pairing, very "live" sound. I sold them to move up the Usher chain. Well, unless $$$ falls from the sky and into my lap, there's no way I can afford these beautiful sp…
  • I’ve wanted a pair of these for a very long time and I’m actually “local” being in St. Louis. I don’t have the cash though. Gorgeous speakers. I hope someone grabs them soon. If everyone who’s had them regrets selling them, they are likely a no brai…
  • Clipdat wrote: » But why? My wife's 8 was stolen recently. Until they could send her a replacement, she bought an iPhone X w/ the intention of taking it back. The screen is so much larger on the X > 8. It's edge to edge display makes …
    in iPhone X S Comment by halo September 17
  • Fabulous Karma Drew! In with 77 please.
  • Having just gone through a move recently, it is a major P I T A. Sell everything you own and buy new stuff when you get there. The Co$t of moving is in$ane.
  • We might go with the XR when they come out in October. The XR will actually cost us le$$ per month than what we pay now for her 8 and my 8 plus. Neither of us is using much of the built in memory since everything backs up to iCloud. 128 GB will be m…
    in iPhone X S Comment by halo September 17
  • Yup! Did not last very long. Congrats Dave! You are gonna $h!te your proverbial flat hat when you get that bad boy rolling
  • Gorgeous table you have there Jesse! Living in St. Louis now, there is no shortage of humidity. lol. I still get static. Some records were very poorly cared for over their lifetime and, even though I cleaned them thoroughly, they still pop & …
  • CGTIII wrote: » Worst Kitchen Renovation Nominee That color will wake you up in the morning! Maybe keep you up in the middle of the night too!
  • Best preamp I’ve ever owned. Flat out steal at this price folks. Run, don’t walk. @lightman1 This is an end game piece!
  • EndersShadow wrote: » Fun evening at @indyhawg place with @lightman1. Missing in action were @trav0810 (at carver fest) and @bored184 . A great time was had by all! Klipshhorns @mhardy6647 .... SDA 2.3 (maybe TLs), and Emerald Physics so…
  • Joey_V wrote: » Just finished my interviews Thanks to everyone and their well wishes! And??? What's your gut feeling?
  • Geez, there are so many. If it's music I'm familiar with, and can easily recognize how I think it's "supposed" to sound to me, then that's what I use. Some tracks I like... Patty Larkin: Wolf at the Door (Perishable Fruit) When (Regroovi…
  • verb wrote: » Be warned as you allow yourself to be buried at the beach! Ya man, made me think of this...
  • I have the Massdrop Sennheiser HD6XX paired to my MAC. The MAC connects to a USB DAC to a Massdrop O2 headphone amp to the HD6XX. That’s the best sounding setup I have for headphones but I really like my V-Moda Crossfade 2 Bluetooth headphones with …
  • Viking64 wrote: » Stop with this stupid @(username) stuff. How else am I going to call your attention to grammatical emergencies if not by the @username application???
  • I think the vintage Marantz ad posted by @mhardy6647 in the Cincinnati thread implies that the receiver in question is probably still 100% functional.
  • Funkin A! Way to get it done my friend! Woot!
    in Laid off Comment by halo September 14
  • @Joey_V, St. Louis didn't make your list? Barnes Jewish Hospital is excellent. Very prestigious medical center assoc. w/ Washington University. Winter is mild compared to Chicago. Summers = more humid than Chicago. A lot of culture here and kid f…
  • I didn't really get anything out of track #3. I'm curious to know what you're listening for there Skip.
  • Go get ‘em Drew!!!
    in Laid off Comment by halo September 12
  • Hey @Dr_Wu, I have no experience with the options you listed. This article may shed some light on some of your options (keep in mind there are more!): https://themasterswitch.com/best-phono-preamps I have heard good things about the Schi…
  • Thanks for the update Josh! Hey man, we're getting closer!
    in New TOOL Comment by halo September 11
  • steveinaz wrote: » I had to deal with a bit of overabundant bass, but was able to correct it with placement/height tweaks. I think these speakers would really accel in the middle of a large room, far away from boundaries. Accel? @Viking6…

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