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  • ProAc speakers are no joke. I heard the Response D48R at a local audio shoppe and I was totally blown away. I'd be interested to know how well they pair with the McCormack as that may be an end game speaker set for me. Welcome back!
  • Hey @Joey_V , IIRC, GIK offers free advice/consultations on how to treat your room. They will also recommend which products will work to treat any issues you are having/to accomplish your goals. Just wondering if you've used any microphones in…
  • The essence HDACC is a very good DAC. Unbeatable at that price in my humble opinion.
  • Congrats on a successful outcome for you John. I appreciate the candor throughout the ordeal. This definitely has me looking for alternatives to PayPal. What a LoOnY tOoN "RobsUSA" turned out to be!
  • ^^^ lol! awesome karma man! I'll take her, um, I mean I'm in with 37!
  • BlueFox wrote: » Looks like Pudge, the cat I got from the Humane Society. She was so small she looked like a big mouse. They called her Pudge as a joke name, like calling Bush, Einstein. LOL Ya, I hear you. The boy was underweight when w…
  • BlueFox wrote: » I have four cats; one from the Humane Society and three ferals I caught in the backyard. We adopted the boy almost 3 years ago from the anti-cruelty society in Chicago. After I asked them to take him out of the cage, they p…
  • afterburnt wrote: » I have two cats, they are like my children too. All they do is smoke weed and play video games. We have 2 cats as well. They mainly sleep, eat, play, and give/receive affection with a little shedding thrown in for good mea…
  • I like my current Polk speakers and I've owned some other pretty spiffy speaker brands in my time. I've also been fortunate enough to own some of the vintage Polk speakers. My current speakers sound great to me so I'm not concerned much with the opi…
  • I've had tinnitus my whole life (well, as long as I can remember; i.e., I cannot remember a time when it wasn't there). That said, my hearing is pretty good. I can hear some noises that my wife doesn't pick up on until I mention them/it to her &a…
  • stangman67 wrote: » My Music Hall MMF 7.3 That's a real purdy table Zach! Congrats!
  • From the listing you linked to: "I like the speakers but your feedback ratings scare me" "What are you talking about ? I have great feedback" lol Best speakers I've heard, to date, are the ProAc Response D48R. However, the K8 is supposed…
    in endgame speaker? Comment by halo March 8
  • Clipdat wrote: » Thanks. I was going to call anyway to inquire about some custom lengths and terminations of the speaker cable he offers (for my computer speakers). Thanks for the heads up on the stiffness, I just assumed by visuals alone that …
  • @Clipdat @TNTsTunes Frank runs Signal Cable and he’s been a supporter of Club Polk for a very long time. @dorokusai started that relationship with him. Frank/Signal Cable still offers a discount to the members of the forum so be sure to mention t…
  • Not all amps sound the same (to me anyway & I've owned quite a few). There is merit in tube amps if that's the sound you're after and it's usually different from what a solid state amp will give you. Which sound signature you prefer @danzilla…
  • kharp1 wrote: » Breaking Benjamin and Godsmack are some of my faves. I saw Godsmack with Rob Zombie about 10 years ago. That was a great show
  • @KYFHO, I'll throw another log onto the fire for you. Check out the ProAc Response 3.8 here for well under your budget.
  • Way to go & congrats! Enjoy and, I agree with Skip and Jesse. Enjoy the music!!!
  • danzilla31 wrote: » Also any feedback from owners of the S60's on the question I just asked would be really appreciated Hi Dan, So, I'm running the Signature S60 speakers with a McCormack DNA-125 2-Channel/Stereo power amplifier. Here…
  • Outstanding amp here folks. I really liked mine! GLWTS!
  • Jimbo18 wrote: » TEAforONE wrote: » Nice racks! Are those fans I see mounted to the top? I said that to two women once. It didn't end well. It's not what you say Jimbo, it's how you say it
  • I ran into a problem when trying to pair a Jolida (tube) preamp with an SVS sub. Output voltage on the pre was not enough for the SVS. Going to a solid state pre solved the issue. SVS CS says that they run into issues when pairing tube preamp output…
  • Glad you liked them Joey. I was disappointed in the Alexandria's that I heard at AXPONA a few years ago. Keep on keeping on with the demos! eh...cough....eh...ProAc....ack...cough...eh.....
  • @mhardy6647 , I do believe you are holding onto quite the vinyl collection for me. Whenever you grow tired of it, please feel free to send it my way. Of course, I'm happy to take a few rekkids off your hands at a time to make it easier to accomplish
  • stangman67 wrote: » It certainly sounds good. But I know me way too well. I can never leave good enough alone lol. I did buy the RP1 as a "proof of concept" to make sure I liked the idea of playing vinyl. And strangely I love not being able to…
  • stangman67 wrote: » It came with a Nagaoka MP110 (with 2 spare styluses which I did not know were coming). Also in the box was a Rega Elys cartridge (which I also didn't expect). I got way too good of a deal on this The Nagaoka is a very n…
  • Congrats man! Very nice looking setup you have there. Enjoy it the way it is for a while, especially if you like the way it sounds!
  • Congrats on the first of many upgrades! We are happy to help and welcome back!
  • Shure V15 Type IV With an actual JICO replacement stylus from Japan (not eBay). Shipping is pricey but you get the real deal mated to/for your cart or you could spend a little le$$ and get a replacement stylus from Ed Saunders.

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