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  • Wardsweb wrote: » Your timing sucks! You decide to sell when I'm just coming off of 6 months of being unemployed watching my bank account get sucked down. You're killing me! If you really want them we can talk. Buy them otherwise David migh…
  • Airplay355 wrote: » Could be rt600i https://charleston.craigslist.org/ele/d/polk-audio-sound-system/6177225007.html If you're trying to complete a system, $30 is tough to beat That is a 'buy 'em and try 'em' price. There is zero chance…
  • Congrats Steve. It's a looker!
  • Because of other things the cabinet has taken a back seat. However, the new speaker terminals are halfway done and will be done tomorrow. Speaker one is done.
  • FestYboy wrote: » mrbiron wrote: » Holy MSRP Batman! How much heat does she throw? I had inquired about the impending s'mores party while BSing around the beast... @DSkip hasn't responded... BS around the beast? Say it ain't s…
  • CoolJazz wrote: » If you show up in October, you'll not find as much audio. CarverFest is in Sep. A great time to be had by all!! CJ Rmaf and the event at my house in October requires planning in September.
  • It does a damn fine job of filling my attic space with big boxes. I don't see that trend slowing down any time soon either.
  • My intention is to still show up Tom. I just don't know what the next few months hold for me though. October is going to be hell on me professionally and personally I might have too much to bite on to make it. I haven't thrown in the towel yet.
  • kharp1 wrote: » I have 3 good ones, one bad. Of all the tubes I own the Psvane are the only ones I've had issues with. After contacting Grant Fidelity I have written them off and will never do business with them again. Oops, just struck me that th…
  • Awesome. I'm sure he saw some great scenery as well.
  • Bruce is a meanie. Tom, Bruce speaks in jest on this forum. All the time. Don't take it to heart because it was never intended that way. That I assure you. It's unfortunate the misunderstanding happened but I hope we can move forward from here.
  • Sonner Audio Allegro Unum. Big sound from a small speaker. This speaker is designed for those downsizing and used to big speakers. It does well in a small room and right now, in a two car garage sized room. It is designed to be close to the rear wal…
  • halo wrote: » Ctxx24 wrote: » It's in a different language but I liked watching being I have 55s.. I believe I posted that video earlier in this thread. It is a 21 page thread.
  • Sorry DuB. I had to.... hope you can find some humor.
  • txcoastal1 wrote: » dkfreebird wrote: » I haven't used that specific one but have the Sunfire Signature 425x5 and the Sunfire is a good match with the Sda's. You've owned it twice I've used it as a doorstop more than that.
    in Sunfire 300x2 Comment by DSkip July 23
  • treitz3 wrote: » Mikey081057 wrote: » Is he passed out or checking his FarmersOnly.com account? Couldn't be that Mikey. He got kicked off of that account when he inquired about the goats and sheep. Poor ol' Russ didn't know it was a human…
    in Fake Russes Comment by DSkip July 23
  • Marvin digs the Compact 845. We talked about ways to get the sheer size of the Evolution conveyed through pictures but couldn't find a good way. This is one amp you have to see in person to fully realize.
  • I finally got all of MastersounD's models loaded to my website. I'm trying something a little different with the background image - it is specific for MastersounD products. I think I might continue that thread with all the other brands as well. …
  • Thorton wrote: » Thanks Fox. I currently have a Panamax with almost everything going to it. My next upgrade is power cables which your reply reconfirmed my approach. Then I'll look at a conditioner upgrade. And I do love those WTF moments. …
  • Try that Luxman. They are a legit brand and at least their more current gear is far above your regular faces in the receiver world.
  • That diamond steals the show for many, including me. The Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole matches that top end and takes the rest of the package even further. It will be interesting to have you hear the Rosso line after you've spent a good deal of time with…
  • The V series is a different speaker altogether. The truth is that any of those speakers can sound like that if not optimized, including the PM1. My big turnoff for the PM1 is the bloated bass where they fall off. It is unnatural and obvious trick…
  • What does cheap mean to you?
    in Interconnects Comment by DSkip July 21
  • FestYboy wrote: » Focus gentlemen, focus.... Don't leave a Legacy or two in this thread. Bad juju.
  • nbrowser wrote: » F1nut wrote: » This is the most important one. JBH - Jesse's beautiful hair Would like to buy some hair product? Just some vowels.
  • voltz wrote: » Awesome! I spy a North Star DAC? Someone is having some serious fun....Jealousy, night and day you torture me! ( Dean martin song? I think) I sound like Bruce Skip is living the Dream WTG BRO! thanks. Right now I'm…
  • deronb1 wrote: » Skip, PM1s are the best sounding bookies i have heard, period. Not sure how they do it and i dont care, but when a pair falls into my price range, im jumping on em. Pulsar, Usher Mini X, and the Rosso Fiorentino Fiesole wil…
  • voltz wrote: » Curtain blower's = Italian Bookies!
  • Just got the Compact 845 out. This amp itself is 75 lbs. and is simply dwarfed by the Evolution 845. Pretty impressive given that the Compact would make many other amps beg for mercy.
  • My couch is famous now.
    in Fake Russes Comment by DSkip July 21

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