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  • Ok cool, I'd like to know how the output voltage of the Pioneer Elite receiver was obtained? It's not in the manual as I just looked. If the voltage is only 335mv, thats less then half of anything else on the market and a very poor decision on Pio…
  • The SC-25 has a nice amp section in it. What are you trying to drive that you need external amps?
  • I've listened to the entire thing now and think it's fantastic. Smooth soft and so nice to sit with a nice glass of Wine.
  • Thats because she is beautiful. Anyway I got the new Album and I'm checking it out now. I never have been disappointed by any of her work, this album seems to be no different. So what does your husband usually listen to? I'm a Heavy Metal guy but …
  • I think Audioquest is a far superior cable company compared to most offered out there. Not to mention there is a ton of snake oil companies that sell you cables that don't offer any real world benefits. The goal with any cable is to send given sign…
  • At this point I'm basically ready to throw in the Towel.
  • Happy Birthday
  • If you go be prepared for Ghost, they are simply amazing
  • They are both remarkable speakers. My personal Choice I might lean towards the Vienna Acoustics. Reason is they have some lower end extension the Focal's are missing. The Mozart Grands are clear with an impressive Mid Range. The Low end of this spe…
  • Did I miss something is the RTIA line gone?
  • It's funny before Superman VS Batman where she first appeared as Wonder Women I was completely out on Gal Gadot being Wonder Women. I saw her first in Fast and Furious and thought she was amazingly hot and beautiful but was a bit to skinny to play …
    in Wonder Woman Comment by mantis June 3
  • Man I have always wanted to pick up a pair of RT16's. One day I'll go on a hunt for a mint pair. The RT series back then where always very bright depending on what you mated them with. I'd find a B&K Reference amp like a 200.2 and that should …
    in New-to-me RT16s Comment by mantis May 31
  • the1NT's are awesome speakers
  • Save your money and stick with the Das Magic. There is nothing better in that price class. You will have to spend upwards of $1000 or more to get a better performing DAC. I did a huge shootout years ago with a bunch of DAC's and the DaC Magic was o…
    in New DAC option Comment by mantis May 26
  • Crazy riding skills. I can't do any of that. Thanks for sharing, very cool video.
  • I've done those many times and man are they some awesome sounding speakers. With better equipment they shine so well. I love these speakers. Someone is going to get a bad **** set of kicking speakers. Man they are awesome!!!!
    in Klipsch RF-7II Comment by mantis May 21
  • I have been doing Sonos professionally since 2006. I've owned it many years. I don't recall when I got my first one but it's been a long time. Recently my company ( Stone Glidden) has made some moves to add HEOS to our line up and move slightly awa…
  • I've been in the business for 20 years and I have seen a huge decline. People are not as willing to spend the money on higher end audio rather more interested in lighting control, TV's , Cameras and whole house music systems. There are just not th…
  • Call Apple they will get it fixed for yeah.
  • You know you basically giving that receiver away right?
  • Quick update on the HEOS I talked to our Rep about why the decision was made not to have Apple Music. He said they have been working on that deal and it's their #1 priority right now. So we should expect by the summer to have Apple Music on HEOS.…
    in Denon HEOS Comment by mantis May 7
  • There is really no real world answer to the question " How much power do I need ? " But there are ways to figure out what will work and what will not. There are so many factors that go into this decision. Cool video man, thanks.
  • Buy them both for that kind of money why not
  • You can absolutely go that route if all your doing is what the DAC can do meaning the ability to switch sources in Digital. This also cuts out another signal in your chain so it will actually sound more natural from one point of view.
    in Dac/pre Comment by mantis May 4
  • F1nut wrote: » cfrizz wrote: » I can understand why they did it. We are more of a "What speakers, gear should I get?" Rather than a "How do I set up my gear kind of a board." Instead of answering that question, we would be telling them they…
    in This is sad Comment by mantis May 4
  • Love the Door idea but how will you open and close it? Spring loaded?
    in RTI set-up pics Comment by mantis May 1
  • That would be totally amazing but I have no idea. I was going through my movie collection and decided to pop it in.
  • I want to check out the Bluesound Stuff as I was talking to a former co worker from Audiolab and he likes that piece. I'm currently messing around with Denon's HEOS which is a fine unit for the money but I'm finding some stuff about it that I don't…
  • Finally got around to pumping some High rez stuff on a Flash drive USB and stuck it in the HEOS. With using the internal DAC it doesn't quite give you that life air and black between the notes. It sounds good overall but it seems to lack the luster.…
    in Denon HEOS Comment by mantis April 30

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