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  • ZLTFUL wrote: » BTW, Dan...I'll just leave this here for you... (Ignore the year listing as it is the same for the 2017s per my buddy who orders them for one of our local Jeep dealers for installs)…
  • I'm sure we will get it, when is it out?
  • Just a quick update on the truck. It is absolutely incredible. I have had it for over a week now and love just about every single thing about it. There are a very few things I don't care for but they don't even compare to the disappointment I had w…
  • Connect all Video sources to the TV and run a long Optical from the TV out to one of the inputs of your AVR. This way you can have full resolution from your video sources.
  • afterburnt wrote: » mantis wrote: » So yesterday I dropped off my 2014 Nissan Pathfinder SV. I'm very happy to see it go. I picked up a brand new 2017 Dodge Durango R/T and man is it awesome. Going back to a normal shifting transmission is s…
  • miner wrote: » That thang gotta Hemi? ALL DAY!!! Its a R/T package Durango Black Top edition
  • ZLTFUL wrote: » As a fellow Hemi owner (2014 Grand Cherokee Summit), welcome to the club! I strongly considered a Summit with the Hemi. I really liked it not to mention it's basically loaded exactly like my truck is. I love the Air Conditioni…
  • Rick88 wrote: » P.S. - Welcome to the Hemi Club! I have a '71 Hemi Cuda. WOW dude that is awesome. Those where such killer cars. The new Challengers are damn sweet. I was looking at them. They are cheaper then my truck with a 392 Sca…
  • I have a better question, do you really think we as human beings are actually from this earth? Think about that before you answer.
  • Both Heos and Sonos make awesome sound bars for both music and TV watching.
  • If you like the way Anthem sounds, their receivers are very nice and have that separate Anthem like sound quality. Good head room and very very nice. I suggest going as high as your wallet will allow. It's worth it.
    in Anthem MRX 720 Comment by mantis June 24
  • HDMI fails after it sees more then 5 volts. HDMI boards are crap in most cases and fail so easily. I would get your Denon repaired as they rest of the HDMI in's and outs will fail. I have seen it 100 times or more.
  • I did many shootouts with various HDMI cables over the years and have very similar results as DK did. Im my personal system I'm running a mix of Carbon mostly with a Cinnamon up to the Display( Pioneer Elite Kuro 60inch). I stopped at Carbon becaus…
  • Ok cool, I'd like to know how the output voltage of the Pioneer Elite receiver was obtained? It's not in the manual as I just looked. If the voltage is only 335mv, thats less then half of anything else on the market and a very poor decision on Pio…
  • The SC-25 has a nice amp section in it. What are you trying to drive that you need external amps?
  • I've listened to the entire thing now and think it's fantastic. Smooth soft and so nice to sit with a nice glass of Wine.
  • Thats because she is beautiful. Anyway I got the new Album and I'm checking it out now. I never have been disappointed by any of her work, this album seems to be no different. So what does your husband usually listen to? I'm a Heavy Metal guy but …
  • I think Audioquest is a far superior cable company compared to most offered out there. Not to mention there is a ton of snake oil companies that sell you cables that don't offer any real world benefits. The goal with any cable is to send given sign…
  • At this point I'm basically ready to throw in the Towel.
  • Happy Birthday
  • If you go be prepared for Ghost, they are simply amazing
  • They are both remarkable speakers. My personal Choice I might lean towards the Vienna Acoustics. Reason is they have some lower end extension the Focal's are missing. The Mozart Grands are clear with an impressive Mid Range. The Low end of this spe…
  • Did I miss something is the RTIA line gone?
  • It's funny before Superman VS Batman where she first appeared as Wonder Women I was completely out on Gal Gadot being Wonder Women. I saw her first in Fast and Furious and thought she was amazingly hot and beautiful but was a bit to skinny to play …
    in Wonder Woman Comment by mantis June 3
  • Man I have always wanted to pick up a pair of RT16's. One day I'll go on a hunt for a mint pair. The RT series back then where always very bright depending on what you mated them with. I'd find a B&K Reference amp like a 200.2 and that should …
    in New-to-me RT16s Comment by mantis May 31
  • the1NT's are awesome speakers
  • Save your money and stick with the Das Magic. There is nothing better in that price class. You will have to spend upwards of $1000 or more to get a better performing DAC. I did a huge shootout years ago with a bunch of DAC's and the DaC Magic was o…
    in New DAC option Comment by mantis May 26
  • Crazy riding skills. I can't do any of that. Thanks for sharing, very cool video.

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