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  • The 72's are amazing sounding speakers. I miss my 82's from time to time.
  • verb wrote: » Nice! I had a chance to drive the Z06 as my company car for a short while. Traction control off that thing is down right scary awesome! Glad you liked it! I want to get a sports car/ Muscle car one day as I'm totally 100% ba…
  • I skipped the 85 after I installed one in a theater and it had some hand shake issues.
  • recoveryone wrote: » my copy came in yesterday, I'm sure it will be a weekend time killer. Just debating if I should watch it outside on the 12" screen. DTSX is what makes this movies so wherever you watch it make sure you have the best poss…
  • cfrizz wrote: » I just watched the first one not too long ago, I vacillated between being bored, and wanting a Dino to eat the damn kids! I fail to see what all the fuss is about with this series. I loved the very first movie way back in the …
  • I watched Jurassic World Last Night and thought it sounded about as good as good as my system every did. Today after work I decided to Stick a USB loaded with some of my favorite music. I listened to Loreena of Course. Most of you who know me know …
  • The_Polkster wrote: » What am I missing? HDMI is digital. Isn't it? Digital has to be done right. But once you achieve that I can't see anything else that can be done to make anything better. BUT I Still take the time to figure out IF my opi…
  • SIHAB wrote: » Boy I hate the idea of any Phantom power around my Denon's HDMI ports. Good luck sir. I hear yeah man. But this power only is in the insulation. I understand the technology behind it but I don't think it's something needed. …
  • I'm sure one will cross my hands and I'll post a review of it. I may even buy one if it's as good as I'm hoping. The Oppo 203 is an incredible player and I'm completely happy with it but as of right now the first time in my history of Audio video I …
  • BlueFox wrote: » honestaquarian wrote: » Question; Does anyone own either a Sony OLED or any of the latest LG OLED's? Any opinions or reviews on them? Before I bought my Sony XBR65-900F I was looking at their OLEDs, but was a little co…
  • Man I don't know why I don't live in CA.
  • audioluvr wrote: » I use this stuff... LOL believe it or not a cup of coffee before a workout isn't much different then taking a Pre workout. I also will do this from time to time but not with that brand.
  • Yeah well sometimes you need to eat before you make a pass LOL
  • That was a Auto Correct thing.
  • joecoulson wrote: » That’s awesome you get to do that w your son. Very cool. Would love to run mine someday That's really nice, Don't wait man just do it. It's a ton of fun.
  • Nesmith98 wrote: » Ha! Beat the kid both times on the light. Make sure to rub it in. The First race was much closer off the line but the 2nd run I left him at the tree LOL. The old man has quicker reaction time, I rubbed it in LOL. He's gonna…
  • no I have not. Are you using store purchased CD's or ripped? I have spun many CD's , SACD's and DVD AUDIO disc's with all of them putting up the correct artist name and song title. Maybe check the firmware and see if it needs an update.
  • I got a Integra DTR70.6 just chillin if you would like to have on board amps. It's in near perfect shape and sounds awesome. Very dynamic and clean.
  • Actually the 900F smokes the 850 by a lot. It has a way better processor in the X1 Extreme and the even better thing about it is it's motion chip. I also owned well I still have it a 60 inch Pioneer Elite Kuro which is just wrapped in a blanket in m…
  • Wow 2 DD15's lucky man. The DD series are one of my all time favorite subwoofers.
  • One company I would recommend to your given system especially after reading your needs is Integra. They are well built, sound excellent for theater and are very nicely dynamic. I think looking into Integra is the way to go man. http://www.integrah…
  • halo wrote: » SCompRacer wrote: » I'm more into pressure washer foamers and microfiber wash mits, fiber dry. I also use microfiber wash detergent and air dry my fiber stuff. I use the CG microfiber soap to wash my microfiber towels. Ai…
  • mlistens03 wrote: » mantis wrote: » mlistens03 wrote: » Y'all are making me feel bad for our Mercedes being sooo dirty... I am gonna wash it this weekend. you should feel bad, how long to you go without a shower? Cars need love to yo…
  • They are digital audio cables not analog cables, is that what your looking for? I seemed to me like you where looking for analog cables to connect your new amp.
  • Now I wonder if any of us will get an email since you cancelled yours. Someone is next in line
    in OPPO UDP205 Comment by mantis August 30
  • My man you could have easily made a profit on it if you where not going to use it yourself.
    in OPPO UDP205 Comment by mantis August 30
  • I got one not in use. But when I used it it was awesome. I have it sitting in my collection. Great price for a fantastic sounding unit. I love how clean and powerful it is.
  • It's pretty cool, the outlets swivel so you can angle them just the way you want. I just noticed I also have one for my remote charging area. Mine is made by Wattbox but it's exactly the same thing.

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