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  • LS50. Better yet, LS90, like I have. I haven't heard the little guy but I would imagine it's special.
    in LS50 vs. RT16 Comment by Tony M 5:29AM
  • ^^^^^^ My wife would IT! SERIOUSLY!
  • ^^^^^^^^ You're a true CAR GUY for sure!
  • It was on Craigslist for 1 1/2 months and he finally reduced it enough and I went and got it. 80.00. He said he paid 300.00 for it. It's like brand new! It was wobbly but tightening the bolts on that top plate solidified it nicely. I re-tightened…
  • My uncle took me for a ride in his OLDS 442, the real thing, And I was hooked. I was 12 years old I think. My dad had a Rambler 4 door, bless his heart. It was an upgrade from a 54 chevy tank of a car. Anyway, my uncle even let me drive his 44…
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » I dunno, maybe there's a 900 HP Camry comin'?! Maybe a hybrid... ahem _____ For 15,000.00, A used 2015 Camry Hybrid is one FAST family ROCKET. So how many family members, aunts, uncles and cousins could own a 2015 Hybrid…
  • Well, while we have to wait some more, here's my new storage / test rack. I hope to put components on this and be able to get to the backs easy as just swinging this thing around or stepping behing it. I plan on bridging a pair of Adcom 555II's …
  • I rode a million miles on a 10 speed in my teen years. Never once thinking about a bathroom stop. Now, I'm afraid of riding 2 miles from home and having the urge come on fast.
  • maxward wrote: » It looks like it’s filter feeding. It's filtering out all the generic other plain looking cars.
  • rpf65 wrote: » Just a reminder: Subs are stackable. You can hardly see my 2 -12" Klipsch subs stacked in the corner. They sounded pretty good too the last time I heard them. But I liked them more I think when there was one on each end of m…
  • Clipdat wrote: » But he's willing to trade if you have a "DVD/Bluray collection of several thousand good titles" No, "Debbie Does Dallas" is not a "good title". Those might be the kind he's referring to.
  • Clipdat wrote: » Don't get a storage unit. The second you have to get a storage unit, you are admitting that you have a hording problem. Tony M wrote: » Good things don't last more than a few hours around here. But I stopped going because …
  • Good things don't last more than a few hours around here. But I stopped going because I really don't have the space to even rotate my stuff anymore. I need a storage unit! A big double size storage unit! Like 40x30.
  • FestYboy wrote: » ^ there just something sexy about the rear of the latest generation mustangs.... That's where I'd be leaning. I'm going to the web to look at the new Mustangs styling now. I did. That whole car looks awesome! The rear lo…
  • Clipdat wrote: » Such as? pitdogg2 wrote: » That EXPLAINS a LOT.... You're too young to hear about such things right now.
  • Crossovers will probably need work to get the tweeters to work again. I hope a buyer can test but still, the prices are VERY NICE. Especially those tall towers with the receiver for 50 or best offer. Beware of a set-up! That's what I found out af…
  • I think my older brother does too.
  • I loved seeing these things. And hunting these in the creeks.
  • Salt and vinager potato chips and kids...Hilarious! A couple of pets too.
  • Things nightmares are made of!
  • There's a fool born every day... But then again, Location, location, location!
  • Yes, it was. Go ahead and get that one from Ebay. you can't go wrong. Fast and Free shipping. Boom, Done. 2 days to your door maybe!
  • verb wrote: » I haven't done it yet, but I have an RT35i grille with a couple of broken pins. I have the pins, both have a clean break. My plan was to drill a small hole 1/16" diameter in both the broken pin and frame, and use the same diameter …
  • jeremymarcinko wrote: » Potato cannon anyone? Always wanted one! But me not being allowed to own a BB gun, how could I hide a Potato Gun anywhere. Maybe at a friends house maybe... but I was also buying coins around whey came out. I think I…
  • It's been said " Behind every great man is a great woman". Some of us realize what we have and appreciate our wives more than others do theirs.
  • I worked with a guy who used to do this in the Army. His legs were as big as my body. Each leg that is. His fore-arms were like my thighs. Jake was a monster of a man but gentle as a lamb. Until he got mad. I never saw him get mad, just pissed. I al…
  • This girl has some BIG cahonies but this girl isn't wearing protective gear! Could you imagine if she took a spill?
  • I think I had orange putty just like that. It's amazing the things that amused us back then!
  • No news is usually good news. tik, tock, tik, tock, tik...

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