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  • You could go with the LS50 or if you want a bookshelf speaker, the S4, S6 or S8 should blend well. I have a CS250s that blends real nice with my S8's and quite well with my RTA11TL's with RDO198 tweeters.
  • Some of the Denon and Marantz components are identical inside. I have a Denon DBP-1611U and a Marantz UD-5005 universal disc players. They truly are identical inside, sound the same and same picture quality. Menus the same except one says Denon th…
  • I think they are hit and miss. I bought my son an SMSL amp that was rated 30W/ch. I forget what class-T amp chip it used but it was one of the better ones at the time. It actually was very decent. However, it was apparently taken out by ESD when…
  • This must be the ultimate binge watch series.
    in 24 Comment by skrol August 31
  • I have the original Scoop LP and Scooped 2 CD set and really enjoy them. But I tend to like more raw and early recordings of artists. That said, these Pete Townshend recordings are definite keepers.
  • I used Nippon Chemi-Con for the power supply caps. They have a good reputation and met the physical constraints.
  • You might look for an EPI speaker that used the same woofer (ie. M100). If you can get it cheap, it can be a donor.
  • deucekazoo wrote: » Yes the passive is harder to find but it does show up on EBay. For some reason Polk does not sell a replacement for the mid but they did sell the specs for the driver and you can buy a replacement from Midwest Speaker Repair. …
  • I can't fully compare the upgraded caps to the originals since the originals were bulging when I got the amp. However, I certainly do feel it is worth the upgrade even to get a little more voltage margin. The originals were 60V which is right at t…
  • Here is some info on the S series. They are not well known but definitely under rated. I have a pair of S8 and S4. The S8 are very pleasant sounding. The S10, according to the design engineer, is for those who like mucho bass.
  • That is quite a difference in impedance between the 6510 and 6511. I'm curious about what the crossover components are and if they match any of the schematics.
    in RTA 8Ts Comment by skrol July 26
  • Well that is a convoluted story. Based on the various schematics, the original RTA-8T used the MW6501. Then the revision used the MW6510. Then the RTA-8TL rev 2 calls for the MW6516, which I almost never see. Here are the specs for several MW-…
    in RTA 8Ts Comment by skrol July 25
  • I always found that the bass integrates well with the rest of the RTA-11TL.
  • Gatecrasher wrote: » Darn I thought he really meant "No Va" which means "doesn't go" en Espanol. No voy a ir a ninguna parte sin embargo. Polk hombre para toda la vida! Yeah, I heard that was an issue selling the car in Mexico, though so…
  • I had to pull them out of the car last Nov when a suicidal deer ran in front of me and the car was totaled. When I get some $$$ I plan to upgrade the sound system in my present car and the old MM6501 will go back in or I may try the new MM's.
  • shilmoe wrote: » I had a set of the original Mobile Monitors in the late 80's. I talked to the guys at Polk audio and asked them how the new ones are going to stack up against the original ones. He said that they have been working a long time on t…
  • I have a wife, 5 kids and a hyper Yorkshire terror that likes to bark at the cats. It ain't quiet. For some reason unexplained, often when I try to play some music, one of the kids decides it is time for piano practice. Why do I try?
  • Ok, I guess I was looking at weather stripping. I'll check plumbing.
  • That is my problem. I buy stuff that needs fixin', I fix but then I don't sell and it piles up in my basement. It drives my wife nuts.
  • motorhead43026 wrote: » I upped the bias on my HCA-1500 so the heat sinks run in the 116 (122 degrees is max) degree area. This equates to 17mv. The bias was at like 7-8mv and the thing would not even get warm. This made a improvement in the sound…
  • Which Armacell is recommended. All I have found is rather thick. Is there a thin Armacell?
  • Try giving it more breathing room and check the temps. I have a modded Parasound (got instructions from Mr. Curl himself in biasing higher) and it ran hot in my rack with about 4" above. I was going to re-bias but then I took it out of the rack, …
  • I had Monitor 5A (peerless), and Monitor 5B (SL-2000 fisheye) and the bass of the 5B was much better than the 5A. I would think the Monitor 5 Series 2 are at least as good in bass and the SL-2500 was much better than the SL-2000. You can also TL …
  • Hold out for 5's
  • Excellent score! Now I'd like to see how your wife gets a bicycle home on a motorcycle.
  • Mr. Curl gave me some advice on bias my HCA-1000A high by monitoring the temperature. It is very sensitive to ventilation. It will run pretty cool if there is nothing on top (not in a cabinet) but once you add a little blockage, it gets HOT.
  • The plastic fronts are an issue. I have seen several that have cracked and it just seemed cheap.
  • To get mine to fit in the RTA11TLs, I had to assemble the PC board to the terminal cup inside the cabinet.
  • Also known as (AAS) or Audio Acquisition Syndrome. But more specifically, (PAS) Polk Acquisition Syndrome.
  • They were part of a magic show :

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