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  • I was going to ask, bendy or straight?
    in Plastic Straws Comment by skrol 12:06AM
  • They do produce port noise when pushed. Try sticking a sock in it. Seriously, placing a sock or rag in the port helps with the noise. It probably de-tunes the port also but not too bad. I have experimented with a PSW-10 a little. I added some …
  • I'll file this in my FrankinPolk folder.
  • That is the amp that I was seeking until I fell down the Parasound rabbit hole. Not sure how it compares to a souped up HCA-1000A but it is a really nice amp. Just go for it.
    in Adcom GFA 545 Comment by skrol August 9
  • Yep, the 2910 plays HDCD. That Oppo 980h is known for failing power supplies, otherwise, it is a nice unit.
  • I have the 2910 and really like it. I had an Oppo 980h universal player that I had in the system with hopes to mod the 2910 but then the power supply failed in the Oppo and I put the 2910 back in the system. I did have to replace the laser pickup …
  • It has been a while since I did this but I believe you can leave the board in and just remove the top and bottom covers.
  • According to the designer, a friend of mine, the S6 and S8 were the sweet spot of the line. The S10 was for mucho-bass. I have a pair of S8 and S4. The S8 are actually very listenable and I really enjoy them. They are doing duty in my sunroom,…
    in Polk S8 Comment by skrol July 29
  • I've primarily been buying used LP's or listening to my old collection. The only new LP that I have purchased in recent years is Sgt Pepper's on 180g. This isn't the anniversary but I think it is the same mastering. I am completely impressed. Th…
  • You should be thrown in jail for stealing those.
  • I picked up an SU-V76 for my son who wanted to get into vinyl. Also picked up a pair on infinity speakers. It sounds pretty decent. I could have picked a higher model but I know their active cooling (fan) tends to fail and the chips fry. This on…
    in Technics SU-v75 Comment by skrol May 22
  • Hmmm... I could use a sub upgrade. I'm thinkin'... and local to MD.
  • I remember seeing Buddy at Max's On Broadway in Baltimore in the early 90's. Great music.
    in Buddy Guy Comment by skrol April 28
  • I am using a Parasound HCA-1000A, with some upgrades, to drive my LSi15's, which are notoriously hard to drive. The Parasound does a great job driving these speakers. Still I wonder how an HCA -1200A or HCA-1500 would drive them. I also have an…
  • Good price. I wish I needed an amp.
  • I have discovered more good music that never really got air play by getting entire albums. I recently got Spotify but even there I like to listen to entire albums.
  • JLStice wrote: » ^^ These have fairly good reviews, using BT3, simple, and have real RCA's on the back ^^ Can't beat the price, especially as this replaces the old…
  • I have a MA-XG and an SA-XG tucked away along with some Denon HD/7 and HD/8.
  • Oooooh....sweet!
  • With the LSi15's, amplification and placement are key. They need a lot of room to breath otherwise, they are boomy. The amp must be able to drive high current, otherwise the bass is mush. I'm driving with a Parasound HCA-1000A with mods and it …
  • +1 Also, they should respond well to upgrading the XO caps to some ClarityCaps or Sonicaps.
  • If they are still available, I'm interested and local. Can you send photos?
  • nbrowser wrote: » I find it amazing how a little box like the Zphono can improve sound. It's a go to for affordable phono preamp duties. I experienced the same with my PPH-100.
  • Toolfan66, you are missing some vintage Monitor 5A (peerless). I'll trade a pair your excess LSIm703's
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » Two 10s in parallel, or an 18 and a 2 in parallel -- anything that adds up to 20, in parallel, will get you the capacitance you want. Some folks like to parallel ('bypass') large caps with two smaller value caps -- the notio…
  • I have an old Grado "G" cart on my PL-530 and love it. I also tried it on a PL-518 with same results. Results further improve with a Parasound phono pre-amp.
  • LSi15. They are a bit harder to drive but a worthy upgrade from the RTA11T.
  • I have a pair of RTA-11TL and, while they are easily driven by a Denon DRA-835R, rated 100W / ch, I have also used them with a high current Parasound HCA-1000A and a Pioneer M-91 rated 300W / ch into 8 ohm, 550W into 4 ohm. Don't be afraid of powe…
  • The Parasound PLD-1100 is a nice match for the HCA-1000A. The PHP-850 is also a good choice and included a phono pre-amp stage.
  • Are all your components plugged into the same circuit in your house? I have had issues with hum when plugged into different outlets which went to different circuits in the house. Are any fluorescent or LED lights located near your interconnects …

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