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  • Pfft! That's bullhockey. Says I got the badge in August 2014. Been coming here since some time in like 2001 or so. All these n00bs usurping mah thunder! GIT OFFA MAH LAWN!
  • I don't know where Taco Raceway Park is but your pictures sure look a hell of a lot like Atco Dragway in Atco, NJ.
  • Was this posted yet, 'cause I like it better than the original.
  • The wheels are unique, though. Came on no other Corvette and part of what makes it collectible. Take them off, fine, but don't get rid of them or you'll lose value in the vehicle.
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » rooftop59 wrote: » WTF is a diet beer?!? it's all that stuff where back in the day they would only sell "near beer" on Sundays.....Now they just call it "Lite Beer" and sell it EVERYDAY!!! Near Beer is not Light…
  • This list does not apply to me since I listen to a particular obscure form of Ska comprised of Tibetan throat singers backed by an orchestra of various Kirby vacuum cleaners in galvanized trashcans being played by native chieftains swinging cats at …
  • Heat kills electronics. Worst place to put a TV. Hard pass.
  • Dabutcher wrote: » I remember hearing you had to drop the engine to change spark plugs on a Camaro? Peace. D Fixed that for you.
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » When I was a kid (young teen), my father and I put a small fish pond in my parents' back yard, which they maintained for many years. When we were 'researching' and planning to buy aquatic plants for it, I remember reading th…
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » I like the shaft of sunlight slanting down from the left Totally dumb luck. Picture's not doctored up at all. Just perfect lighting. Taken with my cellphone camera too. That's my back yard, BTW. Everything you can …
  • Well, I got my Cabrio set in like February of 2016 so it's very likely that the offerings on the market changed in a year and a half compared to what I found 2.5 years ago.
  • I looked at Speed Queen a couple years ago when I was going to replace the washer and dryer I had. They were both from the early 90's so almost 30 years old. Dryer was electric. The problem with electric dryers is like electric water heaters, tho…
  • Way to lecture the guy and not answer his question, guys. OP, the crossovers do not look to be bi-ampable. The original dB series from many moons ago now did have bi-ampable crossovers. But that's neither here nor there. So if you want to do w…
  • Willow wrote: » Why would you buy a house with so many issues? Because many of the issues were hidden and the previous owner and his real estate agent neglected to disclose certain things. I can sue but the real estate lawyer I talked to …
  • mdaudioguy wrote: » Jstas wrote: » Sorry, all I got right now is garage tunes. Everything else is currently in storage while I recover from moving to a new house. Wait... How long has it been since you moved?? Coming up on a year, maybe…
  • Sorry, all I got right now is garage tunes. Everything else is currently in storage while I recover from moving to a new house.
  • I didn't say to use gloss black. Just black paint. I've heard the same about using a matte black paint. You can do that because all your shine is going to come from your clear coat anyway. But a gloss clearcoat is not going to be smooth enough on…
    in Piano gloss... Comment by Jstas July 21
  • Didn't say it wasn't but lacquer and pianos have both been around much longer than polyester. So has shellac. Which is made from bugs.
    in Piano gloss... Comment by Jstas July 20
  • Said my post was too long, imagine that. Here's the rest. Final coats of clearcoat. After everything has dried, you clean it throughly with a tack cloth. You layer your last and most important coat of clearcoat down and let it cure completely. Wh…
    in Piano gloss... Comment by Jstas July 20
  • While it's not easy to do, don't let Jesse's "best left for a pro" discourage you from trying something hard. All those pros were rank amateurs at one point too. They came to be pros because they didn't listen to some curmudgeonly old pro tell them …
    in Piano gloss... Comment by Jstas July 20
  • It's actually Giant Hogweed that is super toxic. Common Hogweed is relatively benign with only folks most sensitive to sunlight being susceptible to irritations from it. Giant Hogweed, on the other hand, is pretty toxic and while not really le…
  • Maybe.
  • mantis wrote: » I don't need my gear to weigh more then it needs to be but I do enjoy a solid piece of gear. Just look at these 2 Blu ray players and tell me which one you would rather own? The Sony, honestly. It fits in a smaller spot and…
  • Some of this non-"sissy gear", if you open it up, you'll find a PCB, reasonable sized transformers and such and a zinc plate stuck permanently to the case with mastic and sound damper all over the case. Why? Because people like you need someth…
  • You need one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Grampas-Weeder-CW-01-Original-Remover/dp/B001D1FFZA They were a big deal up here in the Northeast when I was a kid. Made digging out our more pervasive weeds with tap roots (like dandelions or the …
  • I am unimpressed. My tractor is a true hot rod. Two years ago, it blew it's engine. I had to dig to find a new one that would fit the mounting pattern but I did. Old engine: 680cc's (.68L for you dang ferriners) New engine: 724cc's (.72…
  • Sticking a mower deck and bagger on a Honduh shifter cart doesn't a lawnmower make.
  • Nah, the one I already have works fine when the bar oiler isn't plugged up with pine sap and sawdust.

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