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  • I just used the promo code yesterday to get some 705's. They seem to have multiple listings for a pair of the same speakers though, so maybe try another?
  • I need to stop coming to this forum. All it does is make me spend money.
  • I am definitely excited to see what my RTi's sound like with some real power behind them. BTW, didn't mean to step on any toes here, I bought it before I came across this thread...
  • kevhed72 wrote: » I hate to sound like a broken record but that 2200 II is still sitting on US Audiomart for 750 plus shipping. Nope, it's been bought and paid for. Just waiting on him to ship now
  • msg wrote: » An amp like either of these will offer benefits like impact and control, for example, but in my experience with RTi10s, an amp did not redefine the overall sound of the speaker. In your case, that may be a good thing. The reason I…
  • Ok, the Parasound has been paid for. Now I wait... In the mean time, since this beast doesn't have a 12v trigger input, has anyone used one of these? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B888VHM/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A19MRELPGC5OXX&psc=1
  • tonyb wrote: » If you go back far enough in the archives, you'll find many reasons. Gets old rehashing the same stuff from the naysayers who read an article on the web proclaiming the opposite. Many of us avoid these topics. Fair enough.
  • motorhead43026 wrote: » Dude, buy that Parasound and call it a day. I will be doing just that... I asked about the comparison between those amps on here because I live in a podunk town where it would be difficult for me to audition before I b…
  • tonyb wrote: » No offense, but most here already know amps don't sound the same. It's a topic beaten to death over 20 years. Sorry if I missed it, but every topic I have seen here where it has been debated, people just say "no that's not true…
  • msg wrote: » Curious, what do you think of the speaker sound right now with the type of music you enjoy? The RTi's are really my first foray into higher end audio. I know they're not anywhere near the high end of HiFi - but the only speakers …
  • Awesome, thanks. I was leaning toward the Parasound already as it just seems like a higher quality amp. But I thought it would be good to check with the experts here before diving in.
  • For reference, I do pretty much 50/50 HT and music, but really only care about music quality in this case. I listen to lots of different music so its hard to pin that part down but I guess electronica and rock (modern and classic) are the top of the…
  • I used Monoprice in wall cable in the last house I was living in. I was happy with it as well
  • Another thing I should add... I kinda like a "bright" presentation, as long as that means "detailed in the high end" and not "shrill and ear piercing". Am I going to lose some of that detail going with a "warmer" amp?
  • Thanks for the input, guys. I am handy with electronics so re-capping would not be a problem for me. I have seen B&K amps mentioned quite a few times as well, but not much in the way of specific model numbers. Is there a specific model or ser…
  • I forgot to mention... My setup is used for basically 50/50 HT and 2ch, but I care more about 2ch quality than HT. My next upgrade might be a preamp with HT bypass, but for now I'm just trying to make the best "all rounder" system possible within my…

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