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  • Sure anytime f1nut ....this is the place where I can learn so many things from you all ... and to keep you posted my seller told me he will visit this weekend to my place with Yamaha PX3 and do a setup... he requested me to use it for few days witho…
  • Thanks a ton everyone for sharing great insight and knowledge.... thanks again
  • Ohh great .... so Can I use yahama PX3 for few days as Iam getting good deal for $500.00 And down the lane after a year if I get a good deal then will sell out 7s and PX3 and get Marantz amp for sure ... will it make lots of difference in sound …
  • Yes f1 nut, selling out is not an good option here. Again wen they come to check those speaker they will try to reduce even more. One thing, I totally understand Yamaha is a pro amp, which has no business in a home audio system as you told, however …
  • Yes, even I see every second day my account is banned ... did nothing guys
  • Paid $1100.00 why buying 7s and now the selling price is $300.00 ☹️☹️
  • Sure, let me have a check and confirm you !
  • Yes clipdat, that’s fine anyways I would have checked with you guys again ..f1nut I tired above odyssey audio but looks like it’s little difficult to get and again checked with my seller and he advised That i can go for marantz power amp 2 channel,…
  • Commonly Denon, Yamaha, emotiva and many more we get
  • Some say power amp some say audio app and some say per amp... Iam confused about which one to look .. here is a link - hope you don’t mind ...
  • Hey - Emotiva BasX A-300 (Stereo Power Amplifier) will this be fine for 9s.. thanks
  • Ohh wow ... this looks one more good advice f1nut.... any model you suggest. My seller adviced me for Yamaha PX3.. thanks ... which one clipdat..?
  • Nightfall, not worth selling those 7s because it will go with very less price though I took it a year back, I think it’s worth keeping those and use it when required, Thorton, surly will keep the tab on the volume and also planning to buy YAMAHA …
  • Good morning ... done with entire 9.2 setup with all the crossover at 80Hz as advised by f1nut and trust me guys - what an immersive experience..
  • Yes, space it little small and less, curtain side is a door hence can’t setuo for straight if not room would have been little big .... in the mode of connecting speakers with all small and 80Hz ... will surely share the pic and my experience ☺️☺️ F1…
  • Thanks a ton f1nut, sure I will set all the speakers to small and cross over as 80Hz without a miss as advised... thanks again with this advice I will try and see how entire 9.2 setup sounds.. have a good day take care
  • Thanks a ton for the advice, however just a tot , I totally understand that I need to buy separate amp to drive 9s, however it’s just 5 days I bought those speakers and amp and total investment is close to $8000 for all the speakers and it very hard…
  • Ohh really ... they don’t take it back f1 nut, they adviced me to place 9’s in the front and use those 7’s as surround as new 3070 has ample power to deliver
  • Hi, Iam not sure if I have posted in wrong section. Shailesh
  • Hi, Iam very new to this field and need lots of assistance from everyone. I have 2 rtia 7 as fronts ,2 flxiA4-2 as surround CSiA4 as centre , ELAC A4 Atmos And DSW660i - 2 subwoofers as a current setup with Denon AVR X 2200W. Now I have bought…
  • Hey ... how to upload the pic ...
  • My Polk Rtia7 series .:)

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