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  • If it is intermittent as the O.P. says, and playing the same section over immediatly gets different results, with no other changes made, that would lean to something intermittently changing, maybe loose connections somewhere or an intermittent drive…
  • xschop wrote: » Thought I would ask since I have all colors on hand and it just seems odd that that small solid wire will be feeding 12g speaker cables. Can someone also confirm the process of DC offset check. After controls all set to ZERO, ar…
  • First Dibs!
    in Deleted Comment by K_M October 24
  • 9 Bucks a month, Well worth it. Who truly expects First run movies, that cost like $5.00-$8.00 each on other services to be had for 9 bucks a month on Netflix? No company could survive doing that, let alone be able to buy the rights to the movi…
  • "popping" meaning over excursion I would assume? Geez guys any speaker fed loud enough deep bass will "pop"
  • Viking64 wrote: » Considering that isn't an exterior wall, it's possible that the gear that powered those speakers was on the opposite side of that wall. It's also possible that there is money hidden in there somewhere. $$$$ ....Or run up t…
  • not much to see, does the wire move if you pull on it?
  • look on room on other side of wall from where the wall speakers are. Near the baseboard, look for if the drywall was patched etc.
  • To the OP, have you thought about Replacing Caps in tweeter circuit, or was that mentioned? One of our vintage Pairs, when purchased sounded almost as if one tweeter was bad, but after replacing the cap, turned out it was just the cap had gone as…
  • Lost all desire. No hatred, but simply do not care anymore...
  • Need more details. How often do you get paid, it is same amount every pay or per job or commission or salary or hourly? Over what amount of time did these mistakes take place?
  • The mod, involves changing the side mounted woofer (8") that has a decent bit less upper bass boominess. It is a great change "IF" this particular issue bothers you. It can be also helped by doing what you do, crossing a sub fairly high, and adju…
  • These are truly awesome speakers!!
  • I would use lower priced caps, and like westmassguy said, apply some sound absorbtion on the back and sides. But saying that, pretty sure this was meant to be a relatively loud, and more towards boomy bass at the expense of deep bass. With ports t…
  • Cool, thinking about going to see it soon with some friends!
    in IT Comment by K_M September 15
  • We got ours for around $1,000, and they were in very good shape, not perfect, but not all messed up or anything.
  • I can not for the life of me remember which one it was, but I am certain one of our vintage Polks actually had a few different drivers used, that did not coincide with what was supposed to be in them, and we got them from the original owner, (inher…
  • http://www.ebay.com/itm/Polk-Audio-LSi9-Bookshelf-Speaker-Cherry-Finish-One-Speaker-/132187025634?hash=item1ec6f5f0e2:g:~bYAAOSw3gJZEiK2 Found this, but the price is Mega high!
  • ^^^ Either way, looks quite tedious!!
  • Curious, why not remove the dust cap, so the alignment can be visually seen or shims placed around the voice coil to get a more precise alignment?
  • la2vegas wrote: » Not speakers but they are vintage speaker stands. Has to be a joke, right?https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/ele/d/vintage-handmade-speakers/6283997595.html You must own a loft to appreciate those....
  • leftwinger57 wrote: » Pretty interesting as I just had a #6511 go bad on me but in my 2Bs. No raw speakers for replacement on the WTB site or E-Bay so I'm getting a new one from Polk. Now when they were working it looked like they were pumping in …
  • decato wrote: » Yes, the single dimensional driver will exhibit greater excursions than the four dimensional drivers. I have the 3.1TLs and observed this behavior. Even on the 1.2TL, the four MW 6511s move more than the four MW 6503s when playin…
  • afterburnt wrote: » I'm 14 That explains a lot......
    in Is Rock dead? Comment by K_M August 26
  • I guess maybe being a bit younger than the average forum member here, I do not see there being a type of music that is strictly "Rock", but I see many decades of "Rock type" music, that has drastically changed and merged into other genres and sounds…
    in Is Rock dead? Comment by K_M August 26
  • steveinaz wrote: » Is there anything worth listening to anymore? I'm pretty open minded with music, but for the last 6-7 years, I can't find a damn thing to buy. I suffer my way through MTV, hoping to make a discovery of something---garbage. This …
    in Is Rock dead? Comment by K_M August 24
  • VERY good...we just watched it!
  • TennMan wrote: » pitdogg2 wrote: » Common problem with Yamaha. Mine were wired correctly still out of phase. In this situation what is the right thing to do? Wire the speakers to satisfy YPAO or keep the speaker wired correctly? …
  • I just liked the "Raw", sound and style of how he played it. I think the playing style was intentional, not too polished or smooth.
  • heiney9 wrote: » AsSiMiLaTeD wrote: » This is very true, and is also why you can't rely on your ears alone for what I'm after. I'll repeat what I said above, the variability in recording and sound quality in general from album to album is m…

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