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  • Seems like they are still on the Polk site listed at normal prices.
  • joecoulson wrote: » DSkip wrote: » It's my favorite Tool album. Lateralus is second. Agreed. With split Aenima and Undertow for third IMO I just listened to 10,000 days (song) and had the lights off (funny how taking sight out of the…
  • motorstereo wrote: » .Apparently I need to never say never in this hobby. You should add that to the audio nuggets thread!
  • @mhardy6647 Her version of "The Weight" is absolutely fantastic, that was one of her first tunes that got me interested in her voice.
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » Listening to this interview even as I type this. Fantastic interview, just got done listening. Thanks Doc!
  • No option for speaker level inputs on the sub?
  • Monitor 4, Monitor 5JR+ and Monitor 12 all come to mind when thinking of 8 ohm vintage Polk Monitors.
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » codycatalist wrote: » I played a couple tracks on my commute to work. Hope she gets a few more good years. Not going to happen. Folks are going to see her to say their goodbyes. They have not said which kind of cancer …
  • SO I was testing the DC offset on the speaker terminals last night (10mv each channel..yay) and when I reconnected my SDAs I blew a fuse in my left channel after turning the volume up but not loud at all. I checked my connections and stupidly had th…
  • I played a couple tracks on my commute to work. Hope she gets a few more good years.
  • Always have fuses on hand. I learned that last night =P
  • nooshinjohn wrote: » That be the one... Ouch...
  • Haha! Now that's some power!
  • heiney9 wrote: » All pre's are a little different. 1:00 is fine as long as the lights aren't flickering and you can't hear any strain. Keep an eye on the distortion alert lights on the amp. When they faintly start to flicker, back it off a bit.…
  • 1. Take your time, don't buy whatever you can find. Wait for the right piece for you at the right price, it will save you money down the line. 2. Vintage gear is cool but chances are you will pay just as much if not more than the asking price to …
  • Now I am new to separates and have a question about volume. My preamp has output voltage of 1V, the Adcom input sensitivity is 1.25V. I do have to turn the volume up higher than on my Yamaha (I have no problem doing so except no damn remote!) and…
  • I got a good hour or two of listening in today, all I can say is how wrong I was yesterday. Maybe it's due to judging the amp cold where as today I let it warm up. Soundstage depth, separation and a black background make all the difference.
  • I’m getting to the point that I think a lot of it has to do with too small of a room.
  • Thanks @rooftop59! The east valley has rained and flooded for the last three days or so but I haven’t had any issues besides driving unwanted critters in.
  • Got the amp! Now I am going to give it a few days to mess around and get used to the sound. Initial impressions are meh, although it has finesse with the low end in spades it is a tad brighter than my Yamaha. I had to tone down the treble a bit on t…
  • DaveHo wrote: » I currently own the 535, 545, & 555 and have owned numerous of these over the years. I've always turned amp off first & waited for the red power indicator to go out. That way you avoid amplifying any noises the pre might …
  • heiney9 wrote: » Upon power-up a thump is normal and on power down if you don't turn the pre off first, you get a farting/squealing noise, which is normal. That's just the caps draining This can be avoided by proper start up/power down procedu…
  • la2vegas wrote: » I also saw this other ad for a 2535. It looks kinda rough, but it's a hundred bucks. If it were in better shape I'd have more interest in it. I…
  • la2vegas wrote: » Forget about buying that one. I found another one with similar upgrades for 5 dollars less. This one is only $120. That's actually the same one …
  • heiney9 wrote: » Bottom line, it's an excellent performer, has a great reputation, was made in the hey day of Adcom, it's been recapped and $125 is a great deal and it's should sound better and perform better than the Yammy you have. Certainly …
  • I mean I don't know much about tubes but did do some research on Google. I found a thread where a gentleman described his tube looked like a Tesla coil for a second then stopped. To me it looks like a Tesla coil but you are the better judge of th…
  • PSOVLSK wrote: » That's the amp that got me started down the rabbit hole. $125 AND recapped makes it a no brainer IMO. The recap is what caught my eye, one less thing to worry about.
  • Thanks for sharing your experiences gents! I have to go Saturday and audition it, will bring my multi meter to ensure I don't see any issues on the output as he stated the recap was done just to the output stage.
  • Clipdat wrote: » Just realized I forgot to reply to this. I'm in the IT field, located in California. codycatalist wrote: » Sorry to hear bud, may I ask what you did or have experience in? Do you happen to be in Texas or Arizona? My company i…

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