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  • Got the crossovers and everything hooked up tonight. Time for the burn in!
  • VERY nice!
  • Was always fascinated by the mini monitors! Hopefully you stay and Nightfall snags these up. I’m sure either way you’ll be offered a fair price.
  • This is pretty cool!
  • audioluvr wrote: » capecodder wrote: » Called Polk support and they are back-ordered until about mid-June or so. Hopefully the new batch has the fixed baskets... Do you know if they confirmed any issues with the last batch. I had…
  • heiney9 wrote: » I had a friend who lived there for 10 years and she said the pizza in St. Louis is beyond terrible!!! They use Provolone not mozzarella So keep those Lou Malnadi's No Mozz or at the very least Muenster is a b…
  • Drinking a glass of this stellar beverage compliments of a friend who helped create the recipe and brew it. Won two silver medals at the World Beer Cup. Cheers!
  • Hit triple digits here in the valley of the sun. Fun times!
  • Smallies wrote: » y'all graduated college didn't ya. Ahh yes I forgot about my days during "Wood is still woody 101"
  • When my daughter (7) was in Texas for spring break my mom called to tell me that she got bit by some fire ants and is a little swollen. Yeah turns out a little means her eyes were almost completely shut and face swollen up to heck. It's scary whe…
  • ThomasD wrote: » @codycatalist Can I PM you? Anytime!
    in SDA2b's Comment by codycatalist April 10
  • ThomasD wrote: » Im a Phoenix native, the SDAs here come and go. Everyonce in a while you will find a deal but you have to be quick. I got my SDA2Bs MINT for $100 from a guy in Fountain Hills. If you ever need someone to go check a deal out for …
    in SDA2b's Comment by codycatalist April 9
  • ThomasD wrote: » Going to look at this pair of advertised SDA's this week even though they're 400 miles away. The guy first said they were 2A's now he's saying he thinks they're 2B's. Before I see them I need to know how to tell the difference…
    in SDA2b's Comment by codycatalist April 9
  • Rick88 wrote: » "You earned the 250 Agrees badge. You received 250 Agrees. Looks like you're popular around these parts. 7:46PM" Seriously, what good are points and badges? What are we, in Elementary School? I just no…
  • 2Bs can be had a good prices depending on location. I got mine in Phoenix for $100, currently waiting on my crossovers from @westmassguy to be completed. Seems like ages since I have listened to them, so much so I don't think I will remember what th…
    in SDA2b's Comment by codycatalist April 4
  • Holy crapoli. In with 33. AWESOME Karma, I gave away an amp once on here but it was a meh solid state piece.
  • audioluvr wrote: » The bass just seemed almost overpowering in the SRS line. I can attest to this, the first vintage polk I ever heard was some SRS2s and I loved them. Now that I have my 2Bs I prefer their overall more balanced sound.
  • DSkip wrote: » The objective of hifi for me is not to reproduce what the engineer recorded. It's to capture the magic of the performance. I'll throw detail out the window if it means I can hear the sincerity of the singers lyrics as she sings them…
  • F1nut wrote: » Hmmmm.....I should get a life, eh. Or maybe finally get that cookie you've been waiting on...
  • Jimbo18 wrote: » FestYboy wrote: » Looks like a 198 and a 3000... Grab another 198 and you'll be rocking. Or an SL2500 and a 3000 The 2500s should have foam around the dome like the 3000 does but black instead of a "black chrome"…
  • I'm not very much into collecting watches but I was gifted a Movado Museum silver and can appreciate the quality and craftsmanship. I had an Uncle who would cruise by thrift shops and buy then resell watches on eBay. Made some good money.
  • chandler9a wrote: » I have hooked everything up and all seemed well until i did the balance test and when I put it all the way to the left, I get sound from the stereo drivers on the right. If my memory serves me, I should only be getting sound fr…
  • afterburnt wrote: » I will be glad when I move to AZ where they don't abide by this foolishness. It does feel mighty nice. Although some parts of the Indian reservation does, the rest of the state we don't care about this foolishness.
  • Going to pick up some Monitor 7s tonight that apparently have a tweeter out, guy doesn't sound so sure if they are peerless or not (not hard to tell). Give me until end of day tomorrow if possible to go check em out and confirm.
  • I was in the process of considering it and spending my money before I even got it in my account but even if I did jump on it my wife would have killed me so you probably saved me.
  • steveinaz wrote: » I'm down in Sierra Vista, and know Douglas well. Yeah I read that in another thread somewhere, I have driven through Sierra Vista a couple of times on the alternative route to Douglas. We usually go a couple times a year …
  • Toolfan66 wrote: » I’m going to this!!! I'm not big in to metal and it's sub genres but I've always dug me some Zombie, be it music or movies. I'd go.
  • Odd question but what are the dimensions of height and length? Gotta see if it will fit in my entertainment center.
  • txcoastal1 wrote: » codycatalist wrote: » Glad someone else reached out as I am "local" enough and heading to Douglas Az soon. Where do you live, maybe you can have the first leg of the Polkie express delivery, getting this back east...…
  • audioluvr wrote: » Rrusse11 wrote: » This is where a parametric equalizer may help, {;o) Or weed Don't help me none with the 2000s

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