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  • My test mules are mounted directly to the walls burning in the new caps. Try that with a factory set CRS+ and see how you like the bass response. The curve in the bracket allows clearance for the factory inductor coil leads. I dont think …
  • In response to FTGV, you are correct in your analogy of a standard port. In my application I am using Polk's Power Port which has different design parameters than a standard tube port. It uses shorter and smaller diameter tubes to achieve the same t…
  • Maybe in your book, but in mine it elucidates the fact that it takes more power to run a passive radiator. After the cap install the mids also kicked in. Happy Fathers Day.
  • I've been listening to as many genres of music with the tweeter at 3 o'clock, 1 o'clock, and 11 o'clock (same as factory but closer to stereo driver). 1 and 3 sound identical in wider soundstage, whereas 11 seems to narrow it back down. I'm having …
  • Was afraid of that. Would have been nice to have all be right there accessable by 4 screws.
  • WMG, can the Erse inductor be mounted right next to the board like in your 1st pic? Or will it interfere with the tweeter inductor coil? Ill be making a cover and installing board to back of Power Port platform....
  • If indeed the case, it's indicative of the various driver layouts between different models. Although I'm not installing the SL5000, it does allow closer proximity to the stereo driver, sounds better (to my ears) than the RD-0194. However the SL nee…
  • Exactly what I wasn't sure of, Pitt. WMG says crossover is 2K. of stereo driver and tweeter. I haven't ran across any info of where the SDA driver slopes off in it's higher Hz region or meshes with the opposite side tweeter's lower region.
  • No turbulence or "chuffing" here. If Mr Polk revisits the CRS+, he should use his Power Ports. More bass output per power input than the passive is what I'm discovering. Another reason I did this is because I can and have substituted the mw6511 w…
  • There's either one or the other, not both, with a simple plate that bolts in place of the PR.
  • Where's the link to the handbook here? I'm experimenting with the Power-Port adapter plate and the coil has to be connected for the bass to hit deep as well... The adapters allow me to install different length ports quickly. Copious amounts of b…
  • The female compression pins on mine were oxidized so I hit them with deoxit. I dont trust them on automotive applications and will go back and solder soon. If the Coils feel scratchy, could be magnet shift.
  • Wiggle the input connector on the board.
  • Cleanest looking SDAs I've seen. Nice work.
  • What exactly is the sub-bass inductor doing? I inadvertently uplugged the left channel inductor lead and it definitely had lower bass volume on that side. From schematics it looks like it is sending signal to ground.
  • The 4 sets I kept from the 5jrs I modded are stainless as I ran a large magnet across and filed a couple with no yellow shine.
  • WMG for the assist....once again. And how do you measure ohm load of each speaker once everything hooked up? At terminals and no interconnect cable between?
  • Anyone know the crossover Hz?... Bueller....Bueller....?
  • The factory posts I just measured are 8-32 thread, of a stainless that is slightly ferrous, although I haven't seen one oxidize.
  • Those Mon 7's belong to an aficionado that won't implement another SL5000.
  • What is the crossover frequencies of the stereo MW and tweeter of the 1989 CRS? I assume they were SL2000s from factory?
  • It's farcical that forum admin can find time to delegate avatar correctness, but cannot ameliorate the basic dysfunctions of the site. Hope it is PC to state I like my cables in same fashion as my Shotty.... 12g haha...
  • Where did all the pics go? Or am I in pic time-out again?
  • At least mopeds have a weight limit, whereas some current SDAs tip the scales.
  • Still on the lookout for 6510s. I have a spare set of billet terminal plates if someone wants to barter as well.
  • I haven't heard back from member on set of 6510s. If anyone has a good pair, PM or I'll have to go all eBay on ya lol
  • As long as it sounds great, who cares. It's your prerogative if you want to spend your 401k on a system or piecemeal the same sound for pennies on the dollar.
  • I looked over both schematics here and if it were me, I would copy the S10 crossovers. Use an air-core 0.50mH inductor on MWs and a 4.7uF cap on the sl5000. From info I found on RT16 MWs they are 8 ohm but in parallel so the crossover point will ma…
    in New-to-me RT16s Comment by xschop June 5
  • What ohms do the factory tweeters show? The RT16 and S4-S10 (which have the SL5000s) are very similar in the crossover tweet network.
    in New-to-me RT16s Comment by xschop June 2
  • Good one Tool. You'll be on the next episode of Hoarders haha. I bet you don't have the G-code for RS180p's as backup hehe.

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