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  • The RTA-12 would allow you to experiment with tweeter position easily once you grafted in the SDA crossover. I prefer the tweet as close to stereo driver as possible.
  • No, I did this on my CRS. My point was you might like what you hear.
  • Yes, but the dimensional driver will have lower excursion and to me, the mids cleared up a bit at higher volume.
  • Throw in a set of CRS crossovers. Im running a mw6503 (higher ohm) as the dimensional driver and the SDA "effect" is all there.
  • What is the model # of the set on the very right? Looking around I cannot find any images/info.
  • I've got one 6510 with a shifted magnet. I would like to get a few more before I machine a jig to confirm that their Magnet ODs are 3.31" also.
  • I plan on doing my classic Akai soon. First I might practice on the shop CD player. It has metal prong/housing the RCAs that's why I asked about wire. I have some 18g multistrand OFC that looks like the right diameter to solder in the pin and PCB.
  • Guess I should have asked what to replace with if upgrading those wires?
  • F1, what kind/type wire do you use to solder between gold RCA pin and PCB? Thanks
  • Made some custom for a Marantz....
  • Well, there goes my billet basket mod.
  • I figured someone here has attempted it. Maybe heat gun? Would be a fun exercise to determine the melting point of the glue vs. cellulose hehe. The 6511s surrounds are more loose than 6502s of the pairs I have and thought that is what contributes…
  • How would one go about removing the butyl surround and it's glue without damaging the cellulose cone? A few months back I bought 2 pair butyl surrounds and the dimensions are the same as MW6502 drivers and mw6511s. Luckily haven't torn any....ye…
  • I'm changing out the factory inductor leads also to 16g OFC with a little extra length. I noticed there is an "R" and a "P" on the board. Does it matter which way they are connected to factory inductor inputs?
  • Now those are the kind of solutions I don't mind having delegated. They're snug now. I was redoing the tweeter leads in 16g OFC and I removed all the set-pins in the X-over terminals and re-crimped then shot with deoxit....
  • Was playing at fairly loud vol. all day and started hearing a rattle. Thought it was my CRS knocking over sockets in the tool chests again. Nary a situation. Discovered the factory inductor nut came loose, so installed longer stainless hardware with…
  • 4 months on backorder, I forgot where I read I need to replace "458" transistors with these ksc1845's
  • Very intriguing anomoly with my 6511's also. Installed alongside the 6510's in my CRS+ they also looked as if they were moving alot more in relation to the 6510's. After removing the passive radiator and installing a Power Port, their movement dimi…
  • Im Tenn's case it gave him a smaller foot print, he had everything already on hand, better bass response to his liking, and arguably better detail of the highs. And lastly, he followed the advice of Mr Polk and experimented.
  • Great analogy Tenn. Some folks like the best of various designs amalgamated into one hybrid that does it all. Toyota V12 mated to Vette transaxle grafted into a GT Porsche comes to mind. That said until you've driven the hybrid, don't knock it. I i…
  • Tennman, are you still running these hybrids? What is the tweeter center distance from the stereo MW on the 10's? I'm finding better sound with the tweeters moved closer to stereo MWs. The SDA MW to stereo MW distance is almost indistinguishab…
  • Thanks for that link. Just read it in it's entirety and find it strange that the CRS+ tweeter crossover is 2.5Khz vs. the 2B at 2Khz.
  • The SDAs leave you pondering your next selection and anticipating the best from the oldest recordings... Gabor Szabo's Dreams sounds like it was recorded in the same room. Before on 2-chan it lacked the same depth. Firing up some classic Jiro Inag…
  • A challenge would be to incorporate the drop-offs into the design. Watching the light show from the back patio and had to chime in. Nice project....Happy 4th everyone.
    in New Audio Rack Comment by xschop July 4
  • After the polyswitch eviction that was creating a nasty distortion, I installed 1.2 ohm Mills resistors in their place and we are back to a good balance with crystal clear highs. I believe we'll be clocking the left channel tweeter at 2 o'clock and …
  • My XSive soundbar.....
  • I thought I posted a pic in another thread. I recapped and LEDed (sic)my old Akai AA-1050. The sound is intoxicating to the cochlea. I heard the Marantz 2230 with the 5jr (no passive) and they also sounded excellent. It just seemed like the Marantz …
  • GWG, what were the final outside dimensions when you were done? Again, very nice updated look on these.
  • Fire Marshall Bill
  • I concur, as with mine, the distortion was in 2-2.5khz range. The synths on "Walk of Life" were about to become the walk of death for the tweeters. Where's F1, this mod is not official until I get his blessing hehe.

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