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  • They make good stuff. I've got a medium-sized pair of their ISO-L8R series that I use in a side system when necessary. Really good solution. http://www.isoacoustics.com/products/iso-l8r-series-speaker-isolation-stands/
  • ThomasD wrote: » Any more pieces you might be parting with??? Nah, the only one I have left is an SR 6000...from a different era without the black face dial. I'll eventually use it to set up a system for one of my kids.
  • It all fit! Stickers attached for power input reference on the PSA IPC 9000. Here's the whole setup. A musician friend commented, "I guess you don't care about keeping that piano in tune?" In this pic, I had to erase the creepy bald guy in t…
  • To your point, Tony, this creates a few different review scenarios. Preamp vs Preamp, DAC vs DAC, Power amp vs Power amp, combo vs combo. I think what really started me down this path was wanting to try a different preamp with DAC and remote. T…
  • Stellar Gain Cell DAC and Stellar S300 power amp in da house! Currently breaking them in with a pair of Infinity Column II speakers. Source is a Logitech SBT, using digital out with the SGC DAC doing the conversion. Just using the stock pow…
  • Will do my best, gents. As luck would have it, my dad brought me a vintage Project/One DC Mark 1500 receiver on Father's Day, so it also has my attention This thing is a beast
  • I got notification today that my items have shipped...should have them on Thursday.
  • Started with a margarita made from El Ultimo blanco tequila - my go-to for margs. Then switched to sipping some higher-proof tequilas - Astral, and then Tapatio 110. Eventually went down to regular Tapatio anejo tequila.
  • Stay on topic ! The weather doesn't have to be perfect. They all play under the same conditions on the same golf course, and have to adapt/adjust. Whoever does that the best, wins.
    in US Open 2018 Comment by jdjohn June 15
  • I am not familiar with Daphile, but I use three Logitech Squeezebox Touches in my place without issue. One outputs a digital signal to a Peachtree Audio hybrid novaPre with built-in DAC...very nice. The second SBT is currently outputting USB to an…
  • Wow...incredible deal here, folks! Consider me a fan of Infinity RS speakers. I have a pair of RSIIIa and RS5, and the EMIT tweeters are something everyone MUST hear! These RS5b have the bigger woofer, so should have plenty of bass for a small-…
  • USGA putting some serious teeth into the setup this year. Of course they can't control the weather, but it was blowing like a mo-fo today from what I saw.
    in US Open 2018 Comment by jdjohn June 14
  • I have seller's remorse. Over the last few months, I have sold this 4270... ...and this 2235. But it's for a good cause...my parents' retirement. My dad bought these as thrift store finds 15-20 years ago. I have cleaned, tested, repaired, a…
  • The big three-some draw of Spieth, McIlroy, and Mickelson sure did fall flat. Doubtful they will make the cut, which will affect ratings over the weekend. DJ off to a good start, and fresh off a win last week. My money would be on him.
    in US Open 2018 Comment by jdjohn June 14
  • Don't rule out the Eastern Electric MiniMax tube preamp. Hard to find, though. Peachtree Audio has a hybrid preamp with a single tube that can be toggled on/off...also a built-in DAC if that fits your needs.
  • For true, totally wireless speakers, they would need to have batteries or be rechargeable.
  • Nope, not yet. Apparently they hand-make the units upon ordering, and they said that takes about 10 days.
  • I'm not sure I can choose which Voodoo Child!
  • It is done. With a little liquid courage, and a few spare cubic feet of storage space available, I have pulled the trigger on the Stellar DAC and S300 power amp combo...with a trade-in credit included. Worst case, if I don't like it, I send it all…
  • "I'm a Believer" covered by Smash Mouth. I like this version better than The Monkees or original Neil Diamond.
  • Kansas' version:
  • Eva Cassidy, "Songbird" Actually, a lot of Eva Cassidy's covers are better than the originals IMO. R.I.P.
  • The music you listen to has no origination acoustically; it has no "real" reference sound. HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THE ORIGINAL was supposed to sound like in the first place? If it's all subjective and just a matter of finding the sound yo…
  • mlistens03 wrote: » My dad might, I think I do as well, but I will have to double check with a YouTube video or something. I believe it is something along the lines of this: 1: remove cartridge mount and then remove old cart 2: screw the new ca…
  • I have to say the Olds 442 would be a better, more valuable choice from that generation. The next generation of Hurst Olds Cutlass with the chopped-off rear-end wouldn't be bad...lighter and better handling. I always drooled over the Buick Regal…
  • Mikey081057 wrote: » TTops and sunroofs on American cars leaked in the 70's & 80's... Used to call them BIRD BATHS Especially bad during a summer thunderstorm, and uncomfortable cabin conditions when the temp is 90+ degrees outside. Howe…
  • My first car was a '76 Cutlass with those T-tops. They did leak...more than a bit. Mine wasn't a Supreme, but my dad (body guy) painted it with the Hurst black/silver/red scheme, so it looked the part. We actually stripped the interior as well, a…
  • Any of the 22XX series https://www.hifiengine.com/database/hifi_database.php?model_type=rec&make=Marantz&mdl=22
  • I can't help but put the Outlaw RR2160 into the mix https://www.outlawaudio.com/products/rr2160.html I have an RR2150 https://www.outlawaudio.com/products/rr2150.html and it is no slouch.

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