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  • Received speakers this morning. Just as described. I would not hesitate to buy from Footwedge again. Footwedge you get an A+ in packing a speaker. Thanks for the care.
    in LSI 7 Ebony Comment by dolbyd June 19
  • Inspector 24 wrote: » 2nd on A9's becoming magical after 200wpc. I found A9's have useable output audibly and by meter as low as 30hz, so I set them to small with a crossover at 40hz, lowest the Marantz would allow. That's for i…
  • I love the 38i's. I think they have better midrange over the 25's. They are one of my favorite speakers from that line. The 55i's are still king but these are great with a sub. My brother still use his in the office.
  • mrloren wrote: » Crossover settings is weird in my HT. I had it all set to 80 and it sounded a little lacking. I went a did an Audyssey reset and played through an action movie. I found the best for me is to have my S60 set as large no crossover. …
  • gp4jesus wrote: » Your AVR doesn't allow setting LR different from Center from sides and/or surrounds? Different AVR or pre/pro then. I saw an Outlaw 975 on eBay, under $300. Allows individual XO settings in 10hz steps from 40 to 150hz. Doesn't…
  • I have been thinking the same thing when it comes to the crossover settings. It makes sense to control the lower HZ output. Looks like the 1200 will be upgraded. The problem I currently have is setting all my speakers to small causes some issues.…
  • marcpamjoce wrote: » I would definitely set all the speakers to small so that you can set each xover point and start by putting the center around 80hz. I would recommend something more capable than the Adcom 7500 at 150/channel. I am running Emo…
  • Inspector 24 wrote: » Yes... i've got some time off in the next two weeks and a friend with my old RT 5000 set up, we could do our own little audio tour ! Sound good I'm in! I'm available any day but Tuesday. I'm free after 4pm and anyt…
  • Inspector 24 wrote: » Come hear my setup before you do...Might give you some thoughts. Sounds good. We should set up something.
  • A lot of insight into shipping and what we don't want to know is going on with our stuff. With everything we buy being shipped these days I'm afraid it probably will get worse. Loving the new set up. I'm leaning towards upgrading the sub in the …
  • Manticore wrote: » Great looking room. Bet the 9's sound sweet. Enjoy. Love the boot prints on the sides of the boxes. Thank goodness for UPS. UPS can go both directions with their service for sure. One of the four speakers was deliver…
  • mpitogo wrote: » That's a pretty impressive Polk setup! RTiA9 for front and surrounds! Thanks. Its overkill but fun. I have a very chill wife when comes to this hobby for sure.
  • Inspector 24 wrote: » Oh you have an one! Power is gooood to have for the A9's. An audio sampling is definitely on order. Definitely find some time I'm down. I also moved the speakers around to day. Pulled out the fronts a bit and to…
  • Inspector 24 wrote: » dbloyd, I bought speakers from you. Awesome to see you've upgraded. I look forward to your impressions as I've had both too! Get an amp for the A9's and they'll really sing! I remember that. Good to see you on here. Yo…
  • I plan to wall-mount my TV once the DLP dies. Then I will move the center to the top of my stand. I have looked at BDI and salamander but I am liking the idea building it now. Very cool.
  • Question with the center. What should I run it as? Large or small. Also what crossover do you guys recommend. With the 1000p it was full range and then adjust the sub volume. I am going to save for the sub next but I am happy with how well the P…
  • mrloren wrote: » Very nice setup. Dark Knight trilogy time on them? Agree on the SVS or an HSU That sound like a good plan. We watched the 2 hour season ending of Gotham tonight. No better time to continue the fun.
  • My wife wants me to change out my LSI7's in the Master Bedroom that are Cherry for Ebony. I might be interested. Nice to see a good set. My local classifieds has had a few beat to death.
    in LSI 7 Ebony Comment by dolbyd June 4
  • Looks Great! Enjoy.
  • I would love to see an SDA wing included. Also it be fun to see all the video formats from start to finish. Laser disc looked so good in the day.
  • I call every two years and upgrade everything to current equipment. They have never charged me in 18 years.
  • Mantis I remember trying to buy the 5900S. I was pretty young. The salesman thought I was full of crap about buying it. I had to go to his boss to get it purchased. I think it was like $750 in the day. I saved all my money for a year to buy it. …
  • Love that idea. I've been doing this so long I have rooms full of stuff. Those pioneer rear projections were the bomb. I feel bad I had to go cut one up with a chainsaw to get it out of a friends basement once. He built the basement around the TV…
  • Looks like I added a extra pic. Lol At least it's a speaker pic.
  • Love the 1200. Still gets deep with my Atmos setup. I will keep it as long as it will go. It has the most input/outputs a sub as ever had.
  • Thanks rpf65 sounds good. I planned on replacing the center too. The PSW 1200 sub I will move to my workout room with my RT800i's. I have been eyeing the SVS SB-16U for its replacement. That PB-16 is just to damn big. 31" deep...Crazy.
    in RTiA line Comment by dolbyd January 28
  • We have 3 on our patio. The neighbors kids send me requests in the summer months. You will love them.
  • I have a CS350LS,CS1000p,and a CS400. They all are great speakers. I have my 350ls with a set of LS90's in the office. I also have a 400 with a pair of RT800i's in the workout room. The 400 is a perfect match to your 2000p's and is awesome at HT.It…
  • Thanks Ken. Have you seen one of these before? Owner had this from purchase.
  • Nice Ken. Always wanted a set of 90s. Watched the Super Bowl on them tonight. Can't wait to put some Music on them tomorrow.

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