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  • Up yours, Geoff. (that's code for welcome back, sucka) I bought one of the Ebay store 706 "refurbs", and mine didn't come with feet. I thought it unusual, as well, and just cut off some toes (someone else's) and used those. Because they fit bett…
    in Rubber pads? Comment by msg 8:51AM
  • And Paint it Black instead!
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » My browser is Armorfly Scott I'll have to check that one out, Ivan. Looks serious!
  • You Android guys might wanna try out the Brave Browser. The icon looks like a lion's head. It's got built in ad-blocking and a few other neat features, like simplified reading mode. Based on Chrome, if I'm not mistaken. Jesse - are you using a…
  • Nice Pickup! *Love* these things. The remote definitely makes it easier, but you can manage it with the front panel once you get the hang of how it works. First step should be a full factory reset. I forget the exact process, but it's in the…
  • Maybe Black Cat? Was just looking them up, and read that Chris Somovingo is moving back to the US...
  • lightman1 wrote: » Who's Nelson Pass??? Kyle Gass.
  • Looks like fun! Which model did you go with?
  • Looking good! Can't wait to hear the listening impressions. What will be the rest of the setup?
  • Dave's cat is not amused.
  • You gotta be careful with bellybutton injuries. That thing could come untied and your guts could shoot out. I've seen it a million times.
  • There's way too much quoting of Dave's leg photos going on in this thread. I'm gonna have friggin' nightmares of red splotches floating against white backdrops with a few hairs flying by.
  • Ooooooh!!! Ouch! Worst I ever got was 8 stings upper torso coming out of a wooded area while working my school-days-engineering-tech-job after some corporate client dudes walking ahead of me upset a wasps nest and didn't shout back to warn me. Whi…
  • Nice cables, AL! Curious to hear how you settle in with them. (autocorrect made you a state)
    in Speaker Cables Comment by msg August 3
  • That was cool, AL! Those guys weren't even wearing suits!
  • I think you're gonna need a sub.
  • stainless0steel2 wrote: » I also think it's cool that you're including a dart board with it.
  • And for G's sake, don't post about it! Clipdat wrote: » Sweet! Careful with those split tips!
  • Awesome Karma Brian. Not in, but just wanted to confuse you further by posting another message telling you that I'm not in, but how cool it is of you to offer up this table as a karma. I mean it sincerely, too. Nice cart you're including!
  • Maybe one day! when I really lose my grip on the roots sticking out at the top of the Headphones Branch of the deep dark Rabbit Hole.
  • Yeah, the two on the center board. Power supplies. Do the covers offer shielding of some sort?
  • What are the blue caps? I've seen those before in other equipment, like DACs. Is that some sort of shielding? (Virginia Beach, Marvin, but was just kidding around about the Certified Repair Center. All I can really do is make bad Photoshop jok…
  • txcoastal1 wrote: » We have swarms of killer bee's at the ranch, and you don't no where they will bee next. Here today gone tomorrow. Sent one guy to the hospital for 3 days a few months ago. I've read about the "killer bees" a little…
  • Btw, I've just become certified as a US Repair Center. I got a sack of Kinki Nuts and ready to dole them out. Here's a photo of my first repair.
  • Man, I like this. Just did a little reading/skimming. Looks like some quality parts went into it - Furutech for example. Ever since I had a chance at a big dual-mono integrated in an HK 990 that ultimately went back due to shipping damage, thou…
  • Dang. Evangeline Lilly.
  • Emlyn wrote: » Don't do this... LOL that was good He did not have a solid exit plan in place for the first round. I laughed a few times during this. Funny dude. After he threw the empty Roman Candle at it, and came back with the wa…
  • Yeah, Aaron, not uncommon to have noise with USB. I also had it, and had to install a separate USB controller to help skirt the issues and isolate the connection a bit, but I didn't know you could get them with their own power supplies, cool! I …
  • Nice setup, great deal, and welcome!
  • Nice coverage Drew!!! I like all the info you provided, and then your notes on the space, gear, sound, and funny anecdotes. That's a lot of work pulling this info together, and then writing the overviews. You've got good writing skills. I hear…

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