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  • rePORted for being db enough to use the term db. Clipdat wrote: » Reported for douchebaggery. msg wrote: » ...but does it hum. That is the question.
  • ...but does it hum. That is the question.
  • I fixed it now.
  • lol, it's killing me too, man, I just can't be bothered changing it. kinda like the twisted pleasure of a hangnail you can't help playing with for a few days. pitdogg2 wrote: » Your avatar is killing me Scott what's up with that?
  • Two things: 1 - I have to wonder whether a switch to a USB DAC is contributing to musical improvement you're experiencing. Several weeks ago I setup my first USB DAC in the home office and had what I think was my most profound DAC experience. Min…
  • I think as long as Tony's still hatin' on Apple, he's doing okay. So, I say unto thee - Get an iPhone yet Tony? (I predict a barrage of expletives)
  • Disagree. Something's jacked up with John's PP account that needs to be fixed; he should have received those messages personally, and maybe this could have been sorted earlier before it escalated. Still though, dirtbag move on buyer's part. I a…
  • ps. @Clipdat - up yours.
  • [wow, I found this draft I'd "saved" some time ago. apparently incomplete. letting it rip as is; unfinished. fitting actually, you know, since musical taste can be ever evolving] Some time ago @willow posted up about Gord Downie's passing. I …
  • Doubles as a straitjacket mlistens03 wrote: » Yikes, at is quite a toolbox. I feel ashamed that I keep all my tools in one of those nice Klein tool bags, if you know what I’m talking about...
  • Why stop at hours. Imagine what we could accomplish with even more time to procrastinate.
  • This is exactly why I've stuck with 8-bit midi across the board.
  • Why not one year just fall back or spring forward 30 minutes and then we can be done with it. AND. if we do it in metric, the rest of the world will participate as well. Bangladeshis, man, those guys are hard core progressives. They gave the fing…
  • If I could still use this old favorite I would be
  • Nice, Ken. First thing, hop on the Play store and install Nova Launcher. It'll let you customize the UX. Aside from earlier HTC themes, there's not a smartphone interface I've liked, either Android or Apple. When you're feeling brave, consider r…
  • Wow, sweet deal on that Ref 20! Nice combination all around, but stellar on the Ref 20! Love the B&K front end with B&K amps...
  • It gots nice bits.
  • Brian, I fear we may be making a discussion thread of your FS post. Wondering if maybe we should start a new thread and ref back to this one to start off? Lots of good info, questions and ideas. I was about to post up re: leaving the solution i…
  • Nyooooo, finally finished the last of that box of corndogs the other night. Had that one last one calling to me... I think it even managed to open the freezer drawer by itself. Shoulda known better. Never 'gain... 'til next time, of course.
    in 5jr+ valuation? Comment by msg March 7
  • Spotify and Tidal come to Johnny for his digital media collection. verb wrote: » Happy Birthday! Whoever you are!
  • Below 70 audioluvr wrote: » msg wrote: » whew, just made it Just made what? Genius? Idiot?
    in 5jr+ valuation? Comment by msg March 7
  • This forum needs an "I hate your effing guts punch you in the nnnutz" emoti. And you should be able to click it a few times. Not that I'd use it in this thread.
    in 5jr+ valuation? Comment by msg March 7
  • Brian, did I miss sumpin'? I remember you were kickin' around some ideas on the label seals, but did you ever come up with something on this? I may be interested in this as well. For anyone on the fence with this kit, I have to say, I'm pretty …
  • pusher. Loren should *definitely* buy these, though. marvda1 wrote: » this could be your endgame speaker.
    in endgame speaker? Comment by msg March 7
  • Bah-Dum-Tsssch! ^ That's Happy Birthday in Drumminese. And then here's a bier
  • Also, looks like the kit's been upgraded to include a VPI 16.5.
  • whew, just made it
    in 5jr+ valuation? Comment by msg March 7
  • These are really nice turn-key kits. I bought one of the first run units back when it was just the chassis and we were Collect 'n Build for the rest of the parts. Excellent quality. A lot of work went in to reaching this design. I'm fairly handy…
  • To all you guys sliding into LSiMs, congrats! Such a great deal. To any of you new to LSiM, be sure to pay attention to your initial impressions. Let them play non-stop for a couple of weeks, and post up. But more importantly, throw yourselves…

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