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  • Is that available in regular octane ratings? I just looked on a couple of those ethanol-free lookup sites, and it looks like we only have one station here, Sunoco, and looks like they only have it in 110. Race fuel?
    in Lawn Maintenance Comment by msg June 18
  • Nice combination set of separates here. The Reference 5 preamp is a nice little piece. Nice sound, simple, and pairs well with both B&K and Parasound amplifiers. Same ergos as the B&K Reference series processors, like the Ref 50, Ref 30…
  • I was doing some yardwork last night and found myself wishing I'd already bought an Edgit to try. Gonna have a real look later and decide whether to try one. What kind of trimmer line do you guys like? Mine takes 0.095, and I've been using the …
    in Lawn Maintenance Comment by msg June 18
  • Looks great Steve! I really like the fountain/babbling brook/waterfall. Very relaxing sound. Pool's gorgeous, too. I, too, got a kick out of the critters. Very fun Shop turned out nice, as well. All very clean, and came together nicely. Is…
  • mlistens03 wrote: » mhardy6647 wrote: » cast aluminum Same difference Yes, exactly the same, except one is aluminum. And quit quotin' entire photo posts. Strip the images out, man, it's easy. You're gonna run the innernet outta s…
  • F1nut wrote: » Thanks Dave, glad it got to you ok. No "i" in my name though. Your receiver will now self destruct for the infraction.
  • That is sad. I don't really understand how this can be, though. Is it the associated costs of milk production? Milk and dairy is getting more expensive at the register. What's that, all transportation costs and other people getting their hands i…
  • Heck yeah, Mikey! Now you just need a second work bench to work on, so that one doesn't get messed up Love those M5s... Do you have a liddle sub in the mix yet? (You will. This ain't over yet, friend. I found unexpectedly that little systems…
  • I didn't know you could get em on Amazon. I bought a few bags of 'em at Dicks a while back. They do come in handy. I use those and also those EVA anti-vibe pads from SupplyHouse. Also great for elevating the rear of a notebook for better cooling. …
  • That's the half and half lunch special; $37, and no to-go boxes.
  • Is the SE 2A3 your flea power tube amp?
  • This is how you blend in in New York, Larry. Hope you've been practicing your slow motion.
  • Haha, nevermind this, Doc, I didn't realize that unit already has Bluetooth, dehr. Thought it was just a standard tube integrated. msg wrote: » mhardy6647 wrote: » I wonder if I can figure out how to do something with the Bluetooth on it? …
  • Viking64 wrote: » How about "Mongoprice"? Sole employee leisurely travels around the country punching out those horses that lost in the Derby.
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » I wonder if I can figure out how to do something with the Bluetooth on it? I am pretty... shall we say... low tech. ...or is it old school? Doc, when I was first getting set up, I picked up a couple of those Bluetooth re…
  • I happened across a beautiful one when I was eaten up with vintage a couple of years ago. Turned out the guy was active over on AK, and we got to chatting a good bit. He was really friendly and down to earth (Earth?) and did some absolutely beauti…
  • My brother used to eat gummi worms and play it out: "No no not meee!!!" "Yes you!" [Chomp]
    in Random Thoughts Comment by msg June 12
  • Pretty cool, Mikey. I ended up pulling together a little system for my garage, too, using a Squeezebox and a set of old Boston Acoustic 2.1 computer speakers I got with my first computer back in the 90s, a Gateway PII-233Mhz The surround disin…
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » I've never been much of a 6922 fan, either, FWIW -- they have become (in relatively recent years) rather common in hifi applications, but I don't really understand why. Is there a 6922 compatible that you do prefer?
  • V works with John Cusack on Floor 7-1/2
  • Wow, what a beaute! Thing looks brand new. Congrats, DD!
  • That "promiscuous" comment was a play on "loose". Hence, Russ liking it. In all seriousness, it doesn't affect performance. Not like the knob freefalls to zero or anything due to low spinning resistance. It's a nice piece of gear. I would enjoy…
  • You're welcome! A really enjoyable little piece, in spite of a promiscuous volume knob!
  • A real bummer here with Mr. Bourdain. I didn't follow his program closely, but liked it on the occasion I happened across it. Reading from what some others have posted here, I would have enjoyed seeing more, given the fan-cited perspective on his …
  • That Shure is a fun cartridge. I run one of these on a Technics table, and find it to be especially smooth and forgiving with some of lesser quality presses, whereas a Grado Green seems to pick up everything. That little dynamic stabilizer brush t…
  • Now that you mention it, I am kinda curious as to why it's running so slowly. Most recent OS installed? I wonder if it's that... Re: spinning disks in Macs, years ago I bought the iDefrag application from Coriolis. It really helped in keeping …
    in Apple Mac Mini Comment by msg June 11
  • That's the first thing I looked at too, Ivan, and even still, had to talk myself out of this What a beautiful piece of gear. Makes me wish I had some SACDs just so I'd have an irrefutable excuse to appropriate funds! (free bump, Dan)
  • Annnd this is probably one of the reasons Bud doesn't stream...

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