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  • Viking64 wrote: » ^^^^^ We would NEVER do that to you. We need the hockey players! Too late....already triggered...let the dust settle where it lands!
  • verb wrote: » Viking64 wrote: » verb wrote: » LMAO on this thread! Even a newbie like me was quick to realize there many experts in CP. And I learned quickly defer to your advice. And take an occasional jab! I wonder if you guys are ge…
  • ken brydson wrote: » Rare lowland snow for this late in the season in the PNW. We're supposed to get walloped again tomorrow too...and the big island ugh.
  • MrBuhl wrote: » Thanks @nbrowser, factory is 5.25 for sure, I had read on the various forums that you can do 6.5 though without modification depending on the drivers. Guess I have to get my read on again. Hate to just delete the rears - not su…
  • dromunds wrote: » So there I was at this poker game sitting next to a monkey and a leopard. Suddenly, the monkey throws down his cards and yells at the leopard, "You're a cheetah!" Now now...don't go all Ape on us!
  • If memory serves...speaker size is 5.25 in that thar rig....mounting a 6.5 will require mods of course. Honestly, focus on the fronts and delete the rear speakers...amp em and put a decent sub in there...somewhere if you can.
  • Interesting info on vinyl playback and mastering an LP to get the most out of it for a long recording.
  • Clipdat wrote: » That's cool that you're pushing things real hard, but how many ohms are you reading from the top set of binding posts?! Come on, this is important. nbrowser wrote: » Lets see how many walls can vibrate with this....yes I'm pu…
  • Lets see how many walls can vibrate with this....yes I'm pushing things real hard.
  • NadManDave wrote: » ok let me teach you what i know.. most amplifiers have min rating for ohms per channel says on the back of most amps minimum 8 ohm speakers to be used.. now the RTIA9 is a 8 ohm speaker.. but has 2 sets of post that are connect…
  • NadManDave wrote: » yes nbrowser wrote: » Ok, here's the deal and I'll try to explain it as best as possible, Your bridged amplifiers are having a tough time trying to drive the upper portion of the speakers on they're own due to an incredibly …
  • Ok, here's the deal and I'll try to explain it as best as possible, Your bridged amplifiers are having a tough time trying to drive the upper portion of the speakers on they're own due to an incredibly low impedance. There isn't enough for them to p…
  • Celebrating 1 year of being smoke free, my absolute most fave album...got the stereo just cranked!
  • PSOVLSK wrote: » From now on I'm just going to pack up my freebie and ship it to Dennis (dkfreebird). Don't bother sending me your address, I've still got it from my last Karma I'm moving to beautiful Paris, Texas (my hometown). Listed below…
  • voltz wrote: » Give me a year Brother and I'm going to send you a little present psssst @voltz yeah...been a year today....giggle I did it...and not giving up! lol
    in I QUIT! Comment by nbrowser February 21
  • 52! Yessssss 52 weeks...1 calendar year since I had the last one. Been a rough road at points but eh...I deserve a badge or something! lol Will add later in the day as right now it's 06:24 Pacific time and my brain is still mush from waking up. B…
    in I QUIT! Comment by nbrowser February 21
  • ngv1515 wrote: » Ok... I cut some of the foam. I left some of the top to protected from water since the Water seals are old and don’t work that well. The result is outstanding!!! Now the speaker moves like it should. The mids and lows are good.…
  • Clipdat wrote: » @nbrowser I get that the foam/rubber baffle is to protect the back of the woofer from water exposure that it'll see in the area inbetween the door. It seems like this is at the expense of dynamics and low frequency response though…
  • Funny...I've been passively bi-amping my RTiA7 towers for my bedroom system for quite some time now...neither power delivery device has ever given me a issue...no matter how high I crank the volume. Something wrong is happening...somewhere.
  • steveinaz wrote: » Cool, thanks man. No problem. Easy question, easy answer.
  • steveinaz wrote: » Another nugget I forgot to mention, the keyboard is backlit. I LOVE this feature, with my 56yr old eyes. QUESTION: Is the HDMI port an input or output? Output.
  • txcoastal1 wrote: » Longview Scroll up....taken guess lol
  • Ok I have to agree with stangman's post with some additions, the Polks also have a bit more rigid suspension meaning more power is required to move more air. Yeah just chucking speakers in won't increase bass, they need more power and yes more air. …
  • Damn guys...you never fail to deliver laughs...keep it up!
  • Yep, Acer is one of only two brands I'd buy. Still have my decade old 8735G and still functions. The other brand is Dell...for some odd reason they make decent laptops too.
  • la2vegas wrote: » You're right John no conspiracy going on here. It's just a sad state of affairs when a member can have his/her same screen name for years and then be told to change it or hit the road. Actually if you read earlier in the t…
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » nbrowser wrote: » I have chills...someone...hold me? GET A GRIP LOVERBOY!!! I'm offended...time to go to my safe place...
  • It's done...I've ordered an item from Amazon...I feel...dirty...soiled...ugh lol
  • txcoastal1 wrote: » nbrowser wrote: » txcoastal1 wrote: » nbrowser wrote: » Oh dear...this thread will go down the proverbial drain...someone light a match eh? Pull my finger Your not Russ...LOL I wouldn't touch hi…

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