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  • all Italian stuff (Basically stealing Marvin's setup when he is not home) but that is going to be awhile, as I currently running ModWright preamp and amplifier with Ushers. I've always wanted a all "Manley Audio" setup.
  • I'd Wish I could get my ears on these someday as they sell them up in Salina but I have reach a place where I happy with my setup and already know my next upgrade. But they had always been on my wish list!
  • headrott wrote: » voltz wrote: » Hmm,.. you mean like Rick Springfields Box set ? NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. So your holding out for the SHM-SACD? Smart man
  • Hmm,.. you mean like Rick Springfields Box set ?
  • They are good Cables...still using several of Doug's Products as do many of my Friends! Cool Karma and Congrats to the winner
  • I was surfing You Tube when I saw this Video of my Favorite Country Dude! not really big country fan except for George Jones & Moe bandy and Travis Tritt.. so I saw this Vid of him singing my favorite song and he KIllEd IT! was so awesom…
  • Wow you are a pup but this is awesome!
  • Ouch! hang tough Brother! I got it in 82 with 3000 others took me 7 years to get back,, now I the senior employee and at the top of the seniority list...hope it all works out for you in these Scary times!
    in Laid off Comment by voltz July 18
  • Dan is so cool and please tell me our princess is doing awesome! you have some awesome girls an a great love for them that makes us smile from ear to ear to knowing your girls are doing great, My buddy at work has 4 and I love the stories he would …
  • Love what you done! Rock on!
  • As a I die hard Lakers fan from the days of Jerry west & Happy Harrison and Gail Goodrich I say Why Not? right? Is this not how pro sports works?
  • Just saw this, sorry to hear what happened and so glad she doing good!
  • WTG Drew, you got the will power now my friend. The world is opening up for you and Glad you keep it going Keith!
  • marvda1 wrote: » tart cherry juice stay away from the alcohol you feet will thank you!
  • Jim Beam "Double Oak" & Twice Barreled! as I haven't open the 25th Knob Creek which was like $140 (The Beam is very Smooth)
  • Congrats on the new Family member Al! I grew up with many parakeets and others as my parents raise them for awhile 1 in 20 was super smart and loved being with humans P.s. I lost my Half-moon Conure Parrot named Sam and my cockatiel "Fred" wh…
  • Think "The Doors" SACD is worth it as I have it and their Greatest hits on SACD! plus "The Doors/The Doors" 45 rpm Vinyl is to awesome! I have all 3 (need help)
  • Clipdat wrote: » New SACD has arrived! Thanks again @F1nut for the recommendation! I'm really impressed with how quickly Acoustic Sounds processes and ships their orders! They also know how to package things so that they arrive in mint cond…
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » Or, as they're known where I come from: rockfish. Fun to catch & good to eat, they are -- no matter what you call 'em A good Father's Day activity from my perspective. now small mouth bass love the rocks…
  • we just had our hottest MAY in our history this year....but not many 100+ days this year so I agree with Skip that its been a more mild June! (so far)
  • I have somehow become a big time Knob Creek fan, in comparison to Elijah Craig & Stagg and Maker's Mark and others that are much sweeter I like Knob for being Dry and a touch more spice. trying to get my hand on their 2001 and the 25th anniversa…
    in Basil Hayden's Comment by voltz June 17
  • Sad News Doc! I hate to hear that and can understand how you feel growing up as I have! from my friends through out Kansas and my Uncles in Arkansas fighting to save and keep there chicken houses in Arkansas and other selling off their family lan…
  • halen wrote: » How about pellet smokers? Am new to this world and am ready to go full smoke ahead! Brand. Pellets. Meat cuts. Dry or marinated seasoning? Wanting to pull trigger by Saturday and smoking by Sunday. a little late but her…
    in mesquite wood Comment by voltz June 10
  • nooshinjohn wrote: » Vegas is what you make it these days. My wife and I go to the Venetian, walk the shops and restaurants, head over to Caesar’s and do the same. Make use of the spas... Catch a show or two and stay out of the casinos. Can be …
  • All i can say is I've always like his shows and or his commendatory... R.I.P. Brother thanks for what you have shared with me but I will say this....I am so sick of this suicide stuff....what gives? been kick in the face and had others who w…
  • I normally use Cherry & Hickory for my Ribs. but last time I tried mesquite for the 1st time all by itself and like it with my Ribs and some center cut fillets that were about 1 1/2 inchs and i cooked them indirectly so the smoke was more no…
    in mesquite wood Comment by voltz June 4
  • marvda1 wrote: » Usher 6381, consonance cyber 800 mono, Belles 21a pre, cayin venus cdp,mg audio design cables, 6sons audio power cables......fun times. I got to hear this one I think? when I stopped over Marvins house! at that time it was …
  • please forgive me for the photo ...every time I look at that selfie I thought? it looks fake! but it didnt feel fake! What happen to me was more of a near miss then what John went thru. Lord it makes mine feel like a scratch! Sorry to hear what I…
  • If I was closer I'd picked them up and fix them up an then deliver them to our man Russ but I so far away as Carol King would say!
  • not in ..got this one in SACD from Pgbook ..love what he did will Gil Evans...like "Kind of blue" but never really got into **** brew myself. Btw, really nice Karma Ed! WTG!

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