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  • Man, a whole thread dedicated to yankin' Russ's chain, I thought that was what the open forum was for. I'd chime in, but you guys are doin' a bang up job. Carry on....
  • Never heard of them ? Ya need to get out more. Quality stuff there, go give them a listen if they are local to you.
  • To bad those 7's weren't closer, someone should snag those.
  • Love the guy, still sounds decent but can't hit those high notes like he used to. Still, makes me wonder why he didn't sing at their Hall of Fame induction. Thought he said he couldn't sing anymore. Or was it his way of saying he's moving on from th…
  • I wouldn't hesitate on any piece from Belles, solid stuff all around. Other options would be moving up the McCormack line, Butler, Bryston also come to mind if a more powerful lower end is your desire.
  • ken brydson wrote: » A bird in the hand feels funny... Yep....but 2 in the bush ? Now we have a story over a few beers..
  • Offer the guy 10k John, he might counter at 12k. Gonna cost ya about 1500-2k to transport it out there....enclosed trailer, not an open one.
  • A little far for me, don't know any other south siders, maybe Brian but he's farther west. Car looks in nice shape, but I dunno about that price, not being the original engine and tranny.
  • Prongs don't look crooked to me, it's the molding on the plug that isn't true making it appear that way. Which is not so outside the norm.
  • I know one thing for sure, I'd have never gone to LSAF this year, and my corneas would have not been damaged. 2ND....I would not have to pay for life long therapy sessions, and wouldn't have the movie "deliverance" on a constant repeat cycle as I…
  • John Megadeth wrote: » lightman1 wrote: » Flew back to Des Moines this morning. Perfect weather I can’t tell if that’s a reflection of coffee or a cocktail in the first picture. Clear as a bell, it's the vortex created wh…
  • Most 2 channel pre's have a balanced control, why would that turn you off ?
  • Msabot1 wrote: » Why?? simply put,nice things cost money..always have..always will... Yep, just a fact of life. That Counterpoint for a tad over 5 bones is a steal posted farther up. Good call on the EE mini-max from Brock also. YS Audio…
  • In 2 channel mode, with small Klipsch speakers, the yammy should not be clipping. While you can use the preouts to add an amplifier to help with that, Your problem may be elsewhere. If you have clipped that receiver on a frequent basis, you may h…
  • By Bells and whistles, I mean a phono, a subwoofer output jack, remote. Many tube linestages are bare bones, which isn't necessarily a bad thing either. My Joule la-100 has no remote, but I use the volume dial on another component so makes no differ…
  • Good receivers cost over a grand too, most anything with a label of "good" cost more. Also depends on what ya want with bells and whistles. Used markets are where it's at for tubed pre's. Look for a Cary DJH, usually around 5-6 bones. Cary slp 03 c…
  • One things for sure, Skips gonna load up the FM before Christmas. Be interested in a comparison between the Watt puppy and Tektons.
    in New speakers Comment by tonyb August 8
  • Not too far from setting up a HT receiver these days. You set up each input, name it, decide what speakers will apply to it, all the parameters for that, what digital/analog inputs will be used, blah blah.
  • If you like your music on the loud side, with floorstanders, it takes some grunt to keep those instruments sharp, separated, and the bass to hit ya in the chest. I like a bigger scale of music, like I'm sitting center row at a concert. That's jus…
  • stretchl wrote: » Resurrecting this oldie bit goodie threat to inquire - how do y’all think one of Mr. Pass’s First Watts would play with my Lsim-705’s? I suspect they’re not sufficiency efficient. I’ve been reading a bit more about power amps…
  • txcoastal1 wrote: » ..can do a lot of business on the ground Yeah, we know. You and Tom have a lot in common it appears.
  • Sounds more like a receiver setting than the actual speaker, to me anyway. Have you tried resetting the receiver ? Usually all receivers have a way to restore all the default settings back to original.
  • deronb1 wrote: » Dabutcher wrote: » Two words. Speed Queen. And never look back. Thank me later. Peace. D This. Had one last over 20 yrs. Used to be made by Raytheon. Same folks who make Patriot Cool man, good to k…
  • 180-200 is way too high. Try setting the center to full range and see if that snap is back. Sounds like your receiver is defaulting to certain surround parameters, there should be a way to just manually tune things without having to use the mic and …
  • Cool man, how you liking it ? Do you see what I meant when I said they get things musically right ? Rockin' some good NOS tubes in it too I hope.
  • Speed queen here also, rock solid. Long drying times is usually an indication that you might want to clean out the duct and bottom of the machine....if you haven't done it in awhile.
  • Hate to say it, but sounds like a stage name....and not one of those more glorious stages either.
    in Samatha Fish Comment by tonyb August 6
  • la2vegas wrote: » Looks like this was a bad week to be in Chicago. Well at least for 59 people. Is this the Midwest or the Middle East? The majority of that took place in 7 hours too, between midnight Sat. and Sunday morning. That's about …
  • Maybe we should also cover things NOT to do in Chicago. Like...don't wear gang colors. Don't wander around at night alone....or in areas that are sparsely populated with other people. Don't flash your jewelry or cash. ….AND for heavens sake, don'…

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