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  • His umbilical's receive fantastic reviews, and by no small margin either is the sound differences heard. Congrats on the cable man, doubt you could do much better.
  • 10-100 watts. Shouldn't matter much, any receiver will be fine with it.
  • Clipdat wrote: » Pretty inappropriate to suggest that his daughter and boyfriend are going to get into a serious drunk driving accident. Even as a joke, that tasteless as **** man. tonyb wrote: » Just wondering.....if we should start the c…
    in BMW question Comment by tonyb 9:29AM
  • Just wondering.....if we should start the collection for bail money now ? I mean...after his daughter lets her drunk boyfriend drive the car and wrap it around a tree.....I'm pretty sure, don't quote me on it, but pretty sure....bail money for Dad i…
    in BMW question Comment by tonyb March 23
  • Educational material ?? Here's all ya need to know pal..... Buy lots of tubes....listen, buy more....repeat. What else ya need to know ?? Brock has that system down pat.
  • F1nut wrote: » nooshinjohn wrote: » On what Sound United is going to do with Classe? I would be interested in hearing some broad-concept ideas for the future of the brand. If it's anything like Marantz and Denon I'd have to say they'll …
  • Man gents, we all know that Acura's are Honda's, Lexus-Toyota, Audi-VW, Nissan-Infinity and so forth. No need to get panties all bunched up over facts. Truth be told, I don't think any of us give a rats behind, even if they were made by Keebler e…
    in BMW question Comment by tonyb March 23
  • Stevemac wrote: » Very informative info on this site from last year! Any current simple solutions(deals) for a 7.1 AVR with pre amp feature, and a proper power amp to feed my very new RtiA9 towers?? Stevemac All AVR's have a pre-amp secti…
    in Amp for rti a9 Comment by tonyb March 22
  • Hope so. A couple tube mono blocks of that caliber for around a G brainer.
  • mlistens03 wrote: » My grammar class... Maybe they should take a grammar class lol Right after the copying class ? lol
  • FestYboy wrote: » Toolfan66 wrote: » What's with Indian Geordie LaForge? Or is it supposed to be Lando Calrisian's assistant (Lobot)? Also, who's watching American Gods? That Star Trek spoof wa…
  • heiney9 wrote: » tonyb wrote: » Would have been nice in that review if they elaborated on how it sounded, rather than just concentrating on specs. Exactly! Measurements should be secondary as they really never tell how something sounds…
  • Clipdat wrote: » Tony could you expand on why this is? I've heard similar but I've wondered about the rationale. tonyb wrote: » From my own experiences though, using a dac as a pre isn't ideal. I realize some do though. Hard to d…
  • The Dac magic is on sale right now at Audio advisor....if that's what your looking for. From my own experiences though, using a dac as a pre isn't ideal. I realize some do though. Plus the Dac magic seemed a bit sterile sounding to my ears. Yo…
  • Would have been nice in that review if they elaborated on how it sounded, rather than just concentrating on specs.
  • Doo it ya bearded dragon. I'll even buy ya dinner as a contribution to the cause.
  • Go for it Russ, nice amps. Sell some stuff in the warehouse bro.
  • marvda1 wrote: » while $310 for an 8 ft pair you can hold onto these up into the mega buck systems. these have been around for a long time, i still have mine. I'd second that suggestion. Though used you can f…
  • Or...just look for one of these.... One component to run everything, you won't need the amp. A 307 is more than capable with those speakers and you'll fill all your other requirements.
  • Msabot1 wrote: » Food for thought....The most expensive tool you will ever buy is a cheap one.... Good one....and true to some extent. Though....nothing "cheap about a 2-3k processor that sells for 2-300 bucks because they are outdated. …
  • The best Pre...with a dac or with digital inputs, under an older high end processor. Look for a B&K ref. 30 or 50.
  • Clipdat wrote: » I was considering it. WagnerRC wrote: » Tony, These Joule pre amps are getting harder to find in this condition. I have 2 many amps to play around with so this will work out just fine for me. I didn't want to see this one go…
  • kharp1 wrote: » I'll just wait, and wait. In the meantime I'm thinking about going with the Musical Paradise MP-D2 MK2:…
  • Bob is a collector of all things Joule. Great guy, congrats to both of you and to Jesse for being very generous also.
  • Why bi-amp to begin with ? The lsim series is easy to drive, you don't need massive power. I might try just using the Mac on them.
  • Man, in the old days, this would have lasted like 3.2 seconds.
  • lightman1 wrote: » I feel fine this morning. Ya see, I do actual physical labor for my job. Keeps the muscles from atrophy. As with Ryan, he works in a dark corner of his basement sitting in a chair and very little movement during the day. His sk…
    in Look familar? Comment by tonyb March 18
  • AsSiMiLaTeD wrote: » It's not as entertaining unless the conversation is filled with hyperbole and everything is exaggerated. That mentality is rampant in this thread alone and this is about freaking cell phones, no wonder it's so pervasive in ou…
  • Did someone tell Russ that's the wrong power cord for his phone ?
    in Look familar? Comment by tonyb March 18
  • Heck of a deal here gents. Jump on this, you will not regret it.

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