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  • Dogs know....what other animals are a predator, and which aren't. They behave accordingly to that natural instinct in much the same way we humans do.
  • How much for the rent ? Think maybe I can get a discount....seeing that it has no roof probably ?
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » Tony M wrote: » Don't they eat mice and rats? I wish they would leave the rabbits alone though. They eat pretty much anything. Including your pets, dogs, name it. Very efficient pack hunters, …
  • stretchl wrote: » @tonyb The audicus site makes it sound great. No pun intended. You’ve almost convinced me to order one. 45 day free trial is pretty alluring. Great customer service in my opinion too, never had a problem but they are al…
  • None of them do, but it does lessen the noise a bit. Like I said, a 3K aid at these retail joints, is 1k online, and for the most's the same dang thing. Your wrong if you think you'll only use it for music listening. It helps extremely…
  • Agreed Jess, maybe a future generation will make those adjustments.
  • I'm not sure to tell the truth. One thing I do know, is the amount of channels doesn't work like an audio equalizer. In part, your hearing test provides all they need to know and a hearing aid is then adjusted to compensate for what you can't hear, …
  • Looks interesting, but they won't win any beauty contests.
  • Have yourself a great one Dave, Happy Birthday !
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » HEY TONY read my lips ___ ________ Keep it up Ivan, and you'll be that strange smell in the attic.
  • This is right up my alley. Yes, I wear one, and for music, it's hit or miss. You have to remember, these little things are not audiophile quality, they simply amplify. That said, most times I take mine out to listen to music....and yes, tinnitus too…
  • Well Doc, you could be a sport and lay out some honey for the guy. Where's the Italian in you, feed everyone ? Might even be a photo opportunity if you lay out some old Twinkies. A bear with cream all over his face, that's hang on the wall materia…
  • Eh...for the 100 bucks, it might be worth it, but don't expect a drastic change. Surrounds are for ambient sounds, so you may not hear a huge difference. Receivers...look at Marantz, Pioneer Elite SC, Yamaha avantage series. If your system sou…
  • Yep, our planet is like a grain of sand on a beach when compared to the vastness of space. If our whole planet blew up tomorrow, the universe wouldn't even notice, much less care.
    in First Man Comment by tonyb October 18
  • Having grown up in the city, it's not something I wish to return to. Nice place to visit, but not hang my hat. Even today when I go into the city, the noise alone kills me. People are rude, parking a pain, noise, can keep it. There …
  • Viking64 wrote: » nooshinjohn wrote: » Dammint Jim, I want answers not a bunch of drivel.(in my very best McCoy impersonation, which sucks btw) HAHAHAHA But.....John......why? (Wiggles toupee.) I wasn't told why, but based on what I …
    in First Man Comment by tonyb October 18
  • DaveHo wrote: » . What's the secret, lol? Get rid of the lead foot.
  • Most upgrade to the SVS, HSU, Velodyne subs, and nobody ever looks back. Way cheaper on the used markets too.
  • I'm confused....if everything is in your living room, why do you have in-wall speaker wires to the fronts ?
  • Congrats man....nice Karma btw.
  • Yep, John Wayne was a class act all around. Simple logic that still holds true today.
    in First Man Comment by tonyb October 17
  • I've had the SRT's, and I'll agree with others that musically they fell short of some of the other SDA models. HT however, they were simply animals. Sold them to buy the Legacy Focus 20/20's, which pretty much was a huge upgrade. Given their age,…
  • Where are the rest of the electronics located ? There are other options to tidy up cables so that visually they are barely noticed.
  • jeremymarcinko wrote: » We don’t know the film makers intent and we can’t assume it’s one way or another. . Actually we do. He has given interviews, along with some of the actors expressing what has already been said in this thread.
    in First Man Comment by tonyb October 16
  • la2vegas wrote: » tonyb wrote: » I'd imagine God had a plan....when he surrounded Hollywood with fault lines. Those were put there to keep you out, kinda like a natural border wall. Can't argue that perspective.
    in First Man Comment by tonyb October 16
  • The crites upgrade I here turns them into a different animal. Haven't experienced a set with it yet though.
  • I'd imagine God had a plan....when he surrounded Hollywood with fault lines.
    in First Man Comment by tonyb October 16
  • GJosephs wrote: » I understand there's room for improvement, I'm just not enthused about dropping another $800-$1,000 on a pair of powered subs. I never got a center channel, so that's next on my purchase list. Also, I don't think I could go smal…
  • Man Mikey, dump some booze in that coffee or somethin'.

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