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  • Pat Travers-Retro Rocket Back to the Basics very old School Sound for Pat Retro one might say.
  • Tinsley Ellis - Tough Love Had the Pleasure of seeing him last weekend.
  • pumpkinman wrote: » Pat Travers • Makin’ Magic This one, and Heat In The Street, and Putting It Straight those 3 are must haves for any Pat Travers fans. Making Magic is worth it for Rock N Roll Suzie alone. Great choice P-Man
  • Nightfall wrote: » I'll take it off your hands. I'm off to work right now but we'll talk. Deal ya got there snooze you lose If for some reason Nightfall changes his mind, count me in. I was snooozing.
  • Nothing better than a Clear Audio Twister, heck of a clamp and at a 100 bucks what a deal. I own one and I'm happy with it. If I didn't own two ClearAaudio clamps I would be all over this, GLWTS.
  • A 7 inch blanket of wet stuff on the ground more on the way, had shorts on last weekend. It's a wet heavy snow widow maker snow, as I went back out after our walk, to shovel a bit she asked if the life insurance is up to date I just did enough to c…
  • I will be in San Diego (La, Mesa) in September not quite sure on the date yet will this be early Sept or late Sept?
  • Mikey081057 wrote: » Now that he saw those bushes..... Watch out where the @lightman1 goes he will make some yellow snow. Hence treading cross the tundra mile after mile, but this place ain't no St' Alphonzos Yeah you Florida reside…
  • Well if your in town and feel like treading through the Tundra, you know where we live. Beers movies and tunes.
  • 3rd day of spring, had thunder snow freezing rain drizzle, now it turned back to a heavy wet snow. They say 7 to 8 inches by this evening. Don't mind it at all got a big crock pot full of chili, beer all the necessities. Me and the Wife plan on taki…
  • If you got preouts on your receiver and 2000 CAD, that's like what 5000 in American dollars? Look for Parasound, B&K, Adcom. Outlaw Audio has some good prices on new stuff, not sure what you have for an AVR, but put a Amp on the front three an…
  • DSkip wrote: » Let's not risk getting tossed out this year. I'm surprised they are even letting us back after the shenanigans last year. What you invite the Cerwin Vega, JBL, crowd to party at a high end room such as Audio Thesis? Were t…
  • I have A9s and a CSIA6 powered by a 3 Channel amp, A3s, and A5s some times swap the A5s with FXIA6, powered by the AVR. I also run dual PSW 111s. Look for a receiver with preouts and get a 3 or 5 channel amp. I think its possible with your 2000 budg…
  • If you want to get into the flexvolt stuff I can get you a Hella deal on a 60 volt hammer drill kit a free Dewalt Raido and a free 60 volt battery
  • txcoastal1 wrote: » free recipe saw ...will that recipe be using Kozliks mustard Ha fixed it.
  • I can get you a better deal on a Dewalt hammer Drill and impact kit with a free recipicating saw a battery and another Dewalt bare tool.
  • Audio Advisor has a pretty good deal on Audioquest type 4 and type 8 in their spring clearance catalog. If you don't want to biwire.
  • Digging the new release, if he comes anywhere near us I would go. Sounds like the both of you had a good time.
  • AsSiMiLaTeD wrote: » It looks like that router allows you to have separate names for the 2.4 and 5Ghz bands, that can come in handy if you run devices like the Aries that tend to prefer a 5G network. In general, the 5.0 band gives you faster spee…
  • Hooked it up man its blazing fast should of replaced the old one long ago. If any of you computer gurus can answer this what's the difference between NETGEAR30, and NETGEAR30-5G? When I search for networks, both of these options show up.
  • Thanks for the advice ended up getting a Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 on sale with $20 off at Best Buy it cost 179.99. So saving 20 on a 200 router sounded good to me I hope it is a good one. I got 9 years out of the old one.
  • Russ feels fine after two nights in a row? I say put him to work Ryan be a little easy on him make it 1 1/2 tons of dry wall, then feed him and send him on his way back to the QCA so he can do his regular gig tomorrow. Sorry Russ but when you pa…
  • Just you wait John I'm going to turn him into a Viking Fan Fan, screw them Panthers![/quote] Maybe I’m missing something, but who are the Vikings?[/quote] You know the NFL team you abandoned after the NFCCG. 38-7 remember. You will always ble…
  • A few pictures as always the man put on another great show.
  • Nightfall wrote: » Geeze, it's barely 1AM, what a light weight. Tell me about it not sure he is able to hang with us midwesteners.were gonna have to cut him some slack until he is setteled in the midwestern way if life.
  • nooshinjohn wrote: » Nightfall wrote: » Geeze, it's barely 1AM, what a light weight. Looks like he could use a new Duracell Just you wait John I'm going to turn him into a Viking Fan Fan, screw them Panthers!
  • Im te la2vegas wrote: » Must be rough life them's Linemen live. Im telling ya he has met most of us he is Des Moines bound tommorrow Ryan and Robin will set him straight!!!
  • decal wrote: » You will not be disappointed. I have been to several of his shows and all have been great. Like you said great show 3rd time seeing him we were inches away got pictures of us hanging with Tinsley will post pictures tommorw wh…
  • No rush to file ours, I like waiting to the last minute to pay someone, to tell me I owe on both state and federal, nothing to look forward to here. What are you getting with your refund Joey?

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