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  • rpf65 wrote: » I was thinking it was an adult parody of some Star Wars movie. Now we know what he did on Tatooine all those years to make ends meet.
    in obi strip? Comment by Strong Bad April 5
  • I never read the book and have heard they (surprise) changed some things, but overall stuck with the book. It was a total blast for me and some of the best fun i've had at the movies in a while. All I can suggest is to just go in looking for pure…
  • I have two Cannondale bikes. The first one is my Road bike, the Synapse Carbon 5/105. Awesome bike! The second one is the Cannondale Quick CX2 (Aluminum frame) that I use for trails with slightly rougher terrain that is not good for the road bi…
  • I can sit there for hours and watch Olympic Curling...heck, even events like the world championships and such. Have no idea how to explain it, it just draws me in. Speaking of being drawn in, 4 years ago, that Women's Russian Team had me glued to…
  • Shawn and I met up this morning off RT 70 in MD to do the deed. We met up behind a gas station off the beaten path and like two devious thugs, we pulled off the deal! I passed the cash and he passed the merchandise! Gotta say, what a heck of a de…
  • I have two of these and they're staying put! Bought one when they first came out at full price, then another a few years later on the Polk eBay site at $200. Sorry I didn't grab a third one. I take it since Polk stopped making them that they didn…
  • Picked this up on Blu Ray as well. The sound on this is phenomenal! Like most movies, I liked it even more after watching it at home. Top notch all the way around!
  • There's definitely a HUGE market for this product. I don't blame Polk one bit for this partnership with Amazon. Let's face it, we have 3 giants out there in terms of the "voice command" tech...Amazon, Apple and Google. Myself, I'm on the Apple platf…
  • Viking64 wrote: » This is the fifth excellent film in a row from director Denis Villeneuve. His previous effort, "Arrival" (2016) was one of my favorites of the last several years. Hollywood, keep sending this guy money to make films, please. Than…
  • Rumor has it during his disappearance, he took up Yoga and got all holistic. Nothing wrong with that as I contemplated it many times. Hey, being in those classes when the spandex clad ladies are getting all bendy...much better than being around here.
  • Of the 3 new "Disney" Star Wars films, Rogue One is my favorite. I thought it was VERY well done.
  • Tickets for Thursday night 8:15pm. So excited that Episode 8 is here!
  • One of the best rhythm guitarists EVER in the history of rock! Big loss for the music world.
  • Viking64 wrote: » Strong Bad wrote: » Please tell me those are photoshopped on to a photo of your car because I may have to join in with Viking64. Some of my electronics were made by the Pearl Harbor terrorists. Reminds me of t…
  • Please tell me those are photoshopped on to a photo of your car because I may have to join in with Viking64.
  • I have no idea if I ever replied back to this thread, but I wound up cancelling my Tesla preorder and got a refund on the deposit. My Honda Accord is coming up for 10 years old in Feb '18 and right now has about 170k miles on the ticker. I'd like…
  • I'm not nerd enough to have caught the tie-ins! LOL
  • I haven't seen the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in quite a number of years. I think the last show I saw was the "Lord of the Rings" symphony. Obviously, it was music from the LotR Trilogy and was AMAZING! I'll have to check out the BSO's website.
  • Woke up this morning to a cellphone loaded with news alerts about this. I immediately thought of the girl I know that lives in Vegas who just last night was posting photos of her and her friends at that festival. I jumped out to her Facebook page an…
    in Vegas Comment by Strong Bad October 2017
  • I'm not running Atmos (TrueHD 7.1) and not 4k (1080p), but it's a heck of a movie. I enjoyed it more at home on Blu Ray, even though I loved it in the theater. Such an excellent movie and yes, Gal is perfect as Wonder Woman!
  • Saw lots of people "rescuing" Nike and Adidas shoes from the terrible storm. Such heroes!
  • Oh man, this thing hasn't weakened one bit thus far. Be safe out there Polk Folk! As for me, I hope this thing don't jack up my flight out of Baltimore to Vegas next Wednesday.
  • Bad news on this storm is the pressure continues to drop, making for a stronger storm. Now it's taken that previously mentioned slight turn from West to WNW. All the technology we have on this planet and there's still nothing at all we can do abo…
  • Quite a busy hurricane season thus far! So far Jose appears to be taking a similar path to Irma. Here's hoping a thread doesn't get started for Jose.
  • Saw this posted about 45 min ago on Antigua's Meteorological Service Twitter page. Good lord...225mph gusts. May not be much left of those tiny islands in it's path.
  • marvda1 wrote: » loved the death sentence. That scumbag FINALLY got what he deserved! GO TEAM ARYA! Oh man, how sick was that ending?
  • Did they have red shirts on?
  • Off the hook tonight! OMG, now THEY have one!
  • I simply moved on from having a sizable 2 channel rig and being all serious about it. Had surgery on my inner ears several years back which jacked up my hearing for several months. Dismantled the 2 channel system, got a couple of Polk Woodbournes an…
  • Agreed, very enjoyable movie! I like that they didn't go through the whole origin thing again. We've seen it enough...bit by radioactive spider...gets powers. Yeah, we got it! Tom Holland is the best Spiderman to date. Very solid outing by Spi…

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