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  • Gerres26 wrote: » Will this work or is this a bad idea when it comes to resistors? Any input is appreciated. I'll add a few points of interest. Dependent upon where the resistors are positioned circuit wise in the crossover a .5 ohm change w…
  • heiney9 wrote: » The Ford GT was throw back to an icon, so it has that going for it and I suspect why it tends to garner so much green. Atleast that's a small part of the equation. The top dollar getters are trailer queens w/ almost no miles, st…
  • nooshinjohn wrote: » I already have an offer on the table at double my buy price... So you supposedly drop $85k on a car as an investment and have to think about an offer double that even before getting it? Alrighty then
  • Depends on the player software Rich. Some enable the data and clock signals to be active at the GPIO multi pin connector. Some might need the addition of a few command lines in the Linux code. With the Volumio software I do get I2S feeding a Wolfson…
    in Making a change Comment by FTGV June 18
  • Lions or Bills will do it this year.
  • xschop wrote: » ... but in mine it elucidates the fact that it takes more power to run a passive radiator. A PR is not inherently less efficient than a port. My guess is that you may be using too short of a port thus pushing its tuning freque…
  • Good movie,at least no puppies involved this time though a nice Stang got trashed. John takes his profession seriously.
    in John Wick 2 Comment by FTGV June 15
  • DUB,you must be good friends with Capt.Obvious?Anyway it's a PC world all sunny ways, hugs and kisses, rainbows and Unicorns etc.
  • Rick88 wrote: » I realize there are a lot of Eagles haters out there. I am not one of them, and that Farewell One Tour (especially on Blu-Ray) is one of my absolute favorites. I love the material, performances, video and (especially) the SOUND …
  • Here is a good overview of the Pi/Volumio player. https://www.computeraudiophile.com/index.php?app=cms&module=pages&controller=page&path=ca/ca-academy/Geek-Speak-Raspberry-Pi-HiFi-Is-Here
    in Making a change Comment by FTGV June 8
  • Anything up to 24/192k. https://volumio.org/
    in Making a change Comment by FTGV June 8
  • I'm running a Linux based Raspberry Pi 3B. Output to my DAC is via a clone of the Hifi Berry Digi+ daughter board that provides an SPDIF output. There are several simple but great sounding Linux media player software choices written specifically for…
    in Making a change Comment by FTGV June 8
  • Both look great.Nice work as usual Larry.
  • Kodi can still be used to stream music or video files .Some of the boxes have apps such as Spotify and Netflix so won't be completely useless. I'm using Kodi on a Raspberry pi so a simple software change (Volumio or Rune) and I can re purpose it as…
  • Dang,Phoenix and Exodus were great add on' s. I guess the plug will get pulled on Exodus as well soon.
  • https://www.amazon.com/TII-220-Ground-Isolator-applications/dp/B0070Q6URO This type of decice should help,Jensen makes one as well.
  • Looks like the SR5010 has a 2 prong IEC ac inlet so there is no safety ground connection. Which model Parasound?
  • hochpt21 wrote: » I purchased them as Goldi's. A member here who had owned both pairs told me they were regular Golds. In my research I wasn't able to find the information to differentiate between the two. I've read reviews that said one is…
  • lightman1 wrote: » Full chickens are an acceptable form of trade here. Full of what.
  • lightman1 wrote: » Don't forget the no return policy Oh! That....yep. Thanks Ron. C'mon Russ don't be a D bag.
  • Have not heard them but would like to .They certainly generated a lot of hoopla when they debuted.
  • Deal. Dems iz sum fine lookin connectors right there.
  • lightman1 wrote: » $85 Cool,Ill take two sets.Can U ship to Canuckastan?
  • sgmsmg wrote: » Both of my Pioneers have never had this problem? Like someone mentioned maybe it has to do with room acoustic interaction. Or the woofers in the speakers themselves are wired in reverse phase in comparison to midrange and or…
  • BillJGW wrote: » I just want to know if a Denon POA 2800 amp is a common ground amp... Thanks. According to the schematic it is.
  • txcoastal1 wrote: » Fred, you still doing the record shop thing and repairs/mods Never did the record shop thing.Any repairs/mods were strictly of a diy nature not as a business. I still dabble in diy audio, though not as much as I used t…
  • I wish you much success in a very competitive field. Looks like you have a nice product line up.
  • Malbec wrote: » I sure miss reading Ted's posts. You had to be high to understand half of them. Agreed on both counts,Ted was a good guy.
    in Gripe Comment by FTGV June 1
  • I must say I much preferred the old format also.
  • So then its push pull with bottom woofer slot loaded.Should dig deep.

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