ohm speakers?

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anybody ever hear a pair of these?

ohm speakers

particularly these:

ohm p-1

just curious...
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  • AaronAaron Posts: 1,853
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    I've listened to an old pair of bookshelf's driven with an entry level Sony receiver. You can imagine how that sounded. Yup, this was a completely useless post. I'm just trying to catch ya, Juice!

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    Yes i did,
    I heard them I a guys house, they were an older pair he bought in New york years ago.he loved them and still used them today.
    I listened to them, they were ok but nothing to get all excited about.Just nice older sounding speakers.
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    I don't know about those new 'tiny towers of power', but give me a good Walsh series speaker any day of the freakin week. Some consider them a little heavy on the low-end, a little lite up-top....

    But the demos I have had sing right on, esp on good vintage amps, eg, Marantz, Phase Linear, Gas....

    Definately in my top 10 vintage, must-have, speakers.....

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  • juice21juice21 Posts: 1,866
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    thanks for the posts, just wanted to get your guys thoughts on them. i just stumbled across them while surfing some audio sites and was curious...
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  • juice21juice21 Posts: 1,866
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    Originally posted by Aaron
    Yup, this was a completely useless post. I'm just trying to catch ya, Juice!


    i'll see your completely useless post and raise ya one...;)

    juice(always one ahead)21
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  • gidrahgidrah Posts: 3,028
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    The older Walsh series sound great. I've heard a few of these and some of the older 3-way. I haven't had an opportunity to listen to anything from thses guys in about 12yrs.
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    I answered an add for a pair of Walsh 4XO's (maybe wrong number it was in 1987 or so) any way got them in the box new for 750.00 (hint: this was a steal) They sound great, had them on a Carver TFM-45 and they soaked up the power, the omni-directional sound was good, not what you are use to so it was different, had great lowend, I think they had a super tweeter to help on the topend?? anyway sold them and made some cash, I think this was the beginning of my buy/sell adiction.

    BTW I will say I thought they were way over priced for what you got.
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  • TrappedUnder IceTrappedUnder Ice Posts: 975
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    I have a pair of OHM FRS5's in my bedroom. they are great sounding speakers. Very natural sounding and image extremely well!

    I will never get rid of them..and ohm still has replacement parts for them..so if anything happens..they can be fixed...

    I even have a trade in value with ohm if I ever decide to upgrade them...
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  • juice21juice21 Posts: 1,866
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    thanks for your thoughts guys...
    ...the fOrce is strong with this one.
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