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when u have a setup of rt35i's mains...cs245i center and rt25i front surrounds and fx 300i has back surrounds...how would u place them on the wall?

would u put them on the back of the side wall (on each side) or would u put them on each corner of the back wall?
or would u put them in the middle of the back wall?
OR would u put them in the middle of the each side wall?
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    U would put the FX300 speakers on the sides, and have your RT25's on the rear wall. If possible u would place them at the same height as the rt25's, about 2-3 feet above your noggin when seated.
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    Frank is right on the money. That would be the best way to go.:cool:
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    Thats the way to go,
    fx300's as surrounds and rt25i's as surround back.
    Also the keep them at the same height makes the wrap around sound more natural.I like it.
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