jimmy page remastered zeppelin

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Amazon unlimited just got all the original and remixed and deluxe zeppelin... all they had before was bbc and coda...

I swear in the Jimmy Page remixes his solos are all a few db hotter than before and all the way up front in the mix now. it's hysterical actually. so petty. lol. I mean there are six different rereleases at this point. you can pick your favorite mix!

I bet Page made them eq every note on every solo for his remastered versions. why so long between releases.... that's like restoring film frame by frame.

sounds great though. he also pumped up the bass... drums are crisp and clear... just the way I like it... the stereo separation seems as though it was cleaned up as well....
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    I have some PBTHAL, Classic Records needle drops. Best Zeps I own. I've heard the remasters were mixed hot.
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    I need to try a different mastering of Led Zeppelin 4. I was listening to it a couple days ago with my daughter and we realized it sounded like crap. Everything is recorded on top of itself with ZERO soundstage and imaging. We swapped to Houses of the Holy and my daughter instantly heard the difference. No Quarter was totally open and sounded great.
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    Are we talking remixed? Or simply remastered? I am confused by your post OP.

    I was not aware that the latest remasters were also remixed.
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