Opinions on tube preamps-Joule Electra, Dehavilland, CJ, etc.



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    I’ve been poking around, researching these pre-amps over the last few days. I’m semi-smitten, even though I’ve never heard one. I’ve never come across a piece of equipment that is so uniformly praised. And I love the look.

    Hope I’ll be able to find one in good shape before too long.

    Enjoying this thread. :)
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    Dawgfish wrote: »
    ^^Same here!^^ Tried both ways with my LA-100 and the sound to my ears was slightly more natural running in normal polarity. I'm really enjoying this pre. It has exactly the type of sound I like; detailed yet smooth!

    Cool man, glad your diggin' it. Pretty hard to not like the Joule sound imho. They just sound "right", musical, pleasing to the ear, without sounding dull or bloated. Enjoy
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