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    Thanks for your insight, sounds like you're right on the money. If they designed it as a buffer to simply aid in long cable runs, they they probably didn't want to add any colorization/distortion. Seems like they achieved their design goal.

    I don't have any issues regarding it's sonic performance, nor am I detecting any obvious shortcomings. I think anyone with a critical ear who values transparency and clarity would enjoy the Schiit Saga.

    The only "disappointment" might be for someone like myself who was looking for an introduction into what tubes have to offer. It's not going to give you that "lush, three dimensional, airy, warm, etc" tube sound.

    However, there's nothing wrong with it being a very nice passive analog solid state preamp, with a clean implementation of a tube buffer.
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    Those results suggest that the active circuit in the Saga is in fact operating as a buffer, which is impressive, actually. If so, there are certainly cases in which it could improve performance, but only if there were a substantial impedance mismatch between source and load.

    The ol' rule of thumb (which is no more, nor less, than just that). Input impedance of the load should be at least ten times the output impedance of the source.

    EDIT: A proper buffer should be inaudible (except in cases where it improves the ability of the source to drive the load). Those little Asian-sourced "tube buffers", AFAIK, are typically designed to add a little color rather than to operate as proper buffers. I'll avoid further editorial content ;)

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    Came across an interesting review of the Schiit Saga on the Audigon forums. Paragraph breaks added by me for readability.

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    06-01-2018 10:19pm

    I own the Saga and it's awesome. I am so happy with it that I sold my $1700 tube preamp and this little $349.00 single tube preamp now is in my main system, in front of an Odyssey Khartago SE+++ solid state power amp. The first thing one usually notices with the Saga is just how transparent it sounds and how the tube circuit breathes life into the soundstage.

    I have been an audiophile for nearly 45 years, have owned preamps over 10x the cost (1980's dollars) of the Saga and I just love how this thing sounds, with the tube in the circuit. I also love how Schiit executes the relay-switched stepped attenuator volume control and that it has two pre out RCA jacks, so at night, I just power down the power amp and turn on my headphone amp and run the Saga (with tube circuit) into the headphone amp (Schiit Lyr 2 tube amp), controlling volume with the Saga's remote.

    My only two nitpicks with the Saga is I wish the volume had the 128 step volume control instead of the 64 step one and if one of the preouts was on/off switch controlled so I could just keep the Odyssey powered up 24/7. That said, just buy a Saga and save yourself $350. The Saga is, IMHO, probably the best. Price/Performance piece of audio gear I have had the pleasure to own!
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