Tandberg TL 5010 Speakers



  • Update:
    Ordered Mills resistors from Sonic Craft and Dayton capacitors from P.E.
    Also ordered some of the P.E. speaker gasket material. I'm going to stick with the stock inductors to keep cost down for this project.
  • corticocortico Posts: 405
    No affiliation, sonic craft people are nice to deal with. Post some pics!
    "If it measures good and sounds bad, -- it is bad. If it sounds good and measures bad, -- you've measured the wrong thing." Daniel Von Recklinghausen
  • ConradiclesConradicles Posts: 5,748
    Challenges! Should not be too hard.xgrmtekkncbn.jpg
  • lightman1lightman1 Posts: 9,863
    Challenges! Should not be too hard.xgrmtekkncbn.jpg

    Ten pounds of bullpewp in a five pound bag, Eric.
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 19,063
    may need to extend the leads a wee bit on them Daytons ;)

    (or just rebuild the whole XO on a piece of perfboard or suchlike)

    Not seein' a big problem here (FWIW)

  • xschopxschop Posts: 869
    Can you alternate (over/under) the caps on the board and make taller standoffs for the board?
  • ConradiclesConradicles Posts: 5,748
    Put one of the resistors on the backside to make it work:

  • Looks like a old farmer trying to stack his new round bales, cause how else do you get a haystack?
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  • ConradiclesConradicles Posts: 5,748
    Had some time on a rainy day today to get the other crossover completed. Sealed the drivers, added new mounting hardware, finished the cabinets and playing them now. Crossovers are burning in for a few days. Will report back in the future after I get some time with these classic vintage speakers.
  • ConradiclesConradicles Posts: 5,748
    About 70 hours of burn in time now. I really appreciate these speakers!

    Hard to believe they are as old as me. The bass the 12" driver produces in the sealed cabinet is amazing. So natural.
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