Anyone on here do iRacing?

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I've been on iRacing since the fall of 2010.

My rig.qw09n3t1wzp7.jpg


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    Hah! I was just asking Jesse about this not long ago.

    I'm above average at Forza Motorsport (not Horizon, the simcade), and I have Project Cars and Asseto Corsa but I haven't played iRacing.
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    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.
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    Thanks Nightfall, btw I'm 67, there are a lot of old guys on iRacing.

    There's a lot of help available on the iRacing forums for anyone new at it.

    There is NASCAR and Road Racing available.
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    I’ve been doing Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2, have not ye graduated to iRacing. I play those primarily because of VR support, if you haven’t tried it there’s nothing quite like racing in’s amazing
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    iRacing has VR support, a lot of people are using VR there. I had tried it on a friend's rig, however I'm waiting for the resolution to improve along with other improvements.

    The competition in iRacing is very good. Some of the real life pro drivers race there, more so in their off season. I once raced a former F1 driver there in a road race. He got 3rd and I was 4th in a very close race.

    They have a Pro division in both the NASCAR side and the F1 side and the winner of each gets either $10,000 or $15,000 each season. You have to be very good to make the Pro ranks.

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    Seems cool, but probably way too difficult for my tastes. I did thoroughly enjoy racing in Gran Turismo 5 online against other players on my PS3 for a while. Using an actual wheel and pedals is a lot of fun, even with a cheap Logitech.
    Got Dayens?
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    Championship GP Series | Round 1 at Interlagos video

    These are the top drivers in iRacing on the road side. Graphics aren't great in this video.

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