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Hello all,
I just upgraded to the Xbox one X from the original One. The Design is totally different and in way I feel it looks cheaper despite it's $499 cost.
But in terms of performance it's a no contest . I wanted to get one anyway as I'm moving to 4k video once I settle on a damn TV. I really want a OLED but I also feel they are not ready for prime time. I'm so on the fence trying to own a LED.

Anyway I also didn't just upgrade to upgrade to prepare for 4k. I also had an issue with my One that I thought it was finished. What would happen is you would turn it on it would get to the Xbox One green screen and then the One would shut off. I researched it , learned all the things you can do or why it would do that and I couldn't get it to work. Easy fix to get the One X but when I did the I learned why the One was shutting off.
I have a 2TB external Western Digital Hard drive that I used for external storage on the One. I loaded all my games on that and it really made a speed improvement over using the internal hard drive.
Lately it wouldn't connect to the one and I would have to power cycle the drive and then it would work. Well it completely failed and having it connected to the One made it shut off during boot up. I didn't know this until I connected the drive to the One X and it did the same thing. As soon as I removed the drive, both the One and One X works as they should.
I was kinda pissed about it and really not to much other then I couldn't just connect it to the One X and have all my games ready. I had to load the ones I'm playing right now onto the Internal drive of the One X. It has a 1TB drive so that cool for now and with One X seems to load as fast as the One with the external drive. I'm assuming since it has a much better spec this is the reason.
Anyway I just wanted to share that with anyone who thinks their One is broke and is using a external hard drive. Disconnect the external hard drive and see if it fixes your issue.
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    hrm I've had a Seagate 2TB Xbox specific Game Drive (bought at a bricks and mortar Microsoft Store cheap) attached to three different versions of XBox One (Original, S and X) with zero issues. Sounds like you might have some issues with your external drive. Mine boots up and runs well drive attached or not, no plugging and unplugging, just hook it up and go. That said however is your drive definitely USB3? That's vital.
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