Magnifi Max SR Subwoofer Crackling

Had the Magnifi Max SR for around a month and from day one the wireless subwoofer has a constant low crackling sound. Supplier suggested updating to latest software (79) using google home app. No difference. Tried using hdmi arc and optical. No difference. Tried plugging into different power sockets (even in different rooms). No difference. My supplier has now said that Polk are aware of the problem and should fix it at sometime in the future with a new software update but don't know when?! This has become such a problem I have just unplugged the sub. A real shame because the sound is great from this system. If this ain't fixed soon I'll be returning it.
Any ideas?


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  • kiminkimin Posts: 4
    I have a same problem.
  • LeeSoFLLeeSoFL Posts: 25
    How can you see which software is on, or updated to the soundbar?
  • Tommy_BTommy_B Posts: 3
    It was on the latest software / firmware (79). I was told there was going to be another update to fix the problem but couldn't give me a date for when it was going to be released. Couldn't wait around so it's been sent back for a refund. Real shame because it had great potential. I'll be steering clear of Polk from now on. Anyone got any ideas / recommendations for an alternative? Currently looking at Yamaha YSP 2700, Yamaha YSP 5600, Bose Soundtouch 300 and JBL Bar 5.1 (can't be bothered with wires everywhere).
  • kiminkimin Posts: 4
    Firmware version is 79. I'm thinking a refund it too.
  • LeeSoFLLeeSoFL Posts: 25
    ...and how do you see what firmware version is on your soundbar?
  • Hello @Tommy_B , I can look into the firmware version having an issue. That doesn't seem right. I'll ask the brand manager, he will have a more reliable answer.

    Also, is the subwoofer near a wireless router?
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,253
    I've directed this thread to Polk's attention.
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    Wireless router is in a different room.. i can try to turn it off.
  • LeeSoFLLeeSoFL Posts: 25
    Turns out my Google Home app was half baked, so it was showing the soundbar as a device, but unable to see settings or details. Deleted the soundbar and re-paired it. I'm on version 79 in case anyone gas.
  • 2hyped122hyped12 Posts: 1
    Having same issue with subwoofer as mentioned above. Popping, crackling, etc. This is my second unit. I returned first one (magifi max without surrounds) due to the same problems so I know it wasn't just a detective unit. I would take it back again for a refund but unfortunately I bought the wireless surrounds separately and I can't get a refund from here I got them. What is Polk going to do about this? I dropped 600+ dollars for these components and the subwoofer is basically useless. Not happy
  • kiminkimin Posts: 4
    I think Polk is quite unknown brand in Europe and this kind of problems will damages the reputation. I really hope that Polk can solve this problem.
  • Tommy_BTommy_B Posts: 3
    Thanks for the response Ken. I unplugged the router and still had the same problem. Unfortunately I have now returned the system to my supplier and purchased a different system. Really hope this issue gets resolved quickly for other customers. It's a shame because the Magnifi Max SR has real potential. Good luck.
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